Add another developer to the Valentine's Day sale bandwagon, as Namco is now offering a huge selection of their iOS games at discounted rates. I honestly don't remember Valentine's Day being such a big deal before, but with EA, Capcom, Sega, and countless smaller developers using the holiday as an excuse to release special Valentine's themes or have sales, it looks like we can expect this sort of thing going forward. Have a look at what Namco is offering on discount, separated by price for your perusing pleasure (asterisks denote in-app purchase prices):






Whew! That's a big list. In other Namco-related news, the Valentine's Day skin for Pac-Man has gone live as a free update for that game, and his lady friend has appeared on the iPad as Ms. Pac-Man for iPad [$4.99], as we told you about earlier this week. The Namco Valentine's Day sale will run through the holiday on February 14th and well into the day on February 15th, so there should be ample time to decide which of these titles are deserving of your money.

  • Thicky

    And it seems like Disney joined the fun too! 😀 All apps at 0.99 USD since release of JellyCar 3 😀

    Frankly, none of the games but JelyCar actually interest me.

    • Thicky

      erm not all apps 0.99 😛

  • Jimbo

    Pac-Man Valentines Update:

    in these update there are some changes, that are unclear for me:

    - what are the differences between the new classic and new/normal touch controls?

    - what means "themes refreshing / updating" in the "theme-options"?


  • Jonathan

    So EA has made it official? The best way to get the games from the big developers is to ignore them until a holiday and buy in bulk?

    You know...if these games were 99cents year round you'd sell even more!

  • K1ite

    Probably due to the large surplus of Verizon iPhone users, good way to cash in.

  • Swift

    not a genuine sale from Namco. PAC-MAN Championship Edition was on sale at $0.99 for 9 times since launch. the last one was in nov last year. now? it's on sale for $2.99!

    Don't be fooled guys!

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding with this Valentine's Day stuff? It's all about Verizon iPhone, nothing else! This is a great chance to climb the charts as an influx of millions of users starts buying their first apps.

  • Josh Gun

    Time Crisis Second Strike is still at $6.99. Are you sure it will be $2.99?