Flower Garden [$1.99 / Lite] is one of those lean back experiences with a game-like structure. It’s like Harvest Moon, minus all the cows, the babies, the towns, and the magical fairies. And if you’ll excuse me for a second, Flower Garden has been blossoming over the last several updates into a more satisfying experience. For example, in the latest update, more Game Center achievements, leaderboards, and a new garden were added.

So, sure, it’s not a game-game, but it’s a thing that is evolving into a different thing and people are still digging it despite lacking cool stuff like gore, cursing, and guns.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads-up about the game in case you wanted to grab it today. Developer Snappy Touch has put it up for free starting today until this Valentine’s Day. So, even if you’re just a little interested in the title, this week would be as good, if not better, than most to give it a look or two.

Also, you can gift in-game bouquets to people that you picked and grew yourself via e-mail. Wait until Eli sees what I got coming to him. I’m hoping to win him over here. Think this'll make him be my valentine?

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