Disney is on the verge of releasing the third installment to the Jelly Car trilogy. We just got the heads up from them along with a video showing some gameplay along with a brief interview of sorts with Jelly Car creator Tim "Walaber" FitzRandolph. If you're a fan of the series, it's worth a watch to see what the original versions of the first Jelly Car looked like. (Did you know it originally was going to be an Xbox Live Arcade game?)

Jelly Car [Free] is still one of my favorite games, and worth downloading for the soundtrack alone. Its sequel, Jelly Car 2 [99¢ / HD] continues the magic, and the improvements in the Jelly Car 3 has me really excited for it.

Disney is telling us that it's being released tomorrow, which usually would mean that it's going to pop up on the App Store sometime later tonight. However, the standard tricks of looking for the game on international App Stores don't seem to be working, so we're not entirely sure when it is that Jelly Car 3 will be appearing. Either way, we can't wait to give it a try.

  • jellydude

    Can't wait! Give me more Jelly!

  • Littlebigcar

    This looks great i loved jelly car 1 & 2. Only this one kinda just looks the same as the last 2 which kinda made the 2nd one a little boring in comarrison to the 1st. Still buyin though first day buy!

  • Prab
  • Anonymous

    The pay your way to the top feature is a major turnoff. Maybe I should just pick up Jelly Car 2 which I never bothered to do before. I liked Jellycar fine, but it all looks pretty much the same in 2 and 3. Of 2 and 3, 2 is far more appealing due to the lack of such a feature. At least I presume it's not in 2. FYI, you can buy rewind packs that let you go back in time and then continue again, thus allowing people to buy their way to the top of the leaderboards through endless, for a price, rewinds.

  • Catz999

    u jelly?