Don’t Miss ‘Super Soviet Missile Mastar’

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Super Soviet Missile Mastar [Free] isn’t the greatest game ever. That distinction goes to Super Mario Brothers 2 for the NES, obviously. But Super Soviet Missile Master is easily the second, fifth, or maybe even the 20th greatest game ever. Also, it’s free, universal, and is now available on the App Store.

Sure, I’m kidding here. I’m blowing what the game has to offer you wildly out of proportion. In truth, SSMM is just a basic “runner” type of game that instead of a person, has you guiding a Soviet-fired 8-bit-ish missile around various obstacles until said missile reaches a rough outline of the US. At this point, the game just sort of starts over while keeping your missile progress. It’s inspired, sure, but rather flat — the AI on the obstacles isn’t outstanding, the levels are short and get familiar fast, and there’s no depth to speak of.

But — and this is one of those huge, editorial-turning usages — this is an honestly awesome joint. The look, the style, the tone, and the playfulness of the game make it a winner. I can’t think of a better game at the moment to spend zero dollars on, so consider this an endorsement.

I should note here that The Behemoth, the indie developer behind Xbox Live Arcade success Castle Crashers, made this game. Don’t miss it!

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