After seeing a ton of success with their massive holiday 99¢ sale, the folks at EA Mobile are once again going on a discount binge. While not quite as extensive as that previous sale, a number of EA titles have temporarily dropped to 99¢ as part of an "I  ♥ 99¢ Sales" sale. Check out the following list of discounted games which are directly linked to the App Store:

iPhone/iPod touch games:

iPad games:

The sale is said to run for 48 hours, so make sure and grab whatever you like while it's currently discounted. We'll keep our eyes on to see if any new titles are added to this sale, as several new games were added to the sale just as I've been working on this post. Also, there's still a load of EA titles that are still 99¢ from their last big sale, so it may be worth rummaging through their catalog to see if there's anything you may have missed.

  • Joel Bird

    And USA only. How nice of them.

    • Casper de Groot

      I can confirm that in the netherlands all titles i've checked are still at their regular prices. No discount for us non-USA players...

      • Carlos Oliveira

        Yesterday, when I've find out about EA's price drop (through AppShopper) I went to check it on the portuguese App Store (same prices as Europe, I guess) and the games were at 'regular' prices, but today they've changed... upwards!

        For instance: yesterday, Sims 3 (World) was selling for 2.39€. Today, not only didn't drop to 0.79€, but it was raised to 3.99€.

        Same thing happened to other EA titles.

        EA, Capcom and Sega, they all separate US from "the world". Pathetic!

        (Well, at least we got Mirror's Edge for free, though I paid for it :P)

      • Thorstein Johannessen

        Yeah. They still want to seperate the world, as if there is any cost difference in the digital distribution. Which Apple takes complete care of. They basically just want to rip us off as they did in the old physical days. I wonder how long they can make it happen. Or why Apple makes it happen. Or how long time it takes for them to understand that customers actually can get around regional limitations pretty easily.

        To be fair, they do at least release the games worldwide, afaik.

    • Jared Nelson

      Thanks for pointing that out. Changed the title to reflect this.

      • Carl

        The sale is also on for Canadians, so maybe change the title to "EA Running Another 99 cent Fire Sale on Select Titles in US and Canadian App Stores"

    • Carl

      The sale is on for Canadians.

    • Jokanoe

      No. In Japan too last week 🙂

  • Uber

    This isn't the first time EA have offered America-only discounts. Do they think the rest of the world will simply buy whatever climbs up the American charts? From my perspective this sale is simply bad advertising for EA; the rest of us hear about the sale and then realise we're excluded. Why do that to your customers? "Tomorrow we're having a sale for blonds only"

    • Werner Ruotsalainen


      just create a US iTunes account with a random name and some random Google'd address and purchase an iTunes gift card off eBay. This is how I make use of these US-only sales.

      • Anonymous

        I already have a US account.
        The bigger problem is that if I purchase an app (sale or not), I want it tied to my main iTunes account. That's the one I'm normally signed in with. That's the one my iDevices are all set to and show updates for etc etc.

      • xyzzy

        He's asking you to gift yourself the app from your US account

      • Anonymous

        Could be a very good point. Never thought of that (partly b'cos I've had the accounts before you could gift apps)

        Main problem is; if the US version is an entirely different app to the international version, it probably won't work (will it?) Perhaps possible if the app merely is differently priced, but not unavailable.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        I've had two accounts for over two years. IMHO, the only downside of purchasing stuff on two accounts is the need to log in to the other when you need to download updates. Otherwise, the two accounts co-exist without problems.

  • Sesquipedal

    Wow. I saw 99c and jumped on about five games.
    Rather, I put them in tabs.
    However reading all the reviews, every single game I chose
    (monopoly, risk, sim city, tetris)
    are all severely lacking in a developer who cares about said game.
    The "game" title is there, however details that make the games fun are not.
    Even at 99c, can't buy bad quality ports of good-quality games.

    • Rirath

      For what it's worth, Monopoly has been worth it for me and the wife. It's dirt cheap, and if you're playing with another human, you don't have to deal with the AI. We usually throw at least 1 AI in and it does a decent job.

      I don't feel it really cheats, even on the highest difficulty, as 90% of the comments insist. My main complaint is if you learn how to work the offers, you can get the AI to agree to some pretty silly deals.

      It's far less than you'll pay for any version of the board game, and you don't have to manage a bunch of property cards and money. They've even added Retina display.

  • Sesquipedal

    However Mirror's Edge is pretty fun. Easy buy for 99c.

  • David Jones

    Obviously they are trying to get their games on the charts for the new Verizon iPhone owners - which would be why it is US only

  • Daniel Wood

    How do they even set their prices differently for different territories. That's not an option unless they publish from different accounts.

    As long as EA keep doing this why would ever by one of their apps for more than .99

    • Eli Hodapp

      They publish US versions of games and international versions of games. The international ones are completely different listings on the App Store and usually have something like "world" in the title. This allows them to price what appears to be the same games differently in different markets.

    • Jagcorn

      "As long as EA keep doing this why would ever by one of their apps for more than .99"

      Because they make quality stuff too. With the over-(app)populated app store, the masses are jumping at every chance there's a dollar sale. But I'd also buy Dead Space even if EA will price it @ $20 because it is well done, and we will get to see more near-console quality titles. There has been a lot of gripe when EA did their Holiday sale (and successfully I might add). I see this as huge sour grapes on the part of other devs. In the business world, you either have to take measures to be competitive or you're on the bottom side of the charts. Some people are pissed at how Apple does business. Well boo-hoo. Let them get pissed.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably related to Verizon, but it's listed as a valentines day sale. I'm not sure if Valentines Day is something celebrated outside of the US or not. Maybe not? Well, there's always Bastille Day. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Oh? It's not?
      In that case; I won't get my GF anything, and if she gets annoyed, I'll refer her to you...

      (Yes, it is. In the commercialised English-speaking world, anyway.)

      Hopefully this just means that the international versions will be on sale later.

      • Anonymous

        I presume, then, that the problem is that no one outside of the US is actually in love. They are just pretending. 😉 🙂

  • murph

    Damn. Monopoly HD is not included!

  • Gr8m8again

    Yet again it's a USA only sale. Over the past few weeks we have had USA only for CBS for iPad, PAC MAN , The Daily and now EA are at it. This growing Good Ole US of A Market is getting a bit much. I read that the BBC iPlayer is being launched on the 10th, I know it won't happen but I would love it to go worldwide everywhere apart from the USA on the 10th and then USA later....much later.
    It's either a worldwide Market or it ain't. Get with it Apple & Developers. C'mon Touch Arcade, what side of the fence are you on?

  • TIinPA

    You missed one, Mass Effect Galaxy.

    • rcoutant

      Cool thanks, didn't even know that game existed.

  • Blab

    usa only ! bull shit !

  • Vinylretrogirl

    Awesome! As a new gamer & spy freak...this clue game will be awesome! Thank you!!!

  • Carl

    Has anybody noticed that I pointed out like 6 or 7 hours ago that this sale is also in Canada and not just USA?

  • psj3809

    Hats off to Gameloft and their universal price drop for Valentines. EA though ? Wont be buying from them again, price drop for US only. Pathetic.

  • Thicky

    Okay, I'm mad at EA for having a US only sale but there is this one question which I have been wondering for a very long time: I know that the ones without a suffix are US versions but what's the difference between the (World) and (Intl.) suffixed versions?

    I use to be in the Malaysian AppStore which has the (Intl.) version and then after I switched stores to Aussie, I realized I've lost all of my purchases as in Australia has the (World) version. Why is this? D:

  • CDC

    Hey, they are discounted in México, so I gues it's not only USA, but continental and therefore not working in Europe. Sorry

  • Jas

    This really makes me HATE EA!

    Monopoly HD for example was released in USA for 59p but has only dropped to £3.50 at one point here.

    I am annoyed enough at EA I will only ever pay 59p for anything from them as a result now. Plus I'll buy a US iTunes card to make sure of that.

  • Masterpaul123

    Not even australia has cheap games??? ea you love australia. HOW DARETH YOU