We've seen our fair share of cringe-worthy Gameloft clones over the years, but this one takes the cake. StarFront: Collision seems to be directly "inspired" by StarCraft, complete with Gameloft's version of the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. These three factions wage a war over Xenodium crystals on the planet Sinistral in realtime strategy battles that actually look pretty decent in the following gameplay trailer:

What's definitely got my interest piqued is the inclusion of four player online multiplayer, which potentially could be loads of fun. I'm also curious how the game actually plays on the iPhone, as RTS games on the device all have fairly cluttered UI's, and it seems like StarFront does as well. StarFront: Collision will be available this Thursday, and it will be interesting to see if Gameloft sticks to the Sacred Odyssey method of payment where the game is free with an IAP to unlock the rest of the game.

Also, according to the description of this trailer, StarFront is also only going to run on 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch and iPhone hardware. Is this the end of Gameloft supporting older devices?

  • Adams Immersive

    I’d like to see something like this in both “big screen” App Stores: with Mac-vs.-iPad play. You might not do such a hybrid mtach in a strict and formal tournament, for the sake of fairness (the two platforms’s UIs won’t work the same). Then again, two people with different speeds of computer don’t achieve “fairness” in Starcraft II either...

    • http://www.starfront-strategies.com Rob

      I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Similar to consoles, the iPad could be an amazing platform for competitive gaming due to the hardware equality. I decided to put up a Starfront Strategies forum so we can share strats and form communities. I hope you'll check it out: StarFront Collision Strategies Forum">StarFront Collision Strategies Forum

  • Paulm12

    been waiting for this. Hopefully its universal...

  • Guest

    Copyloft is going too far.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Werner-Ruotsalainen/685558551 Werner Ruotsalainen

      What's wrong with that? We all need a decent RTS game on iOS. If it's a direct rip-off of Starcraft, we can only be happy to have something decent.

    • Chiblet

      shut up noob

  • Ruben

    I bought almost all Gameloft games and most of them are very good games. Does not interest me if they copy games or not. We all know that by now so does not need to be mentioned anymore. If gameplay and graphics are good I am satisfied. I have yet to see another developer releasing so many console quality games.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      You honestly expected me to post this without mentioning its obvious ties to StarCraft?

      • Leegames

        I think he was replying to the "Copyloft is going too far. "-comment and not your article, which is fine and got the job done 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/gayasoft Marc Schärer

    I hope they are going to make it ipad ... I am not going to buy any form of strat game for the small ios devices ever again, have some of them, enough for me with "i don't see what I try to select and direct" as my ipad isn't around just for the fun of it 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it is flat out idiotic of them to not release an iPad version on the same day. The trailer does not even mention an "HD" version or iPad version.

  • skamando

    Inspired by Starcraft? Really?

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/hisdivineorder HisDivineOrder

    No iPad version?

    Also, I think that Gameloft's "thefts" should be a wake-up call to the companies who own these games they're "borrowing" from that there are financial opportunities they're just leaving on the table, untapped. A Starcraft port (even of just the first game) is a no-brainer for the iPad, if not the iPhone, but Activision is too self-absorbed to realize it.

    • Jakejax1

      I agree and I don't understand why companies don't try and capitalize on this growing market.
      Electronic Arts is probably doing the best job right now and they are also raising the bar on quality to justify their price point. ie: i used to "only" download just free games but after Rage, Infinity Blade, Dead Space, and ect ... I don't really bother looking for the freebies as much, except for the hidden gems.

  • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

    Yep, until game companies get their act together and represent themselves on this platform, I will support Gameloft's releases because they are sharp. Can't argue with a well made piece of iOSware. Man up.

  • Deamon34

    Ugh, this better come out on the ipad. After buying the iphone version of Spiderman and having an ipad version come out 3 months later, I learned my lesson, I will be waiting. But it would be stupid of them to release this on the iphone only. I also agree with Jakejax1, EA, of all companies has raised the bar for ios gaming.

  • derp

    Why did they suddenly drop legacy support?

    Starfront's graphics looks like it can run even on 1st gen devices.

    Why push the upper gen. so much?

    • TrainWreck

      Well because it cost more to keep all the old soft/hard-ware on hand not to mention the extra man hours to maintain it all.

      You dont see games being made for Windows Millennium either ;P

      • derp

        The OS and the hardware is pretty different though.

        I mean the graphics isn't that good that it should be exclusive to upper gen devices only. I understand Epic Games for making their game exclusive to newer devices only since it uses Unreal Engine.

  • Anonymous

    I must say that after that gorgeous cinematic trailer, I was disappointed to see gameplay graphics looking no better than an average iOS tower defense game (in terms of graphics only, don't worry RTS freaks). I hope that there are a LOT of cutscenes.

  • Anonymous

    I would go as far as to say Starcraft 1 from 1997 had better visuals, even though it was in 2D. The limited screen space would also mean no special abilities for micro managing units. Look closely, the UI looks very similar to Red Alert iPhone (which was terrible).

    A RTS on the iPad can work, but in order for it to work they need to rethink a lot of things not simply copying from a game designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind.

  • Antony Faby

    Even I'm quite happy with lot of gameloft games, I still can not be sure that their strategy is good, what if every big game studios want to do the same way, who will be the victim and take the whole aftermath... there're no more cool game to be born and no more indie developer as the clone is easy but spending more money to a clone game is what they just can not do.

    As for this game, the trailer is not impressed me, maybe I'm more a casual player. 😀

  • Dsfsdf
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abraham-Muro/100000199427549 Abraham Muro

    Well its Thursday why hasn't the game come yet?????