Some dudes like to throw around the word definitive when they talk about upgraded ports of awesome games. I’m not a huge fan of doing that -- definitive is a strong word. But, I think the Flying Hamster HD [$4.99] comes as close to being a must-have version of an App that I’ve seen so far.

Just released the other day, The Flying Hamster HD offers the same cutesy side-scrolling shooter experience of The Flying Hamster [$3.99] with added screen real estate, hilariously offsetting the base game’s cruel, cruel difficulty which proved to be one of the biggest knocks against the title in our review. Also, it just plain looks better -- a great thing considering that the game’s colorful art is one of its biggest draws.

Just take a look. Isn't this a-dorable!?

So, if you’ve ever wanted to progress past the Egyptian stage without losing lives, this is the version to get. Enemies are much more spaced and there's also more room to maneuver, making this a very playable game. It’s quite the contrast, for sure.

Need to know more about the game before you dip your toes in the water? I got your back, son. Download the free version or, hey, read our review. Also, take note that the other flaws mentioned in the write-up, like the scoring and the by-the-numbers level design hasn’t been addressed in the HD version.

  • Future777

    Great game!! Must Have!