Here's some good news I wasn't expecting quite so soon- According to Mika Mobile's Twitter, they plan on submitting an update to Battleheart [$2.99] later today. Yesterday we posted about the game and mentioned that while we enjoyed this touch-based RPG style real-time battle game, many people on our forums (including myself) were experiencing random and not so random crashing issues.

Hilariously enough, according to their tweets, the cause of the crashes is when taps are "very fast or panicked," which explains why so many people were crashing so much on boss fights. These battles are difficult, and it's not hard to get in to fast and panicked tapping mode while you're managing your whole party. In cases like this, the game can't quite decide if you're trying to tap or drag a unit, and it crashes. Until the update lands, the developer recommends "direct, calm, [and] precise taps" while playing.

In the meantime, check out the thread in our forums where Mika Mobile is posting and people are still loving the game regardless of these issues.

  • Anonymous

    Dam i am sooo hooked on this game...6 hours been playing...

  • alienmeatsack

    I am also enjoying it. I am stuck due to the crashing on the boar fight, so I've been playung the ones I've done over and over (for 3 hours?) to build up characters and add new ones.

    Look forward to the update and a fix.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Sweet. The game is great fun and I'm one of the unlucky ones that crash at the boar.

    Turns out this is perfect for me and my 5-year old daughter to play together. It's bloodless (we're just knocking the bad guys down... with sharp weapons and fire) and you can play with two people as a team.

    I'm surprised it's not mentioned as a feature, because it seems like some thought went into allowing multitouch dragging of behaviors and using taps to expose special powers. It works surprisingly well with two people doing a finger dance on the screen and talking out what to do next and things they notice.

    I already want more story to each character and a more RPG-style over world with exploration and dungeons. I'm already awaiting the sequel, in other words. First, though, I guess the bug fix will be nice. 😛

  • Noah

    A story would have been excellent. So much potential here!!

    Even if they spruced up the "map" screen, it would be a nice touch.

  • Kris Jones

    So sad. Very strange crashing. Killed supertough spider boss FINALLY then it crashed. A very-well designed game and likely worth the price, but beware of some frustrations.

  • wohdin

    .........Soooo...... people were playing the game too well?