Macworld 2011 is taking place in San Francisco, CA this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We'll be in attendance, and are currently taking appointments from game developers who have something new, cool, or new and cool to show us. (Or if you just want to say "hi.") If you want to meet up with us, please email with "Macworld 2011" in the subject to make sure our email filters appropriately highlight your message.

Although Apple no longer plays a big part in Macworld, it's still one of the major events for the Apple community. Originally started in 1985, Macworld has been the home to a number of large announcements such as iTunes itself in 2001, the Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle in 2005, and the original MacBook Air in 2008. We look forward to meeting everyone there, and reporting on the awesome games we come across.

  • Anonymous

    ummm, wouldn't the 2007 iPhone Macworld announcement be considered to be on the important side to this site?

    • Sesquipedal

      Obviously the original macbook air is far more important lol

      • Anonymous

        and don't forget, the original shuffle was a gaming BEAST!

  • Pow R Rock

    Wasn't Sword & Sorcery EP announce this time Last year at this Event?

    Werent we supposed to be playing it by now?

    I hope It comes soon.

    • Anonymous

      I feel like that was two years ago. I may be wrong. I may also be bitter.

    • Pow R Rock

      No....Seriously TouchArcade, We got a Glowing review form you guys of that preview, And Now I ask : Can we get an update on that Game?? What is the status?

  • Dasha

    I live in SF, I have free passes, might as well stop by and see what its all about this year, as I have not been since apple pulled out of the event.

  • Nathan Sharp

    I see somebody used tagxedo πŸ˜‰