With a week to go before the month is over, we're just now finally seeing some major iOS game releases after seemingly every developer fired off everything they had in to the 2010 holiday season. Tonight's treasures are Dead Space for the iPhone and iPod touch as well as Dead Space for iPad. Dead Space is currently available in New Zealand, and will be appearing in various international App Stores throughout the day until it finally shows up in the US at 11:00 PM EST.

We'll have our full review up later today, but for our friends abroad I'll offer some brief impressions- The graphics and sound of Dead Space are incredible, and really nail the look and feel of the series. This is a game you'll want to play in the dark with headphones. I've found myself preferring the game on the iPad, as your thumbs obscure a little too much of the screen on the iPhone. (It's still a ton of fun on smaller devices, don't worry.) There isn't any kind of aim assist or control customization which makes combat feel clunky and more difficult than it should be, which can be irritating in a game with limited ammo where every shot counts.

We have other minor criticisms which we'll get in to in our full review later today, but even with the few issues Dead Space has, this isn't a game you should miss. With around 6 hours (in our playthrough) of playtime, Dead Space provides an experience that fits perfectly in line with its console counterparts. We just wish they titled the game something differently, as it comes loaded with its own unique story line and will likely be a part in any discussion of Dead Space lore... Things are going to get confusing with Dead Space (for consoles) and Dead Space (for iOS) sharing the same name and being completely different games.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime swing by the Dead Space and Dead Space HD threads in our forums for more initial impressions from international forum members who have already purchased the game in their App Store.

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  • thebleeptruth

    Oh yeah!!! Buying this this weekend! I anticipated the release of this one. Past couple of days I've been playing Infinity Blade non-stop knowing that I'll be switching to Dead Space soon. Well of course until a new update or multiplayer comes to Infinity Blade.

  • Mashead2000

    Damn wish it was universal 🙁 lets hope i have little thumbs to see stuff lol 10hrs to go!

  • Wooseokjo

    yes! 2g supported! thank you

  • Backtothis


  • toorop

    even with 1GH prozessors or dual cores if they still support such old crappy devices like iPod touch 2g than quality will never improve! Well done to Infinity Blade which doesnt support old scrap iron

    • http://twitter.com/DamathaStudios Damatha Studios

      There are many games out there that automatically adjust detail depending on the device. It's just some (or a lot) more job for the developers.
      So don't blame for supporting, blame for not investing more time on optimization.
      IMO all devices should be supported in all apps (read trully universal) since IOS devs only have like 4 hardwares to optimize for (source engine for PC and Mac support 10k different hard configs).

      • Adams Immersive

        True, but you can’t say the work to optimize for each platform is always trivial, nor that the engine always just handles that. It’s often much more complicated than that, sometimes affecting fundamental game design decisions and requiring tons of coding and testing (and re-testing of every future patch). And that in turn can demand a lot of time and cost, depending on the game. If a developer’s time or budget are limited, they may have to eliminate older devices, knowing that their user base is shrinking while the market of newer devices is growing. Bigger companies with deep pockets should be able to afford to do it all—but even they make decisions on what’s worth spending money on and what isn’t. Plus, I see games as an artform, and as an artist, I may not wish to spend time on a version of my game that doesn’t achieve my vision. (Like a musician might not want to release an album with half the instruments missing.)

        So it’s fair to say that SOME games should (and happily will) run on every device. But that can’t happen for ALL games.

      • Anonymous

        Then they will spend alot of money and may lose money because more and more people are upgrading their ipods, iphoneys so less people will pay for your game on older device because less will had them.

    • Maeksevhin


  • Lee Priest

    As I posted when this game first got released, $6.99-9.99 for this game is too steep. Wait a few weeks and expect a reduction. It's a game where you freeze Yetis trying to hug you to death and then aim and shoot. Meh

    • Orinationx2

      It's actually a superb game, and while Horror isn't my favorite branch of gaming, it shines as being the ONLY true Console-Quality game on the App Store to date. I left a full impression on the board for the game, and I highly suggest you check it out. I'm glad I took the plunge, as the game shows the true potential of the iDevice as a gaming machine.

    • Adams Immersive

      I just paid that much for a plate of lentils I won’t remember tomorrow. And they weren’t even scary! Not even a little bit

  • andrzej raczynski

    controls seem to suck the life out of this game. definitely not touching this with a ten foot pole. looking forward to the pc version of DS2 arriving on my doorstop tomorrow though!

    • Mashead2000

      PC version? wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole i think

    • Denkigrve

      So you either live in NZ or have a NZ account and played it then?

      Uh... did you not play Dead Space 1 on PC? Just look at the Steam forums for Dead Space. It's riddled with threads about poor control issues. Visceral said they put more focus on the PC version of Dead Space 2, so we'll see.

      I have 1 and 2 on the PS3, collectors edition arrives tomorrow. I also plan to buy this when it launches tomorrow.

      • Anonymous

        I didn't have any issues with the PC version of Dead Space.

      • Jasonc506

        I loved Dead Space on the pc, no problems here.

  • Wgwwgf


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Buckingham/518019273 Will Buckingham

    I find myself wishing yet again that the "HD" version would be universal, as I always have to make a decision on which device I want to spend the money on when they're split like this. If we're paying more for the "HD" version, there should be more substance there than a straight port with some modified control placement for the iPad, and yet again, it seems like a money grab to get $3 more from iPad exclusive owners, or up to $10 more from people who want it for both devices. This makes me want to wait for an inevitable sale rather than support early.

    • Denkigrve

      I'm planning to buy the iPhone version first, and then the iPad version when a sale hits. It's what they get for not going universal. They'll only get a faction of the expected double-dip sales.

  • Adam

    Hopefully the iPhone version has gyro aiming support. You can get much better aiming using the gyro than the virtual analog stick.


    im getting them both as soon as i see them. 17 Dollars is nothing.

  • Flame

    Tried it... and i am blown away the graphics n controls. its amazing i actually felt like i was playing the original dead space.

  • gmadera

    i just played this game and i honestly can say that this is the BEST game on the app store. graphics and environment are beautiful. it plays great on the ipod touch 1g. i truly recommend it 😉

  • Anonymous

    finally i feel that i'm playing a portable version of a console game

    amazing graphics, control, best quality sound with the heatset 5 five stars,

    Lets hope devil may cry refrain will be as good, i hope this show to the develops that the idevices are good for great games as long they do a good job, congratz to visceral games and EA

    This is the way that infinity blade should have been

  • Anonymous

    EA, congratulations on putting up the worst trailer ever. Not only the trailer makes the game look bad, it also failed to show anything remarkable (like the game's amazing score, voice acting, variety of unique weapons and upgrades, etc).

  • LBG

    Excellent game. It's games like this that make me proud to be an iOS gamer.