The watchful european eyes of the ElectricPig recently spotted an Angry Birds [99¢ / Free] cameo on German TV. The 5:21 long video features a number of interesting things. First off, they visit the home offices of Rovio, showing some behind the scenes looks at how Angry Birds levels are made and they even revealed that the Angry Birds team is now 40 people strong. Following that, there's a brief segment on casual gaming with appearances from both Doodle Jump [99¢] and Cut the Rope [99¢ / Lite]. Around the 4:20 mark, the new Angry Birds Seasons [99¢ / Free] Valentines Day update is revealed.

Now it isn't exactly a surprise that Rovio is updating Angry Birds Seasons with a Valentines Day levels, but it is neat to see a sneak peek of what these levels will look like beforehand. Also, while I knew the Android version had ads, I had no idea they were so obtrusive. It really pays to have an iOS device sometimes.

[via Pocket Gamer]

  • Deamon34

    LOL @ the stack of magazines at 3:30

  • Scott Colbert

    Sorry, but I barely notice the ads on my android, and your continued jabs at Android phones are pretty childish.

    • Eli Hodapp

      What "continued jabs"?

    • Adams Immersive

      Angry Birds is fun on any platform 🙂 I agree that the Android ads are obtrusive (not really a childish term)—and we can judge that for ourselves with our own eyes, making our opinions of them as valid as any. At the same time, nobody would deny that some people find the same ads to be just great—so your opinion too is valid.

    • Jonathan Sayre Allen

      I think the unfortunate thing about the ads on Android is that an alternate, paid version of the app is not available. On iOS I have downloaded many free versions, liked the game, and then purchased the paid version because I hate the ads. This is even true when the content of the game is identical, like Words With Friends. I just don't want to deal with the ads.

  • Fargol

    Mighty Eagle notification bug bothers me much more than any update right now.

  • E_Domina

    they should let you build your own levels also. and i don't think the android version is THAT obtrusive. Sure its annoying but not such a problem either

  • Brad Nicholson

    Eli Hodapp, you have stooped to a new low level.

  • Herrsebbe2

    What were those high detail levels shown right before the Valentines edition? I sure hope those will be available for the iPhone or iPad. O.O

  • Jay

    Are they going to do it right this time and include the levels in the update, or is it going to be another Christmas update debacle where you have to be online to download each individual level? And will this update retroactively fix the Christmas update now that the holiday season is over so that all the levels are included without needing to go online?

  • Ymburger

    Who the f... cares about angry birds anymore?

  • David

    1:53-1:55 ... new level types? 🙂
    angry birds 2?

  • How

    4:26-4:30 How is he playing the game on Windows 7?

    • gtn

      Angry Birds is available for Windows from the Intel AppUp store. $5, nice high resolution graphics.

  • life_is_pleach

    German TV with english language. 🙂

  • stranger

    @life_is_pleach yeah, "Deutsche Welle" (german (radio)wave) is germany's international broadcaster:,,3325,00.html