Last week a trailer for a mysterious fantasy-based game by Gameloft hit the internet, causing rampant speculation across the iPhoneiverse (If that's not a word, it should be) regarding which game it was that Gameloft was setting its sights on next. We speculated this could be Gameloft's take on Zelda, and from the looks of it, that's exactly what we're getting.

Check out the new trailer:

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden seems to have everything a good Zelda-esque game should have: A horse to ride around, items to use to get passed various obstacles, sliding block puzzles, and massive bosses. I'm excited to give it a try as Darksiders basically proved that I will play any game with similar gameplay mechanics to completion regardless of how good or bad it is. (Or in the case of Darksiders, how much headache-indusing screen tearing it has.)

Sacred Odyssey is landing on the App Store next month, likely launching at Gameloft's typical price point of somewhere between $4.99 and $6.99. In the meantime, we've got a thread for the game in our upcoming games forum if you're looking for even more speculation about the game.

  • dagamer34

    This is one of those games that makes me wish the iPhone had real buttons and a joystick. Touchscreen gaming can only go so far comfortably...

    • swarmster

      I take issue with the seemingly commonly held sentiment that "touchscreen gaming can only go so far," as if fully 'console style' gaming is the only end to which all platforms should aspire.

      Gameloft and others make a habit of trying to shoehorn all kinds of games into a 'touch-enabled' control scheme that emulates consoles, but that's where the experience is weakest. There are whole worlds of control theory enabled by multitouch surfaces that are largely being far. The large number of independent developers gives me hope that games will continue to advance in the more interesting direction, however, and I hope the platform continues to enable it to do so. Consoles can keep their buttons.

      • andrzej raczynski

        console controls suck unto themselves, give me WASD and a mouse any day.

    • ratonbox

      The game is surprisingly easy to play on a touch screen, if you've played any Gameloft game before.

  • wpxbla

    According to the GameBone website, Gameloft has announced support for the peripheral - unfortunately is doesn't have dual analogs (or even a single analog) and isn't out yet:

    iOS apps with GameBone support

    With already over 1500 registered independent and commercial developers including - Activision, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Freeverse, Gameloft, id software, Konami, Manomio, Namco, PopCap Games, Sega, Take 2 Interactive, Ubisoft, Velvet Games and many more - there is no doubt that support for the GameBone could become a standard addition to many current and future iOS apps.

    If you are interested in adding support for the GameBone to your iOS app, simply join our mailing list by clicking the button below.

    • Anonymous

      Nowhere does it say that Gameloft will support it.

      • Stormchild

        Looks like you missed this part:

        "iOS apps with GameBone support

        With already over 1500 registered independent and commercial developers including - Activision, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Freeverse, Gameloft, id software, Konami, Manomio, Namco, PopCap Games, Sega, Take 2 Interactive, Ubisoft, Velvet Games and many more…"

      • Anonymous

        Oh, i read the marketing mumbo jumbo. That is talking about registered app developers, not people somehow registered for the Gamebone. I guarantee you that PopCap and Ubisoft have not committed to making their games support Gamebone. 100% guarantee. Heck, none of PopCap's games need buttons or sticks. Are people really misled this easily?

  • Hackmodford

    They should just add iControlPad support
    It's got dual analog sticks shoulder buttons 4 face buttons start and select plus a dpad.
    It's going to use bluetooth also...

    • wpxbla

      Yeah, the icontrolpad looks WAY cooler than the GameBone - but as far as I can tell it doesn't have the developer support lined up that 22moo does with the GameBone SDK.

    • Adams Immersive

      Sounds like a standard I’d like to see multiple hardware makers and game makers follow!

      I’d only use it at home, and for certain games, but it would be nice at times.

      (Are the shoulder buttons underneath? The squarish form factor makes it look impossible to reach the back edge. I kind of prefer Gamebone’s long shape—but either could work.)

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    looks good, but i never really liked zelda games...

    • wpxbla

      blasphemy 🙂

  • Dragu

    Finally a bit of zelda comes to the iPod 🙂

  • Peotie

    Looks dull.......

  • Anonymous

    One thing that can kill these type of games is bad animation. I noticed when he was throwing the bombs it looked like 2-3 frams of animation. Awkward!

  • Phil Baxter

    Clearly a Zelda knock-off with a dash of Skies of Arcadia thrown in. Really weak visuals though, - it looks like an N64 game at best in places. I assume this is because GL still target the iPhone 3G to maximise sales, but it makes their work look extraordinarily poor in the post Infinity Blade and Rage HD iOS world.

    • Scott Colbert

      Just to graphics whores who value style over substance.

      • Icepulse

        This is the most played-out retort in the gaming world. It reminds me of these misfits who buy a stack of 75 comics a week; totally indiscriminate. I say "how can you read that? It looks like ass!!" and they say (in a very high-handed manner) "I don't care about the art, as long as the story is good..." so READ some FAULKNER, weirdo! I mean, when you embrace the comics aesthetic, you have to understand that the story and art are inextricably joined; you can't have a GOOD comic if one of those facets suck!! I like good literature, and I like great art... but when it comes to comics, both aspects must be good, because art is one half the equation.

        It's just the same with games. "Graphics Whore" is merely the battle-cry of the artless. Video games are just that; "video" games. Half gameplay, half visuals. If you don't care about visually pleasing graphics, it's your prerogative, but to imply that people who expect an attractive art design in their games are "shallow" in some way is just plain dumb.

        Besides, I don't consider 2-3 frames per second or bland, rehashed level design to be a problem that falls under the "graphics" catagory.

      • Phil Baxter

        Nonsense. It's perfectly valid to comment on a game's visuals, especially now that we've all seen what iOS is capable of. Expectations have risen, it's as simple as that.

        I didn't comment on the gameplay, as I haven't played it yet. You would have picked up on that if you had bothered to digest what I had written, instead of just randomly attacking me for no reason. So please, in future think before you type.

  • Hellsdevil

    After Infinity Blade everything looks like shit.
    And not just graphics wise.

    • Markmcdowell7

      i thought infinity blade had great graphics but i disliked the gameplay and it got extremely boring after a few bloodlines

  • Icepulse

    "...who value style over substance"...
    As if visuals / aesthetics cannot be substantial?

    This is just what I mean. People who don't appreciate the significance of beauty.

    It's why 90% of American school kids can't name ONE American painter, living or dead.

    • Mesospire

      Well, if ya just got a game with great graphics, but horrible gameplay, its not really worth the time, just sayin. :/

    • Michael A. Robson

      "As if visuals / aesthetics cannot be substantial? "

      Calmly reach for your nearest dictionary.

      Imagine a plain white/black chessboard.
      now imagine a glowing platinum/gold chessboard.

      Same game, better 'graphics' on the latter.

  • Rosh

    If it doesn't have a large number of quests, character customization, a lot of skills and moral choices, I don't consider it an RPG.

    • E_Domina

      what do you call super mario rpg?

      • Rosh

        I don't consider it an rpg. This is only my opinion of course, so feel free to disagree.

  • Ender

    Loved the music.

  • E_Domina

    Looks way more like a hack and slash than zelda. You need the intense strategic combat in there, the style, the story, and of course the puzzles

  • Anonymous

    After playing through Sparta, I think Gameloft really needs to work on the control schemes before trying to make a platformer. The elements that required the most exact aiming and jumping precision were the worst parts of Sparta, where the hack and slash elements and combos were the best part. While I doubt they will have changed much, they should be spending all their time on that, or moving away from a two-button control scheme.

  • Michael A. Robson

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Zelda Clone for iOS.

  • Overzero3

    With some luck, who knwos...maybe it will run on my 2gen ipod touch!
    Dam i gotta buy a new ipod asap!

  • Stirolak26

    Do you graphic whores think the graphics are worse in thsi gsme or the new legend of zelda for the wii?