Orbotix is an unconventional developer with a project we posted about a while ago. Its mission is to bring smartphone controlled, open devices to market. The first of these is Sphero, a robotic ball that responds to inputs from an iPhone or iPod Touch via Bluetooth and an device-specific app.

It’ll be about six months before Sphero is ready for store shelves, but the lack of polish didn’t stop Orbotix from taking their balls on the road to CES in Las Vegas where, of course, Mac Rumors got their hands on them.

The demonstration, which took place in a mini-arena of sorts, yielded some neat pieces of intel about Sphero. Most relevant to us is the fact that Orbotix wants to release the API to App Store creators, allowing anyone with the knowhow to sculpt games around the device.

At the event, Orbotix suggested soccer or bowling games could be made, which yeah, I totally could see that happening if the device took off. But will it take off? I don’t know. I lost my fortuneteller license in a fire. But I do know that people like crazy little devices that can move around.

Orbotix hopes to launch Sphero in “late 2011” for under one hundred bones -- and hopefully well under $100 if it hopes that more than 12 people will take a look at it.

[via Mac Rumors]

  • Palenoue

    Two words to make this a runaway best seller:

    Cat Toy

    'Nuff said

  • Bobby

    I am still trying to get the "robotic balls" imagery from the headline out of my head.

    Thanks a lot TouchArcade...


  • Mzeb75

    Neat but a little to pricey if it's a hundred bucks. I can buy alot of games for that. More of a novelty item I think. Then again I might becable to see kids wanting this. I know several children who got an iPod touch for Xmas.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JZIZ6NLYZDGC52DL4QEVBIALMU Hackmodford

    If it's under $100 I would definatley get one. I could imagine having lots of fun with something like this...

  • Anonymous

    This looks really cool, too bad I'm broke. 🙁