Today Joystiq caught wind of a cryptic teaser site for a Japanese mobile phone port of Chrono Trigger, which is yet another classic 16-bit era RPG by SquareSoft. The site itself isn't home to any more information other than the Chrono Trigger logo and "Spring 2011." Chrono Trigger was a remarkable RPG that had many revolutionary systems such as time travel, multiple endings, and other things not previously seen on home consoles. (For a full rundown, check out the extensive page on Wikipedia.)

We're not sure just yet whether this means the game is coming to Japanese mobile phones, the Japanese App Store, or anything else other than it's coming to mobile platforms in one way or another next year. However, with the success Square Enix has seen with their titles on the App Store, I'd find it to be almost impossible to believe that Chrono Trigger wouldn't eventually end up running on iOS sooner or later.

[via Joystiq]

  • crono

    Oh no... Please no. I really shouldn't waste my time playing through Chrono Trigger again. For the sake of my productivity... mercy!!

    • sine909

      And the broken controls will probably make sure it takes 3x as long. (:

    • sine909

      And the broken controls will probably make sure it takes 3x as long. (:

    • sine909

      And the broken controls will probably make sure it takes 3x as long. (:

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone heard whether/when Final Fantasy III (I believe that's FFVI in Japan, the version with Kefka) will be coming to iOS?

    • Avalon

      Hint: No one calls it Final Fantasy III anymore, we've had the proper game like three times now over here. x3

      • BBD

        Hint: Some people have only played the SNES version, titled as FFIII, and have better things to do than keep track of all the Final Fantasy releases we don't play.

  • E_Domina

    If Chrono Trigger is ported, Square Enix will be my hero. But only if they release Legend of Mana as well

  • CyberData4

    YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEEES! My favorite game of all time on my iPhone?! Yea, that'll be day one purchase.

  • Sid

    This game is my favorite game of all time, and it's an absolute must on the iOS, please SquareEnix, make it real!

  • Misfitskater6

    Would be nice, as long as they didn't change a bunch of stuff and butcher it like they did with the Secret of Mana port...

  • Huy Ngo

    I used to be a Square fan... during the time of games like this they were at the peak of their game. However, nowadays it seems they churn out the same old stuff with new and prettier graphics. C'mon, where's the innovation!? Where's the passion?

    I can't quite justify buying the re released games over and over again anymore to support a company that has evolved into a pure money making machine versus making games that are of the quality of Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. These games were the whole package; game play, graphics, story, sound. Nowadays it's just graphics, sound, maybe a good story, and recycled game play by the book.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Hell, even if all I get is graphics, sound, maybe a good story, and recycled game play by the book I'd be more interested in that than a rerelease of an old familiar game.

      Don't get me wrong, Chrono Trigger is an amazing game, but I'm personally more interested in the new IPs Square-Enix can bring, not a rerelease of an old familiar game.

  • Phil Baxter

    As great as Chrono Trigger is, Square horribly botched their recent Secret of Mana iOS port...

    Hey Square, 60 frames per second. It's non negotiable.

    • Michael A. Robson

      Framerate problems on a 17 year old game? Ok... Anyway, those are sprites, not sure how they could get 30 fps in there. Asking for 60 is lunacy.

      • Phil Baxter

        You misunderstand. 60fps screen scrolling is the important part, - moving the background art in a flawlessly smooth fashion, just as was done in the SNES original.

        30fps creates a noticeable judder and after image. 15fps (which is what iOS Mana looks to run at) creates motion so jerky as to be highly unpleasant to look at. 2D games should always, without exception, be 60fps.

    • Olivicmic

      Quit lying about frame rate issues. NTSC TVs run at 29.97 FPS

      • Phil Baxter

        Oh boy, you really don't understand anything about TVs do you.

        A lot of games run at 60fps, and any TV, be it CRT, LCD, or plasma will display that frame rate perfectly. Or do you think developers that have produced 60fps games have been wasting their time ever since the early 8-bit days?

      • Thefinestline

        Actually you're wrong. I'm not even going to waste my time explaining it to you but 60fps is completely useless. Source: I'm a video editor at a television network.

      • Phil Baxter

        Huh? That's the most bizarre thing I've read in a long time. Are you seriously trying to say that 60fps is the same as 30fps? Because if it is, you have non functional eye balls I'm afraid.

        I don't even know how to argue with such an utterly non nonsensical and random position as yours. But hey, enjoy games running at low frame rates if you can't tell the difference. Me, I'll be back playing Gran Turismo 5 at 60 frames per second.

      • Will Buckingham

        Games these days can actually be displayed at 60fps because high definition televisions tend to have refresh rates that can actually push that many full frames of data in a second. Standard definition CRT televisions, the type that were in use during Secret of Mana's release, tended to have 60Hz refresh rates, displaying essentially 60 half frames interlaced to create the visual illusion of the 29.97fps that NTSC televisions of the era supported. Regardless of what the game may have tried to put forth, you only saw 30fps interlaced because that was the limit of the television.

      • Phil Baxter

        Totally incorrect. While you indeed could only display 30fps at full interlaced resolution, you could half the vertical res and run at 60fps. No console game back in the day ran with 480 lines (the SNES resolution was 256x240 if memory serves), so with a lower res there was no requirement for interlace, and so a perfect 60fps.

        In fact virtually all console games until the 32-bit era ran at 60fps. It was the standard.

      • Will Buckingham

        I had forgotten about the different resolution the SNES used, but regardless, I don't believe that most people would be able to tell the difference between 30 and 60fps on an interlaced CRT. Now I haven't had time to play much of Secret of Mana on the iPhone yet, but if it does dip below 30fps in areas of the game, that is a problem, because that definitely is a performance threshold to not drop below. What I've played so far I had no trouble with, beyond the usual virtual control issues and a very annoying knockdown I could not manage to avoid on the first boss. Yes, I'm probably terrible, but it's been 15 years since I've played the game.

      • Me

        You are not a very good video editor, MOVIES as in at the theater play at 29fps.  TV's are perfectly capable of displaying 60 FPS and MORE depending on the hardware that is outputting the video.  This said, the TV broadcast you do may very well be 29 FPS as this is normal for a television program, but games can and do run at 60-120 FPS 

    • Cat Astrophy

      They took out a lot of things from SoM for the port. It was pretty botched. Just stick to the SNES emulator.

      • Olivicmic

        What did they take out?

      • Cat Astrophy

        A lot of sound effects are missing, the spell effects aren't the same, they totally botched the font, there's no option for backgrounds/border on the dialog box, they totally took out custom AI grid (all crappy pre-sets now), you can't control the direction you're moving once you start running...just to name a few

      • Olivicmic

        I haven't noticed any missing sounds. I have noticed changed sounds, like the goblin's snoring, but nothing really gripe worthy.

        The font is a subjective issue ... I like it better, I find it more legible, and better suited to the platform. A non-issue in terms of gameplay. Same with the menus. They are different, and cannot be customized, but they do scale smoothly with text ... all in all irrelevant to playing the game.

        Action positioning is presets now ... but was the AI ever smart enough to stick to those commands? No.

        All in all, the game still plays pretty well, and in my eyes has a few touches that make it a bit more immersive.

        Honestly the best way to play it is going to be on a TV and SNES (instead of an emulator like a noob), but the iOS version is a nice way to revisit a classic.

      • passsssssserby

        I believe it was secret of evermore that allowed you to change directions while running, but not secret of mana, snes or port otherwise

  • Chinito77

    After many attempts, I never finished this game on the SNES. Not sure about picking it up.

    I don't mind the Square ports as long as they toss something new (Weapon, boss, sidestory, etc). Even still, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    If you played this game to death, don't bother picking this up. Square just wants easy money from those who haven't.

  • Howie Barker

    Brilliant if true!

  • Exorcist

    I think I just wet my pants!! Chrono on the iOS? That would be total epicness!

  • Frogtorch before a $0.99 comment

  • Steven Snowdon

    Holy shit! Chrono Trigger with a shitty framerate and frustrating controls? What exactly is the opposite of "day one!"?

    Infact you know what would be the best news ever? If when Square Enix shut down the Chrono Trigger Resurrection project it was simply a front. For the past 6 years the Chrono Resurrection team have been working closely with Square Enix to produce a full 3D remake of Chrono Trigger, in HD, for release on PSN and XBLA in Spring 2011.

    Rubbish iOS version? No thanks.

    • Avalon

      Rubbish PSN and XBLA version? No thanks. (See, I can do that too).

      Gimme a proper box and physical copy any day, none of this licensed download crap.

      • Phil Baxter

        While it's nice to own classic games, and I own plenty myself, I find when I actually do dig them out of the cupboard and hook them up the experience is pretty disappointing. Wired controllers (often with VERY short wires), composite video connections, and dust galore.

        I'll take the XBLA download, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if I'll play this unless they add more endings 🙂

  • Michael A. Robson

    Don't kid yourselves, this thing will sell like crazy, no matter the price. This game is considered by many to be the best RPG, if not the best game, ever... (regardless of the 16-bittyness). I mean it.

    And there's about 200million iOS devices out there. For all its amazing success, the SNES only sold 50million units. Do the math.

    • Bartle

      SNES sold 50 million units to gamers. Iphones/pods/pads sell to people from all walks of life, and I'd be surprised if 1 in 4 owners even buy games beyond, maybe, Angry Birds and a few other super-casual titles. Most people buy them for the other things they do, like being a phone.

      And yeah this will sell, maybe even in the millions, possibly, but not like you think.

  • Michael

    Okay SE. Price this whatever you want. Even $20. COMBO TECHS FTW!!!!

  • Philosonic

    While I ADORE Chrono Trigger, respect Square and love iOS, this is crap. Come up with new storylines, even if they are rehashed, cannons or inspired from your old titles. How about a new FFTA with real-time strategy gameplay for Android, WP7, iOS, PSP and NDS, where you could play online against any platform users. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!

  • Alex

    This game SUUUUUUCKED!!!!!!!

    Having played Chrono Cross, I decided to try Chrono Trigger and OMG was it BORING!

    Bring some PSX games to iOS like Intelligent Cube or Chrono Cross, or FF7,8,9. We know it's capable of playing it. Some freelance developers can get the FF7 running perfectly on a PSX emu for iOS, why the HELL can't the damned company that made the damned system AND game? With tons of developers, it should be far from difficult.

    It amazes me what some people working out of their basements and garages can do that teams of developers can't accomplish in twice the time?

    • Racso

      Sucked? WTF are you talking about?

  • KushyKush


    And Alex if you really think this game sucked then you shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion.

  • Alex

    Clearly if you think Chrono Trigger was better than Chrono Cross, then you need your head examined.

    • Mundus

      Both were great games, albeit with different approaches in virtually every way. That doesn't mean you have to like either, just saying.

  • thebleeptruth

    Couldn't they just create a sequel or a prequel rather than just port these old games?? I'm really just not into wasting time playing a game all over again on another platform. Such as the case with FF Tactics. Even if it is my favorite game of all time, I wouldn't get it in the App Store once it's released. I'd rather play something new.

  • Anonymous

    In for a lackluster port :-/

    • Will Buckingham

      Unless they REALLY screw the pooch, they've already made a quite good port of Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS. I wouldn't be surprised if they made use of that for the base when converting to the iOS platform, and I'd happily pick it up again to have it on a portable device I carry around. The monster fighting arena section was fun, but I didn't have the DS with me that often to make use of it. I'd always have the phone, so anytime I had 5 minutes to kill, I could open it up.

  • Hamstadini

    They showed their hand too early, in my opinion. With each release comes a sale on all the Square Enix games, and while I was considering buying the Secret of Mana, I now think I'll hold off until Chrono Trigger launches.

    • Cat Astrophy

      Pretty sure you're confusing a holiday season sale with game releases.

      • Hamstadini

        Nah, I'm sure I'm right.

        Quote from Appshopper, which links to the text of iTunes:

        "Special campaign to mark the release of Secret of Mana and the end of year holidays! Square Enix games at 47-67% off for 2 weeks only!"

        And they do this every single time they release a game - take the prices down for the other games. But of course if you want to spend $9 on a fresh release, be my guest.

  • Butterbean

    Very excited about the prospect of this on the iphone! SOM was a great port, and I enjoyed playing it last night for a few hours!