It was just a few days ago that we received some new information regarding the iOS release of classic RPG Secret of Mana from the Square Enix Facebook page. While hearing any news about the game's progress is always encouraging, it was little more than a tease as they still hadn't announced a concrete release date or pricing for the highly anticipated title. Well it looks like they didn't want to keep us in suspense for too long, as Secret of Mana has finally released in the New Zealand App Store.

As with all set release dates, Secret of Mana has appeared in the NZ App Store first where the calendar has already turned to December 21st, the game's official release date. This means the game will slowly become available throughout other countries' App Stores as the world spins on its axis and other time zones can catch up. Secret of Mana should finally hit the US App Store tonight at 11pm EST, at an expected price of $8.99. Early discussion of the title is already filtering into our forums, and we'll take a closer look at Secret of Mana once we get our grubby American paws on it later tonight.

  • Pikamus

    oh my god!

  • Gabriel Rimi

    Good! Still hoping to see Legend of Mana on the AppStore... hope that's not something that impossible to happen...

  • Klouud

    I'd love to see Illusion of Gaia or Lufia 2 - played em but never finished. Chrono Trigger and/or Chrono Cross would be nice as well.

  • andrzej raczynski

    iphone only? or universal?

  • fuzef

    8.99 ?! you must be kiding... SQUAREENIX must be kiding... this is scandalous. the game is a port, there isn't much work behind since it first came out in its time, and they dare to sell it at this price ? I know many users complain when a game go beyond 0.99 but seriously, this is scandalous, all these CEO at squareenix deserve some severe slapping on the face. I hope very few people will buy this insult to the gaming history

    • Michael A. Robson

      @ calm down

      what if you're a 14 year old who's never played it?

    • Freefall

      it takes a lot of man hours to convert a finished product from one video game system to another.

    • Hellioz Dogol

      I was rather hesitated to buy this game, but after reading your comment, I've decided to buy.

      No problem for me, I'm rich!

    • Anonymous

      get a job. a company can price something however they want. there is nothing scandalous about it.

    • Jared Nelson

      Well you can buy the SNES version for $25 if that's your preference. Doesn't include the system to play it on, however.

    • Jared Nelson

      Well you can buy the SNES version for $25 if that's your preference. Doesn't include the system to play it on, however.

  • Herr Vorragend

    exactly .. as you pointed out it's a port - not the original running in an emulator. there are full touch screen controls, i.e. you touch the portrait of a character to switch to him or her, and you touch the middle of the screen for the items/spells menu. also, the graphics have been redone for the iphone resolution, it's not just interpolated from the original resolution. so your comment is true in regard of the sega remakes running emlulated, but i think 8,99 for a well done port is decent enough..

    • Jumbo Whales

      nice! i kinda feared it was emulated. but if it's really a "true" port, it's more than worth the price of admission, given the controls are workable of course.

  • thisisnotmyrealname

    I'll be waiting for the inevitable 99c sale!! Then I'll be happy!!

    • Scott Colbert

      Don't hold your breath; SE has never had a 99 cent sale.

      • Jacob Weimer

        FFI and FFII definitely sold for 99c on sale at one point; that's when I bought them.

  • Jason Flor Flook

    yup 8.99 totally worse than paying 20+ on the psp or ds

  • Sandymail_5

    Those moaning about the price must remember that ports of earlier generation titles cost the same as standard titles on NDS/PSP. So, $8.99 sounds pretty reasonable with respect to an iPhone release.

    • Richard Sanchez

      I agree. When I bought the Chrono Trigger port for the DS, it set me back about 40 dollars. $9 is perfectly reasonable for such a classic.

    • John Hood

      Day one purchase.

  • Richard Sanchez

    valid complaint, I'd say. Sigh. I'll get it anyway. It's secret of mana. It's a classic. It's my favorite 16-bit era action RPG of all time, shoulder to shoulder with A Link to the Past. Of course, if you don't have an emotional/nostalgic attachment to it, then I can see it being grotesquely pricey, yes.

  • Butterbean

    OMG I've been waiting since I saw the trailer at E3!! Exciting NEWS!! thpught we'd have to wait until next year to see this!

  • Aaron Gibralter

    I just number 3-ed in my pants.

  • emi

    It'd be nice for ipad users (not me) but 8.99 is kinda steep for iphone users. =T The Cooking Mama iphone port is $4.99 ($29.99 for NDS)....All these great releases the past week or two is breaking my bank. Waiting for it to go on sale. =p I already have more than enough games to play and not enough time!

  • life_is_pleach

    I love The Secret of Mana but please, Square Enix, give us a universal App or an iPad App. Please.

  • jon

    INSTANT purchase. Really hope they don't F up the controls.

  • Misfitskater6

    What is that stupid picture of Randi that comes up with the ring menu? I hate those stupid cartoony photos they started adding in later games, why change a classic... I'll be so pissed if they changed a bunch of other shit.

  • Guest

    its 13 dollars lol, i checked it out on the itunes link. google secret of mana itunes.

    • iMoby

      Im pretty sure you were looking at the new zealand store. Their currency when compared to ours is a bit more. 12.99 in their dollars is 8.99 in US dollars.

  • Aaron Gibralter
  • Travis Tameirao

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure after playing this for a little while that it doesn't support multiplayer ='( Multiplayer was one of the major components that made this game so great for me (Yes I do have people to play with, that also have iPods).

  • HillaryClinton

    it's Aussie $11.99 here.
    Still deciding between this and aralon...

  • Mickey Slater

    i love love love this game. any word on multiplayer support for this one?


  • Guest
  • Theruinerisin

    Anyone know if an IPad version is in the works? I want HD! Even though it's probably going to be like $15 haha