The first Infinity Blade [$5.99] update Chair Entertainment spoke about last week is coming tomorrow, according to a recent press release. As mentioned, this "booster pack" raises the game's cap to 40 to 45 courtesy of the five new swords, shields, helmets and the additional set of armor it adds. The update also adds the Marrow Fiend to the game, the first of several new enemies promised to come in later updates.

There are a couple of surprises bundled into this booster as well. One of those aforementioned helmets will be a "Santa-themed" helm. Also, Chair has added the ability to listen to your own music while playing through the game on top of several bug fixes and "optimizations."

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that this update will allow you to purchase gold in the game with real world cash. Chair PR says it's added this due to "popular demand," but something tells us the smell and taste of green was a great motivator, too. And good on them, really. Chair created a fantastic game, released it at a low price, and deserves the extra money.

However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the game's precious balance is maintained in future updates and DLC -- either paid or free -- moving forward. I'd hate not to get rewarded with as much gold as I'm accustomed to because people like to buy fake currency with real currency. Benefit of the doubt, though. Again, Chair did a bang-up job on Infinity Blade. It's one of the coolest iOS titles this year, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    So… how is the ability to purchase gold going to work out for multiplayer? What happens when my opponent decided to buy all the most expensive items using purchased gold while I'm still doing things the hard way, since I think buying fake money with real money is completely silly?

    • Trev Hero

      First, you don't know what weapons will be used in multiplayer. Second, welcome to life. Third, it's just a game. Who cares if you have to get things "the hard way". It just means you're getting you 5.99 worth out of the game Plus, you can't buy skill. Strength is nothing against someone who parry and dodge with precision..... Would you rather pay for the new helms/swords/etc? I think Chair is doing us a favor by making the actual DLC free.

    • guest

      You lose. Just like when someone buys the rarest bestest MtG or other CCG cards.

      • Cameron W.

        This game won't have nearly the same purchase power impact. Considering to earn XP you have to use the items, there won't be much advantage to buying gold. Unless the gold drop to item cost ratio gets severely screwed up, you'll still need to play the game to win.

      • Anonymous

        You can actually spend gold to instantly-master weapons/armour/etcetera in the game, instantly giving you the skill points attached to them. Essentially, buying gold will result in instant level-ups, making those people much stronger than people who haven't 'grinded out' the equipment by themselves.

        Of course, it still takes some skill to actually play the game well, but they're still getting an advantage in character stats.

        Essentially, a new player might have 2 attack (or whatever the initial value is), and someone who mastered all their items through gold might have 100 attack (or whatever the total item amount is). One's definitely gonna slaughter the other in multiplayer.

  • Trev Hero

    Is it just me, or are the cut-scenes in a different language with english subtitles?

    • Intake66

      it is supposed to be in a different language with English subtitles.

    • Stéphane

      I'm playing the game in French and it's the same thing. I think they created a made-up language and used subtitles for everyone.

  • Vinzclortho37

    I just hope the Waste Not, Want Not achievement is made less impossible. The ONLY two I haven't gotten are that one and the Level 45 one... 47 out of 49. Fingers crossed!

  • superslovak

    I can't wait any longer for this update!!! allready have more then a million in game money to buy all the new stuff!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

  • DMiles

    Awesome! I looove this game. It feels like you are playing a part in some amazing fantasy movie! So cool. And the music / sound effects in the game really add to the atmosphere so I'm not sure if I'll be using my own tunes any time soon :).

  • Mdavison99 gold!!! Is that game really that hard for some people?

  • thomas

    the only way to push the in-app sales is to make the new items very very expensive. hope that doesn't happen

  • Superslovak

    why buy gold when they give it away in the game? don't suck?

  • mike

    i dont know why anyone would buy gold.. i had this game for a day and got to lv 40 and have like 1million+ gold saved up.

  • mike

    i dont know why anyone would buy gold.. i had this game for a day and got to lv 40 and have like 1million+ gold saved up.

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  • Brad B

    Instead of buying gold how about not sucking, this game is rediculously easy.

  • Anonymous

    There will always be suckers out there who are easily parted with their money.