Remember way back in July when we came across some poorly translated information that hinted at Yoot Saito's Yoot Tower/The Tower II coming to the iPad? And remember the following month when that game, which was now known as The Tower, was released in the Japanese App Store only, much to the disappointment of gamers in other countries? And finally, do you remember just last week when we posted that The Tower would be renamed Yoot Tower for its US release but most likely would not make it out before the end of the year? All of these wonderful memories have brought us to the point we are at right now: the English version of Yoot Tower for iPad has finally made its way into the US App Store.

If you're still feeling kind of lost, Yoot Saito is an innovative Japanese game designer who created SimTower back in 1994, a simulation game similar to SimCity in that you had to manage different resources and expansion, but instead of building a sprawling metropolis you built a structure vertically into the sky. The sequel to SimTower that arrived a few years later, called Yoot Tower, is what the iPad version is based off of. A brief description from our post last week:

Yoot Tower is a simulation joint that plays like a vertical take on Sim City. In the game, you'll play as a building manager with a mission to build a massive tower. This tower, however, won't just be filled with bricks, iron, and cement. No, it'll also house people — residents and workers and the like — who all have individual stress levels and needs. Negotiating these needs, while continuing to build your tower and placing desire facilities, composes the core of a game. So, like a good sim, Yoot Tower appears to have quite the interesting juggling act between you and outside forces.

And here is a brief gameplay demo from July of the Japanese version of The Tower running on the iPad:

So it seems that we were wrong in assuming that there would be no way Yoot Tower would be approved in time for the holidays, despite its submission date and the impending App Store lockdown next week. I think it goes without saying, though, that we are overjoyed to have been incorrect about that. Head on over to the Yoot Tower forum thread for some discussion on the game, and we'll be bringing you a full review just as soon as we've put it through its paces.

  • Dalurkersteve

    I used to love Sim Tower back as a kid! Excited to get my hands on this. This is basically the same game as Sim tower? If not how does it differ?

    • Anonymous

      It's the sequel. More stuff, different building locations.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Bah I would love to play a game like this but I only play app store games on the go which is what my iPhone is for...

  • jmelrose

    I loved SimTower and, later, Yoot Tower. This will be great. Can't believe it made it to the store already! Fantastic! Time to sync and check it out.

  • Anonymous
  • John Dickerson

    Dear Santa,

    Please make a iPhone version of Yoot Tower.

  • spiffyone

    Would love an iPhone/iPod touch version of this.

    Also, in addition to SimTower, Yoot Saito is the genius behind games like Seaman (Dreamcast) and Odama (Gamecube), which were both so very strangely Japanese in "feel". I would LOVE for follow-ups to those two games to be released on iOS. I STILL play Seaman on my DC because it is the wackiest friggin' virtual pet sim ever. And I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Odama.

  • Tom Bentley

    Wow, looking at the graphics in the forum thread, they look essentially the same as they did in SimTower, for which I wrote the Maxis manual many years ago. I wonder if the miracle that happens in the cathedral is the same scene too. And the endless sound of elevator doors opening and closing...

    But it was fun!

  • CEOman

    iPhone version please

  • Alex

    Does anyone know how to bulldoze or delete?

  • Kamblad

    Looking for a game with the same kind of gameplay for iPhone. Something to casually build away in. Already have Eden, but that is too free at the moment. Want to build within some restraints. Any ideas? Yoot Tower for the iPhone would be awesome later on.

  • Jhu

    hey alex to budoze triple tap the part to be buldozed