If you are one of the many people who thought that Real Racing 2 had stolen all of Firemint's time and they were no longer focused on delivering the promised Real Racing [$4.99] multiplayer update, you'd be right, to some extent-- As it's already completed, and in Apple's hands awaiting approval. The flurry of excitement this morning that resulted from the flood of new information on the game's sequel seemed to cause everyone to miss the following tweet by Firemint:

Now, it's really hard to say when this update will land in our greasy little hands. We've heard from several developers that the cutoff for approvals before the Christmas iTunes Connect freeze was anywhere between Thanksgiving to the 1st of December, but this is Firemint we're talking about here. It wouldn't really surprise me if the update wasn't approved until after the holidays, but at the same time, it also wouldn't surprise me to find out that Firemint has a direct line (read: bat phone) to the person responsible at Apple for pulling the massive lever labeled "approve" inside their Cupertino fortress.

I wish I had more details than what has already been revealed, but I mostly just wanted to raise awareness of the impending update. I've got my fingers crossed it drops soon, as I can't think of much reason to invest much time in playing Real Racing 1 online if the update appears after the release of Real Racing 2. 4 players hardly seems that exciting anymore in the shadow of massive 16 player online races.

  • http://twitter.com/1Varo Novaro

    Well I know who won't be using it if it comes after the 16th )

  • nizy

    Well the 1 thing that would entice me to play it even after RR2 is if they added achievements to do with online play.

  • Capone

    I don't own Real Racing, but I respect Firemint for updating their games in such an awesome way. Adding Online Multiplayer to a game that gets a sequel in a few days is just insane in a positive way. Eat that, Gameloft!

  • http://gerardodiaz.com Gerardo Díaz

    This is awesome! This is one of the games that offers the best value for the money on the appstore for the great updates it has gotten for more than a year.

  • Lukwtwz


    They've a trained a cybernetic hamster from their robotics division to pull that lever without the slighest consultation.