Alright Street Fighter fans, you've spoken loud and clear and Capcom has heeded your cries. Last month, we posted about the latest update to Street Fighter IV [$9.99] for iPhone. In this update, a brand new multiplayer mode was added that will auto-connect players into a match via Bluetooth if they are within range of each other. Also, two new playable characters were added to the roster of fighters, Sagat and Dee Jay. This is nothing new by now, as Street Fighter IV has been one of the most well supported titles in the App Store with a ton of new content and characters added in updates since the game was initially released last March.

Something was different about this last update though. Sagat was available right out of the gate, but in order to unlock Dee Jay one would have had to engage in 3 Bluetooth multiplayer matches with another device owner who also had the game. This made sense from the developer's perspective, as they had just come out with an interesting new multiplayer mode and would like to entice players to check it out by rewarding them with a character for doing so. The problem though is that many players in our forums and elsewhere didn't know anybody else with an iOS device, or if they did those people weren't avid gamers who owned a copy of Street Fighter IV. This left people frustrated as they had no way of unlocking Dee Jay, unless they happened to own multiple devices and could play versus matches against themselves (which is exactly how I ended up unlocking him).

Well, this is a problem no more, as the update released earlier today addresses this issue by allowing Dee Jay to be unlocked by beating Tournament Mode with every character or by the 3 versus matches requirement. Now, this isn't exactly a cake walk either, as it will take a significant amount of time to work through Tournament Mode with everyone. And I know what you're thinking, you clever player - that you will just change the round count to 1 to speed up the process. But not so fast, as Capcom figured you would try some shenanigans like that and requires that you keep the round count at 3 in order to unlock Dee Jay. At any rate, it's nice to know that even if it takes a little effort, you can now play as Dee Jay without relying on interacting with other human beings. If you have yet to unlock Dee Jay, make sure to grab the latest update for Street Fighter IV and hop into Tournament Mode to get started.

  • Владимир Онищенко

    nice game

  • Mmandich

    screw those devs for requiring people to know other people in order to access deejay. whatevers

  • derp

    ...I hope I don't have to beat every tournament mode again to unlock him o_o

    Because I already did that out of boredom.

  • Nemukah

    Capcom are the kings of getting blood out of a stone and prolonging the lifespan of their games by coming up with stupid ideas..... would be worth getting if the bothered to try and make a wifi VS mode, more people would play it then.

  • Robotron2084


    They should just make DeeJay available without any hassles. It's not like the game has a huge roster. Silly annoying Capcom.

  • E_Domina

    It's not that i don't have friends with ios devices. they're just not willing to spend $10 on a game they never heard of

    • Nemukah

      Ummm what? never heard of street fighter.....



  • muthafukayoudontknowme

    how stupid..

  • Trambottic

    iPad update would be nice

  • Timbojill

    Last month I updated my Street Fight IV app which included the Dejay and sagat update. When I first started to play it said to play as dejay you had to play three multiplayer battles to unlock him. Which I could not. In that month I beat tournament mode with every player on the rooster except Deejay who at the time was locked. Then last week I got the new update that stated if you beat the game in tournament mode with every player in the rooster that you will unlock Deejay. What a waste of time that appearently the game those not keep track.