We've been following Chair's Infinity Blade [$5.99] like a hawk since we first caught wind of the game at the Apple Keynote. Through various interviews, trailers, screenshots, and other snippets of information, the hype surrounding Infinity Blade's release couldn't possibly be more intense. For what it is, it's an absolutely fantastic gesture-based fighting game that has without a doubt the best graphics we've seen so far on an iOS device. However, for all that it is, there are also many things that it's not.

The game opens with a cut scene with your character ascending the castle to come face to face with the God King. In a cryptic foreign language decoded with subtitles, they chat back and forth for a bit before the God King dispatches his guard to fight you. This begins a brief tutorial which ultimately ends in the God King slamming his Infinity Blade straight through your gut, draining your essence, and powering up the God King even further. This begins the infinite loop that is Infinity Blade, as 20 years later, your successor stands staring the very same castle in the face.

Navigating the castle is all done via a point and click interface, where you tap pulsating circles, watch a brief cinematic animation, and wind up where you tapped. At each stop you can look around, but you can never move anywhere but to the next waypoint. When an enemy appears, you can inspect them with a button in the bottom right corner of the screen, or tap them to fight them, which is when the real fun begins.

Infinity Blade is a game of technique more than anything else. Looking at the combat at its most basic level, you're able to swing your sword by swiping, block by tapping the block button in the bottom center of the screen, or dodge either direction by tapping the bottom right or left sides of the screen. Sure, you can randomly block, dodge, and swing wildly, but doing well really involves putting all these moves together to avoid taking any damage while dishing as much out as you can.

My favorite part of the combat system is parrying. When fighting enemies, you're able to parry attacks by swinging your sword in the direction to collide with the incoming strike. It's not that simple though, as different enemies all have different attack speeds, as well as different attacks which might be faster or slower. An immense amount of timing is required to successfully parry, especially as you progress in the game. For instance, you might be fighting an enemy who is winding up a slow but extremely powerful attack. If you swing your sword too soon, you'll just scratch the enemy. Too late, and you'll have already taken it to the face. Dodging works much the same way.

The truly neat part of all this is just how well the animation of your character translates to each swipe on the screen. If you swipe right, your character swings right, swipe left, and he swings left, and so on. What you begin to realize once you get farther in to the game is just how exact and deliberate each swipe needs to be. There isn't any way to cancel your current swing once you swipe on the screen, so swiping in the wrong direction or at the wrong time can leave you open for attack for the entire duration of the swing animation. It all works incredibly well, and is just ridiculously cool once you begin to grasp these kind of nuances.

Once you successfully progress through the castle, which will likely only take you around a half hour of solid play, you'll be face to face with the God King again. It seems like with perfect technique, beating the God King might be possible on your first play through, but it seems far outside my ability. Inevitably, you will die, which just like the beginning of the game leads to your essence being sucked out. Thankfully, the God King is a good sport, and seemingly allows your next of kin to retrieve your corpse, all your gear, and any experience you've accumulated.

After that, the next bloodline begins, with the successor of the previous victim of the God King overlooking the castle ready to try again. Why the God King keeps giving your loot to your predecessor and why your family doesn't just decide that killing God Kings just isn't for them isn't ever explained. If you don't kill the God King, you can send generation after generation of your bloodline to their death. Maybe I'm too much of a pacifist, but if I had heard that my great grandpa, my grandpa, and my Dad were all killed by the same God King, I'd explore a career in something other than revenge, but I digress.

The way the equipment, experience, and magic system works in Infinity Blade is awesome. You earn experience through items, and as you fight, items are filled with experience until they're mastered. For example, you buy a new sword from the in-game store with your gold coins that looks really cool. That sword has its own experience bar, and it gains a bit of experience after each battle. Any experience it earns, you also earn, and your character also has his own experience bar for leveling up. Once you fight enough with that sword to fill its experience bar, you master it. Mastered items provide an additional bonus, with the drawback that you can no longer gain experience through that item.

This requires you to balance your equipment load-out based on several factors. Obviously, experience is required to level up your character. Using all mastered items, or more than a few, flat-out stops or greatly reduces the amount of experience you're able to earn. If you've got a difficult battle coming up, you could equip all your mastered items to be more effective, but you'd be sacrificing all the experience you'd earn from the fight. Additionally, items have elemental properties to them for casting magic spells such as a fire spell, a lightning spell, and more. These are executed by tapping an icon when it's ready in the top right corner of the screen, then drawing the spell's gesture on the screen.

The equipment system adds a really great element of replay value to the game. While the looping nature of the game is a little silly, the RPG-loving experience bar filling side of me absolutely loves how you're constantly cycling new gear, leveling that gear up, and equipping something new. With each play through as your strength increases, so do the enemies you're fighting, and the rewards you're given.

If you were expecting Infinity Blade to be some massive open-world RPG and any number of other things I've seen people on our forums suggesting, you're going to be sorely disappointed. If all you were looking for is a fighting game with a really cool input method that fits perfectly with iOS devices, you're going to be in for a treat. The RPG elements are very light, but the fighting is solid, and the graphics are the best we've seen so far on the App Store. Infinity Blade is universal, and seems to play equally well on both the small screen of the iPhone and the big screen of the iPad. I cannot stress enough just how great the graphics in this game are. The bar has been raised, and anyone with a device capable of running the game needs to download Infinity Blade to see what the iOS platform is capable of.

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  • thebleeptruth

    Oh yeah!! The most anticipated game in the history of iOS gaming is here! Buying this one this weekend. So excited! I just hope there are lots and lots of enemies and that multiplayer over game center is well executed. I'm thinking they could probably also incorporate this gameplay especially the fighting system in a medieval japan period where you play a ronin. Sword fighting similar to Inifinity Blade could be amazing between samurais too! Love the price by the way!!!

    • Peter

      dont bother. its a let down and a half. a 30 minute game on a loop. it just goes to show that marketing has really taken over the world of gaming. ive been hearing about thia "epic" for months. drooling and such just to be let down. the 30 mins are fun for sure, but its strictly for idiots obsessed with levelling up with no concern for content and or story line.

      • Jianboren

        You've totally missed the point of the game. It's all about the fight and the user's ability to learn and better their technique. It's not a button jammer or an epic story. It's just kick-@$$ 1-on-1 boss fights!

        Try it again.

      • Anon

        Have you ever played "Shadow of the Colossus" on PS2? It has a very, very thin plot and no character development, yet it makes up for that in gameplay.

        You basically fight different colossi with different strategies, one after the other (I think there are about 9 of them), to save a woman. It kind of has a back story (only very slightly, but it isn't even told to you: you have to divulge it from one short cinematic).

        I can't even if remember if you can unlock different weapons in it (at least not until you do something similar to "new game +").

        But, like I said, the gameplay is freaking fun.

  • ColeDaddy

    Incredible graphics. Epic settings. Instant classic.

  • Anonymous

    How long does the game take to complete?

    • Newhorizonst

      That's not the point of the game! There will be no end for those who really get the gist of the game (at least until they've Mastered all the equipment that is....)

  • RussiaOne

    I'm at the God King now and I can say without hesitation that the thirty-so minutes it took to get to him is worth the price of admission, alone. Think of this as a medieval fantasy fighting game with stupendous awe-inspiring graphics and you won't find anything better than this on the app store. it's absolutely phenomenal.

  • Trev Hero

    Hey, I've been playing it so far, and I really enjoy it.

    I have one question though, how do you "drain" mastered equipment?

    • JCGaga

      You don't...as far as I know, it just means you've fully drained it and it increases its resale value. Just move on to better equipment.

      • Trev Hero

        ok, I've figured it out now thanks

  • Smegley

    This seems like one of those games that everyone buys for the hype and then stops playing after a couple of days. You know, like Rolando 2 etc.

    • RussiaOne

      I don't know... I'm still playing Rage Mutant Bash and Street Fighter 4 and Reckless Racing and Call of Duty and Harry Potter and...

      • Anonymous

        Someone's easily pleased.

      • Anonymous

        No someone likes playing games, you sound a bit jaded.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, like I said. Easily pleased. Wii Sports Resort is thataway --->

      • Red

        No, you said "easily pleased." He said you are "jaded". It's not like you said.

      • Anonymous

        No, I said "easily pleased". He said they "like playing games". It's like I said.

      • Sfsf

        You sound like fun to hang out with.

      • Jianboren

        you all sound like retards arguing semantics.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it's fantastic, and all of the games are worth playing.

    • http://twitter.com/Ax23000 Matt Lindquist

      Actually I've found it pretty addicting so far. I think it will probably hold my attention at least until I've defeated the God King. After that I'm less sure, but by that point I will have gotten my 7 bucks out of the game so it's all good.

      • Ajerio

        I have defeated the god king at level 13, and it is still fun. I think the goal is to get the best of everything

  • GB

    Sounds like pretty graphics and 'play once' gameplay. At least Angry Birds gets new levels.

    • Jonas

      Infinity Blade will as well.

    • Jonas

      Infinity Blade will as well.

    • swarmster


      "We'll be able to explore the castle for loot in between battles, and while we knew there was going to be free post-launch updates, I don't think anyone expected the amount that they're planning which Donald Mustard is describing as "like a constant stream of free content," citing games like Pocket God and Doodle Jump as examples of how well updating works."


      • http://twitter.com/diego_rispo Diego Rispo


  • tsharpfilm

    I can't believe this game actually lived up to the hype. It's incredible.

  • Hfidek

    whats up with the price??? now its 7.99

    • Jianboren

      better than Chaos Rings (12.99). Great Game, but way too expensive for an iphone app.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else buying like the last 4 games posted on TA?

  • swarmster

    Can't wait to pick this up when I have some more time later in the week.

    But a couple questions: If I start playing at home on my iPad, can I pick up where I left off when I go out with my iPhone? Can I let multiple people play their own campaigns?

    If IB's heralding the new generation of iOS games, can we start requesting/expecting some new generation usability features?

  • JCGaga

    iPhone games have surely come a long way since the app store's infancy just a mere 2 years ago.

  • Aaron

    Hm, was a lot of fun. But trying to play the game after a break and it won't reload :/

    • vimy

      y7ou probably have a RAM - memory issue,
      try turning your phone off and then on again

    • vimy

      y7ou probably have a RAM - memory issue,
      try turning your phone off and then on again

  • Nemukah

    Fantastic little game, it's not as big as i hoped it would be, and very quick to get to the god king, but he will hand your ass to you, so their will be a lot of play throughs but you do not have to take the same path each time to get to him and it's a good quick pick up and play game.

    This game reminds me a lot of what demon souls is like, a big learning curve so you need to learn to play the game as their is no room for mistakes in harder fights.

    P.S. take the time to look around the enviroment because it is stunning for the iOS

    • http://twitter.com/Ax23000 Matt Lindquist

      Heh, glad I'm not the only one reminded of Demon's Souls. This game actually made me want to go play it again...

    • lildragn

      First thing I thought when I booted it up... bloody love Demon Souls and this is just a beautiful extension of that formula 🙂

  • Jojokaizer

    game is fun, but a little too simple.... just upgrade strength as a main stat and you win! you really don't need any other stats at all.

    • Anonymous

      That's kind of a dangerous way to play, you do know a constant cycle of updates much harder than the god king are coming don't you?

      The little story we get in this chunk directly suggests that he's just one of many deathless creatures, it also seems like he's only a deathless because he found the infinity blade so the others are probably waaaay tougher than him.

  • Anonymous

    I think saying "'Infinity Blade' Review – It Doesn't Get Much More "Must-Have" Than This" in the title is a bit to much for this game. I think the hype got a little too much for the title creator.

    It's a good game, but you're basically going through the same scant few places over and over and over...and over...you get the hint...and over again throughout the entire game, you're supposed to die then repeat the game. More enemy variations would be nice, but the combat is rock solid. It doesn't feel like a full fledged console game, more like a beefed up pick up and play fighter with rpg elements and amazing graphics.

    Still good, but if this game is a game that shows it doesn't get more "must have" than this on iOS devices, then the future of iOS games will be stale.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=599360859 Stephen Middlehurst

      Sorry but totally disagree with your last sentence. Playing through this reminded me of a time (now long gone and with many additional inches on my waist line since) when I discovered Street Fighter 2 in the arcade. Only a few characters, short games and one of the most more-ish experiences in gaming history. Nothing wrong with that at all and, with a load of updates planned, more to come.

      It's certainly a must have game if, and this should go without saying, you like the sort of game on offer. If a game is rated 10/10 in every single review it gets yet its a style that you don't like then it's probably not going to be a must have for you.

      Very odd feeling playing this as not only is it a good game but it's a massive look into the future of the mobile gaming space. Graphics that are easily as good as anything on the current portable platforms, really interesting and solid touchscreen controls and updates to keep people interested. If this is what the future holds Sony and Nintendo might just be looking over their shoulders.

    • Anonymous

      Bootup the game and click the coming soon button. A huge slew of updates is planned to keep the game fresh for a good long while so don't think this is the full game they envisioned because it's not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503776641 Matthew Winkworth

      Well, to be pedantic and semantic, surely the expression "Must-Have" can only ever mean desirable at this precise point in time. It doesn't rule out what will be "Must-Have" in the future, or imply that it's the zenith of all things ever. This game has had *so* much hype I would agree that amongst its contemporaries "It Doesn't Get Much More Must-Have"...

      • http://www.facebook.com/clark.moreland Clark Russell Moreland

        The gameplay is fantastic in my opinion!
        Also, the story is ongoing. If you would READ the app description on the app store you would see that future updates are going to bring new areas and characters, and thus, more to the story.

        EDIT: Sorry. This reply was meant for the comment below me. (from Paul Toderas) vvv

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730231065 Paul Toderas


    - amazing graphics
    - character sheet


    - FPS drops, like omg
    - Rail
    - Extremely boring gameplay...
    - Shallow story

    Verdict : Tech demo. Enough said.

    • http://twitter.com/Ax23000 Matt Lindquist

      I do agree with the FPS dropping complaint, but I have to take exception with some of your other complaints.

      1)Rail - It's a FIGHTING game. They tend to go on rails.

      2)Extremely boring gameplay - Well, this is your opinion so I can't discount it out of hand, but I will say that for me the gameplay is fantastic and at times frantic. The leveling system is excellent and encourages the player to try out all the equipment and the fighting is very nicely done, requiring careful defensive play to be successful--especially once you've gone through it several times.

      3)Shallow Story - Again, I come back to the fact that it's a fighting game. Hardly a genre known for fantastic storytelling. Actually though I really enjoy the atmosphere and world of this game. While it has little in the way of narrative, it does a fantastic job creating mood and a sense of place.

      • Noname

        "Hardly a genre known for fantastic storytelling."

        If this was a straightforward battle arena no one would complain about depth of story, so I think what's happening here is that you *really* desire to peek beyond more doors in the game, because you are actually allowed to open *some* doors. Give us players a finger and we'll want the whole hand 😉

      • http://lapsusmental.wordpress.com Lapsus Mental

        Thing is that I've heard so many times it's an action RPG while IMO it isn't.
        I'd rather watch a walk-through on youtube, seriously, it's too expensive for what cheaper games offer.

        It sure is graphically stunning and well designed. The combat system is awesome, but you can't walk and explore the castle, that's not true at all.

        It's as if they had gone coding in a rush and didn't really think what would make it a GREAT game apart of the graphics, design and combat system.

    • GiHubb

      I agree 100%!
      The graphics are indeed amazing on the iPhone4. It looks much better than PS2 games even. But as for the gameplay... meh. Tech demo indeed.

    • Anonymous

      This is the first sliver of the story and clearly you didn't pick up on the hints to something much larger going on. The god king isn't the strongest being out there, beating him is apparently where the story starts not ends.

  • Akira01


    - amazing graphics
    - character sheet
    - customization
    - deep and simple gameplay
    - very clever background for a fighting game

    - amazing graphics (yep, one more time 😉 )


    - not enough monsters
    - no multiplayer

    Verdict: very solid and innovative game. Enough said

  • Barry

    Someone said in the UK store, that the voice acting and subtitles don't work if your iPhone is set to British English

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=599360859 Stephen Middlehurst

      Working fine for me on both iPhone 4 and iPad.

    • Ayebaj

      Actually I'm having kind of a simliar problem. There's voice acting in this? I have an iPhone 4 and for some reason the subtitles wiz by and I'm completely unable to read them. Any reason why this might happen? I'm in the U.S.

  • Drew

    well so far i find it a little repative and more like a rythem game with an rpg skin, but the main reason for geting this is the multiplayer so ill hold fire on my views till thats updated.

    also nothing kills a gaming exspirance quicker for me then being on rails, i played rage for 2 hours before being done with it i feel this maybe the same.

    looks like ill just have to wait for sword and shadow 🙂

  • Mike

    how long can you play this game?

  • http://twitter.com/ChronicStar Chronic☆

    this game more like demo~
    i think Dungeon Hunter 2、Queen's Crown、Crimson Gem Saga and even Eternal Legacy better than this !!

  • Wowyeah

    Don't get me wrong, this game is fun and I don't regret buying it but I'd like it a lot better if was more interactive outside of the battles. Just touching a flashing circle and then watching a cutscene kills the immersion a bit. Plus the environments are so beautiful, why won't the devs let us explore them?

    Also, just as I had initially suspected, this isn't really a "full-fledged" hardcore game. It's a very limited casual game with high production values. I mean, the combat is really fun, especially in the later bloodlines when swiping away wildly isn't enough to win anymore, but it just begs to embedded into a bigger, more substantial game.

    • Noname

      I would have loved to be able to go into some more rooms, see different scenery and stuff. I'm not talking about a huge free roaming world where you can open every door. Just the ability to at least have a dozen or two really different rooms and very different enemies, and a few more pathways where I am offered two choices to go. The enemies could also vary from the "strong and hulky" pattern, a bit more diverse in their appearance and attacks.

      Actually, when I started playing I expected this to be the case, to have at least a few dozen different settings and places to go through -- when they released the tech demo Epic Citadel a while ago, it was possible to walk in a very diverse setting. Now the castle feels kind of flat.

      I hope this lovely game with a great focus on fight playability is the taste of more to come. The fighting and stacking up on character points is pretty addictive. Imagine how great this game would be if they'd throw a cool story into it with lots of surprising scenery!

  • http://twitter.com/turimblar turimblar

    Is the language supposed to be spoken English at the beginning of this game?
    It sounds hmm... Spanish, perhaps!

    How to change this. My settings on my iPhone 4 is English.

    • Noname

      I figured it's meant to be fantasy language, i.e.nothing at all (it was mildly Russian sounding to me). Side-benefit: the game makers would only need to translate a short text file, which can be done easily with some budget, and no voice actors for other countries would be needed. Then again some words were, like "Padre" for father were also clearly real-world languages. Could be it's a mish mash, or I just set my iPad wrongly 🙂

      • http://twitter.com/turimblar turimblar

        Yea, I think you´re right! I read it someplace else too – guess I have to get playin´ then 🙂
        And thanks for replying!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    Even though this is not my type of game I must say that I enjoy every single minute of it.
    I even like the repetition factor of the game. The idea that a generation of warriors fights the same bad guys and the child fights the guys that his father fought resonates with me quite well. They go to the same place their ancestors went they deal with the same problems they did. And the fact that you fight the same guy over and over again accentuates even more the evilness and the everlasting nature of the main bad guy.
    I understand that it's a way to mask the length of the game but it works extremely well conceptually wise. So I don't mind at all.
    The fighting mechanic is extremely well done and I can say the same thing about atmosphere.
    All in all I'm enjoying the game a lot not only for the graphics but as a whole experience.
    Well done!!

    • IronSam

      I agree dude! I prefer more rooms and enemies but we have to wait till the ''coming soon''... session (hope really soon)... Also because of the beautiful landscapes sometimes i wish i could move free to observe more stuff but it's OK... But as for the story i agree... It 's quite clever to find this way to keep this game ''possible'' enough for an i OS device and not for PS3 (as for the size and the specs).

      • IronSam

        Also, did you try it to iPad? lol

      • Chris

        It looks like crap. The bloom lighting is gone which erases like 90% of the detail in the armor and enemies, making things look terrible. Textures are flatter than ever as well. Very disseminated considering the iPad is more powerful than the new ipods

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jimmy-TheFish/100000139595167 Jimmy TheFish

        No its not the graphics chip in the ipad is the same as the one in the iphone 3G but has five times as much pixels area to fill. Meaning its slower, you got tricked BRO

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    Even though this is not my type of game I must say that I enjoy every single minute of it.
    I even like the repetition factor of the game. The idea that a generation of warriors fights the same bad guys and the child fights the guys that his father fought resonates with me quite well. They go to the same place their ancestors went they deal with the same problems they did. And the fact that you fight the same guy over and over again accentuates even more the evilness and the everlasting nature of the main bad guy.
    I understand that it's a way to mask the length of the game but it works extremely well conceptually wise. So I don't mind at all.
    The fighting mechanic is extremely well done and I can say the same thing about atmosphere.
    All in all I'm enjoying the game a lot not only for the graphics but as a whole experience.
    Well done!!

  • Anonymous

    Does it work on iPod Touch 3GS? Or only 4? If so, lame.

  • Anonymous

    Silky smooth here, on both iPhone 4 and iPad.

    Does anyone know what the pink bottles are and how to use them?? I'm guessing they're health?

    • http://svandragt.myopenid.com/ Freefall

      click on the bottom left corner in between fights to use the purple bottles to restore health

  • Philipp Lenssen

    Can someone please give some tips or point to a tutorial for the fights? For instance, how exactly do I parry? I understand one needs to move with the sword direction of the attack, but I'm not sure I master that yet, how exactly does that work?

  • http://twitter.com/johnhood John Hood

    Downloading now. That is all.

  • Frank

    It's like a combination of Myth and Mike Tyson's Punch Out... but not in a good way. I played it for a little while. I'm bored with it now.

    • laughing gas

      haha 🙂

  • jamie oliver

    Its just another demo. Its so boring! Nothing great about exept the fantastic graphics. Im disappointed. I knew it was a fighting game but hey: there is no story its allways the same, i can buy new weapons anywhere i am? How stupid is that.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently loads of people played this game and thought that killing the god king was the only goal and that the castle was too small. Did none of you read about the endless chain of updates planned for this game? How about the coming soon tab in the game the directly states it's going to add more land mass to explore?

    After a few months I expect we'll be knee deep in updates and this game (like streetfighter 4) will be a much bigger game and this launch chunk will be long forgotten.

    • Smegley

      All well and good, but the only valid thing to evaluate a game on is what it offers 'now', not promises of what could come in the future. After all, you have to pay your money now.

    • Smegley

      All well and good, but the only valid thing to evaluate a game on is what it offers 'now', not promises of what could come in the future. After all, you have to pay your money now.

      • Anonymous

        True enough ,but when it's telling you right there in the menu that more environments,equipment and foes are coming shortly that should be factored in.

        This game is apparently designed to come at us in waves on a fairly regular basis so soon enough it will be teeming with content. I think overall epic has noticed the same thing capcom did, that games that have something substantial to offer in later updates get constant attention from apple which translates into sales.

        I personally like this starting area and by the time I've grinded out a set of gear I'm proud of the first update will probably be releasing.

  • x999x

    I absolutely hate "on-rails" games, and only bought Rage to support id and cross my fingers they don't screw up quake. However, Infinity Blade's rails are completely tolerable, and, I like it as it is. The pseudo freedom of picking alternate paths, progressing when you want to and not being forced, as well as free-looking around for bonuses works extremely well.

    Lastly, the reaction based gameplay is top notch, and the gear/bloodline/achievements will keep me coming back for more. I'm thoroughly surprised by this game, and happy in my purchase.

  • Dave

    looks awesome, but boring game play. Feels more like I'm playing Dragons Lair than a fighting game

    • Anonymous

      You should try parrying not just dodging. The dodging is fairly straightforward (although punishing when you get it wrong.) but the parrying is a really fun mechanic that takes kore than just button pushing, you gotta time your swipes perfectly.

  • Chris

    Its a great game on iPod but only iPod. The iPad version is terrible. Dumb down textures with no bloom or specular lighting makes everything on your character look flat and fake. Very disappointed in the iPad port.

  • Chris

    Its a great game on iPod but only iPod. The iPad version is terrible. Dumb down textures with no bloom or specular lighting makes everything on your character look flat and fake. Very disappointed in the iPad port.

  • neveruary32nd

    The whole game with all these camera angles is just a "look-how-awesome-our-game-and-its-graphics-are"-fuckery!
    I finished playing it in 20 minutes...
    7 Bucks for 20 minutes?!

    • Ryan

      You killed the God King in 20 minutes?

      • Anonymous

        He played through once and now thinks he's beaten it. Awh bless.

  • L Chang

    A tedious game. The whole thing feels like a tutorial for a larger, more expansive experience. Once i had died at he hands of the God King i thought the game would start proper but instead you're dumped at the start and asked to do the exact same thing again. The much vaunted graphics and presentation actually serve to hinder the game as they slow down the actual focus of the game; the battles. Ultimately a game made by people hell-bent on whether they could rather than if they should.

  • muthafukaFUKyouyoudontknowme

    doesn't look like a big deal...

  • Jesta106

    I beg to differ. While the game does make you go through tedious areas of the game, the battles are fun and gets much more difficult. I'm from New Zealand and bought the game at 00 01 Thursday 9 Dec and I have no regrets. From the updates you will get weapons, armor, enemies and new areas to explore and that is just top notch! Well done ChAIR for not just making this a pretty looker.

  • BlindsideDork

    I want to preface with this that I enjoy the game and don't regret buying it. I'm already on Bloodline 4 as well. But I must say...I find it hard to call this a game. I am reminded of the Prince of Persia "game" from 2008 that was not much more than an interactive DVD (played half the game with one hand). This game just feels like I am not doing much and not being able to attack really hammers that in it for me.

    Before you jump at me, you can parry respond to attacks but you can't actually initiate the attack despite the fact that you are storming/attacking the castle!

    Whatever, this APP is pretty and fun, I'll probably play a few more bloodlines.

  • zachawry

    Calling an individual a "bloodline" is like calling a single bird a "flock."

    I realize you probably have to drop out of 8th grade and spend 10 years coding to work on a game this cool, but they should run it by someone who has at least graduated high-school before releasing it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    I nearly finished it at bloodline 4. I was nearly there but right at the last moment I was dealt a huge hit and lost! Damn!! But I finished him off in bloodline 5. YES!!!
    The final battle is epic to say the least and it has some really nice twists at the end.
    Extremely well done game and it's certainly not a 20 minute fare.
    Congratulations to everyone involved in the creation of the game.

    • iamawesome25

      the god king gains 50 levels each time you beat him. i beat him at level 100 and i was level 26 but he kicked my ass at 150 when i was level 28

  • Xiao Long Gui

    Absolutely retarded game.
    No variety, no story, 1 stupid rail-like location consisting of like 6 big "rooms", same boring enemies, zero satisfaction from character development, overall extremely repetitive and boring game.
    Nothing more than utter disappointment and wasted money.

  • Hbn46

    I went through and beat him on bloodline 7. With top everything except The IB. Pretty good.


    What I don't get is the end. If they had that technology why didn't the "hero" just RPG the castle?

    • Hbn46

      Or nuke it or do something from very farrrrrr away that kills the godking?

  • Iamawesome25

    beat it on my 5th bloodline too easy

    • iamawesome25

      when the god king is lvl 150 he is a badass

  • Grecsi91

    I've reached the lvl 40! I think this is the maximum that you can reach, cause I mastered every item, sword etc, even the Infinity blade, and I cant get more xp. Now I'm on the 19 bloodline, and this game will never get boring !

  • http://www.farango.com/ r4i sdhc

    I can not wait for future content updates as Infinity Blade can only revolutionize the RPG games ever touch-based platform, because it is the innovative use touch gestures, like to attack and cast magic.

Infinity Blade Reviewed by Eli Hodapp on . Rating: 5