The long-awaited Universal update for Carcassonne [$4.99] is going to be submitted to Apple for approval on December 7, developer The Coding Monkeys has announced. And as the studio declared months ago, the price of the App will raise alongside with this release. With the onslaught of submissions, it's hard to say when it will actually be approved, but we've got our fingers crossed we'll see it before the holidays.

Currently, the game is setting at $4.99, a veritable steal considering the depth and quality of the German board game turned touch screen App, but soon it'll be hiked to $9.99 on the US store. It almost goes without saying, but if you've been planning on making a purchase, grab it now it at its regular, non-Universal App price. Save some cash for some other games and Christmas gifts, eh?

The Coding Monkeys has shown off the enhanced UI for the iPad version of the game before. Built from the ground up for the larger screen, Carcassonne on the iPad looks and sounds like a faithful port. We'll give it a go both privately and with friends just to make sure, but the developer has yet to let us down, so there's no reason to think it'll stink up the place.

On a related note, following this release, the creators will now start to focus on updates and add-on packs for the game. Give us "Inns & Cathedrals," first please! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    And once again the iTunes store shafts my attempts to gift this to my friends before the price increase by refusing to accept my billing info for gifts. /Sigh

    So sorry friends! you're outta luck, I am however very excited to get the iPad version!

    Here's hoping for The River, and King and Scout.

  • Matthew Winkworth

    Hoorah! Let's hope that the expansions don't take toooo long to be released. Not to be ungrateful, I'm just really looking forward to it..! Inns & Cathedrals or Traders & Builders get my vote. I guess they'll be released roughly in their original release order..?

  • walmo

    So do iPad-Owners that have the current version also have to pay again? I bought the iPhone-version because they said in the description there would be a free upgrade for iPad-Users to the new version. What a letdown...

    • Anonymous

      "The long-awaited Universal update for Carcassonne [$4.99] is going to be submitted to Apple for approval on December 7"

      Keywords from the first sentence in the article. 'Universal' & 'update'

  • Peter Marquardt

    No, the price increases, but the app you already have on your iPhone will just be improved by becoming universal and getting added iPad-Support. No need to buy again.

    I'm very excited about this. I've been playing the iPhone version on the iPad pretty much since it came out, mostly against friends via the net, and it already looked pretty good upscaled, but getting a fully iPad friendly version at no extra cost is a sweet sweet christmas gift 🙂

    • Jweaver911

      Ditto to that! Excited!

  • amroc

    Great news. This is undoubtedly my favourite board game on the App Store, by a long way. I went out and board the real thing too after playing it on the iPad, although the iPad version is better ;).

    • amroc

      *bought. Come on, brain.

    • EastsideStompers

      Yes, I bought the physical board game too afterwards, and had pretty much the same feeling. I missed the little dingalings of church bells, and clippity clops of hooves lol: ) I suppose you could improvise with two halves of coconut shells...

      • Matthew Winkworth

        I had the physical version first, and I do still prefer it... Part of the fun - especially in 3+ games - is bargaining and convincing when it comes to tile placement. The rules actually state that you're to show the tile you've picked for people to make their suggestions. The cooperative side is lost slightly in the iVersions, even with the chat. Plus you can't balance your meeples into pyramids and such...

        But yeah, a minor quibble as it is easily my most-played iPhone game, and has been since its release...

      • EastsideStompers

        I see your point. The thing I enjoy more in the iDevice version (in all serious now; ) is that you can view the tiles that are left at any time, which is something I find hard to keep track of in the physical version. That helps me to form some sort of strategy. One thing I do enjoy about the physical version over the iDevice version is that you can play the variant rule taking more than one tile which makes the game more interesting I find.

  • HipHopTouch

    Amazing! Cannot wait for this update! Fantastic App, like others I've been playing this on the iPad, has been a pleasure still, but a fully fledged universal app is fantastic.

  • mbrew

    For the people who haven't purchased yet and wondering if $9.99 is too steep a price...IT'S NOT. This is an incredible game, and ten bucks is a steal.

  • mrbass

    took over 6 months...came out July Dec 7th.

    • mrbass

      I mean almost 6 months...sigh.. Knizia Samurai only a few weeks to get a universal update.

  • Rad

    Go ahead and raise the price to $9.99 and see your sales drop like a rock.
    The problem with your game very few in the U.S. have ever heard of it. It looks nice but even at $4.99 I haven't seen a demo video that has convinced me to buy it.

    • Eli Hodapp

      LOL, good one.

    • tsj5j

      I expect this to be true as well.

      Most iUsers fortunately, or unfortunately, spend most of their money on apps that cost from 0.99 to 2.99. The wide array of competition means they can probably buy some other quality app that entertains them for much less.

  • walmo

    @ Peter Marquardt: Thanks, great that its indeed a free update.

  • Spoonhandle

    I wish I hadn't bought this game, I didn't much like the look of it in the app store but bought it just because touch arcade rated it so highly. I've played it about 10 times and can't really see the point. Solitaire mode's better but I just don't think it's that great, what am I missing?. I wish I'd bought catan instead as I like playing it (the original) with friends.

  • Mike

    I don't have iPad, but it's great to hear that the universal version is finally ready and I can begin to wait for the expansions. The 2nd expansion, Traders & Builders, is my favorite, but releasing the expansions in their original order would be probably the best.

  • Goerdering

    I went to buy it, but now it's $9.99 sans release of the new version. I can't imagine paying double for something when the update only allows me to play it on hardware I don't own.

  • Pthorn

    I got the $4.99 version for iphone to play on ipad anticipating the Universal update as this article suggests, and they DIDN'T go universal. They just released a HD version for $9.99.

    This article was misleading and i'm kinda disappointed that i wasted the $5 on the iphone version that now won't upgrade to universal.