Last month Ngmoco launched its first person shooter Star Wars: Imperial Academy [free], but in Canada only. Last night the game finally arrived in most other markets around the world (with the apparent exception of Japan, right now).

As we said in our initial report, with Star Wars: Imperial Academy, Ngmoco appears to be going for what's more or less Eliminate with a heavy layer of Star Wars plastered on top. The game's feature list can be found on the Ngmoco website.

Now that the title is available (pretty much) everywhere, we will shortly be posting a closer look.

  • Ivan Dergachev

    It's lacking gyro control, so playability sucks for me 🙁

    • Chernobyl

      Yeah, because we have always relied heavily on gyro control for games.

      • JCGaga

        I've been spoiled by gyro controls with Gameloft's I can't go back to the awkward touch-aiming anymore. Gyro is just a superior aiming mechanism to me.

      • Sic MX

        Gyro really is the only way to go after you get the hang of it!

  • Lkj

    I still don't get it how people can have fun playing a shooter on such a small device with the fingers covering half of the screen...

    • Adams Immersive

      Lots of games are more fun big (shooters surely are) yet are still very fun small... and sometimes small is the ONLY option (nothing else is in your pocket).

      I do think iPad support should be a no-brainer for shooters, though (with tweaked controls). This doesn’t seem to support iPad. (Yet?)

    • JCGaga

      Doesn't bother me...but to each their own...but hey we play and enjoy XBoxs and PS3s as much as you do.

  • Trucks

    looks like garbage

  • Konstantin

    It also plays the same way. Can"t be compared to MC2.

  • Konstantin

    It also plays the same way. Can"t be compared to MC2.

  • KDR_11k

    Imperial Academy? Do you get penalized for hitting targets so you learn how to shoot like a REAL stormtrooper?

  • Diab

    The engine for Eliminate which is the quake 3 engine just isn't cutting it well enough any more, the character models in game look like trash, might be better on an iphone 4 but that leaves a lot of people out, also the gameplay is rather lacking now, eliminate was amazing when it first appeared last year but it's dated in all ways extremely quickly.

    A star wars reskin is not helping any.

  • Adams Immersive

    The characters Iook fine to me. I liked Eliminate (even without ever paying for anything) and I’ll probably like this too... especially since--unlike Eliminate--it has retina graphics.

    I don’t think I’ll devote space to both games though.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is alright, at its simplest it is just a star wars retina skin for eliminate with a sucky power up mechanic. I'd have preferred a retina update to eliminate to this tbh.

    It plays alright pixel doubled on the iPad although it does look like ass. And the nickel and diming is even worse than eliminate! The 'keys' which are used to open power up droits can easily be burned through very quickly. And they cost an absolute fortune! I won't be purchasing any thats for sure. Eliminate at least got a couple of quid out of me.

  • Tikicobra

    The hit detection is extremely poor, but the constant unlockables keep me playing anyway.

  • Aery

    Looks worse than ass on iPad. Should have made a good single player game with multiplayer out of it and it would have had some duration. As is it will just get more developers laid off.

  • JCGaga

    Gameloft FPSs>>>>ngmoco FPSs

    Gameloft knows how to make good FPSs on a phone that is more or less satisfying to play without the overly awkward animations.

  • Gabriel

    bad game



  • readyfireaim

    I don't get why people even bother with eliminate anymore. I mean archetype is so much better than it for 99 cents. Its a shame really...ngmoco used to be the best dev on the app store

  • imusic

    Okay, now bring on Dark Forces using this engine!

  • Stan Winstone

    Yay- nickel and diming IAP comes to the SW universe. Fuuuuuuuuuuun.

  • Magic8ballgenie

    Not a fan of this game. Bad controls, poor hit recognition, and a lot of lag. Also a pretty hefty file size. I'll stick with Archetype if I want this type of game.

  • Stan Winstone

    Actually with how hard it is to hit something it feels very realistic re- stormtroopers' notoriously bad aim.