Indie sandbox building game Minecraft has become something of a phenomenon since the Mac / Windows / Linux release of Minecraft Alpha back in June. And, for a rather brief moment, iOS gamers had the chance to get in on the Minecraft experience as well, thanks to Trevor Wilkin's Minecrafted, basically an iPhone Minecraft client (which could connect to Minecraft servers) that was pulled shortly after landing in the App Store.

Those bereft Minecraft fans out there who lament the iOS Minecraft experience having been but a brief flirtation may be pleased to see Kingly Games' new release, Eden - World Builder [App Store]. The game, according to the developer, was inspired by various members of the block building genre, including Minecraft, Infiniminer, and Blockland. And it's apparent.

The game features "a vast pristine world of infinite possibility," dozens of block types, integrated community tools for sharing and, perhaps most important of all, fire and explosives. To the eye, it's pretty much Minecraft, with gameplay more akin to the earlier Classic version than the current favorite and more complex, Alpha release.

Movement through the game world is controlled via an onscreen D-pad with swipe-based view controls. Along the right edge of the screen are buttons for digging, selecting building blocks, lighting fires, jumping, and the like. Happily, the onscreen action is very smooth and fluid, moreso than the Java-based Minecraft on some Mac and PC setups. Eden is optimized for the iPhone 3GS / 3G iPod touch and newer, with iOS 3.2 or better required.

And while there's much similarity to Mojang's indie smash, Eden - World Builder is indeed it's own game and does not connect in any way to the world of Minecraft. I've enjoyed the brief time I've spent with the title so far and expect fans of the block-based world building genre would do likewise.

UPDATE:  Developer Ari Ronen contacted us early this morning to give us a heads-up on a price drop for Eden - World Builder. "Just a heads up -- I've decided to lower the price for Eden to 99c so that everyone can check it out."

  • iTouchAppReviewers

    I'm still waiting for that perfect MineCraft app....

  • Bronson15

    I reskinned the textures to the Minecraft skins! Looks so amazing!

    • Bronson Lane

      Miss me?

    • Klm2010x

      how? please let me know!!!!!

  • Tezz

    This is like perfect?

    • Bad Shad

      no, it isnt. its classic, not alpha (called survival). waitin for pure minecraft, it is hmm.. lika demo?

  • TheeGravedigger

    It looks like it's similar to the construction mode of minecraft, which I tend to get bored of. I like having to go find the minerals and materials I want.

    I'm enjoying the current alpha, but just wasn't into the classic mode.

    If this becomes more like Alpha and less like classic, I'd buy it.

    In many ways, minecraft is a building game combined with a roguelike.

  • Tezz

    Ugh.. it just crashes me when i load a level any help? 2g 8gb ipod :p

    • hamster787

      i don't think it works on 2g :/ unlucky but i may be wrong try reinstalling?

      • Cook678

        works on my 2g/3g 8gb ipod touch

      • Wgamer64

        Yeah, I got an ipod touch 3rd gen. and I can't get it. It looks really fun though.

    • Max Shamko

      pirate apps much?

    • Aids


  • Anonymous

    No iPad version, eh? Yeah, something like wouldn't benefit from a large screen because I'd much rather my fingers take up more space.

    • Scott Colbert

      May I get you some cheese to go with that whine?

      • Sgfshrw


      • Anonymous

        Sure, and here's a nice extral large glass of originality which you surely can use. Oh, and let me add, that I've seen other forum topics being hijacked by your rudeness, "Internet only tough guy"

      • Red52

        You're a bitch.

      • Mshbrookwood9

        that was soooo lame dude

    • Anonymous

      Can't you just run the iPhone version on the iPad in 2x? It's already pixely as hell by design.

  • Runeks

    Anyone know how it looks and runs on ipad?

    • Dan Patterson

      Looks and runs great - but I'd agree with the assessment that this is much more akin to Classic and feels like a demo of the real thing.

  • DeadClown

    I don't understand why the textures are so low rez.

    Is there a technological reason why the textures (since there are so few of them) aren't photo-realistic?

    or is it stylistic?

    • Bad Shad

      Its stylistic. Look at minecraft for PC - graph is kinda the same. believe me, when u enjoy, it issent any objection.

    • Bramsey89

      I thought the same as you, but really, high resolution textures on blocks just doesn't look good. You can't make the blocks round or smaller, so the lower res is the only option to keep things looking good.

  • Appdude

    The one u downloaded was mine!

  • Benjamin

    i don't think it works on 2g. Can anyone who's tried verify?

    • iTouchAppReviewers

      I have a second gen ipod touch MB model 16 gb and it works. bit laggy, but works 🙂

      • Cook678

        I have second (well, officially its third, but apparently they are the same) 8gb and it works. Some times when downloading worlds its crashed, but when i've reopened it they've downloaded.

  • Minecraft Lover

    Hah, I'm surprised Gameloft didn't beat them to it.

  • Kai Wyngate

    The bandwagoneering has finally hit Minecraft too, apparently. Disgusting, imo.

    • Joel

      Totally agree.

    • Matthew Winkworth

      Well, I think the Minecraft guys missed a trick not beating them to it. If/when a decent official Minecraft app comes out, then no doubt this app will be forgotten about...

    • Paul Pridham

      Minecraft is an admitted clone of predecessors like Infiniminer. I'd have cloned it too if I had the time.

  • Tikicobra

    I personally don't like Minecraft, but it would be cool if an official Minecraft app would be released.

  • Attackid
  • Mike

    FYI: The price listed in the article is $3.99, but when I went to check the app store it's only $0.99. Typo or price drop?

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Price drop. It did launch for $3.99. Must be on sale right now.

      • Benjamin

        Actually it launched higher but the price soon dropped.

  • KDR_11k

    A major point of Minecraft is that there are monsters you have to fight in order to get to the precious resources. The people who build giant structures get in the news but I'm pretty sure most people play for the Survival mode.

  • thewolf16

    Its so great. Minecraft classic for Ipod Touch. A dream come true.

  • Martin

    Needs WATER!!!! No fun without it...

    • Bad Shad

      Agree. Crafting would be good too. Any updates coming, or maybe true MC?

    • Charlie Moulder

       it has water

  • Anonymous

    If this was a universal app I would have definitely bought it. Would 100x better on a bigger screen.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't you just run in 2x mode? I saw another comment like yours and suggested the same thing since it's a very pixelated anyways.

  • Kevin Agot

    Thanks for the lowered price. Bought.

  • Benjamin

    how did people with a 2g even get it on their device? I've tried and nothing works

  • Bluechipps

    cant get it to install on ipod touch 2g with iOS 3.1.3. Says "Installed" without error but then it just doesn't exist. Anyone with ipod touch 2g please post your specs and any tips you might have for installing. thanks

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    Cant believe it worked on my 2g itouch

  • Fitnop

    just an app cashing in on the magic that is minecraft. no water, no mobs - this is a waste of a dollar.

  • Sakinnuso

    Really disappointing that this game is built wholly around building. There's zero survival mode here. No night day cycle. No water. There isn't even the darkness feature that requires a torchlight. Also, the levels dontballow deep digging at all. I guess revs feel that people don't want the survival mode. Sadly, thatsvall I play!

    • Wilson

      It's not that bad as it is, I enjoy Minecraft as it is (classic mode), and while I just bought Minecraft today, it's still loads of fun.

    • Wilson

      It's not that bad as it is, I enjoy Minecraft as it is (classic mode), and while I just bought Minecraft today, it's still loads of fun.

    • gribble

      if they added all that your mobile unit would run much slower and everynow and then you would lag out

  • Aery

    I'll check it out when it's free. What's the point of building worlds if you cant put any life into it?

  • Anonymous

    It may not have everything Minecraft has but it is still a lot of fun! Place a bunch of TNT and light it up to create huge caves!

    • EastsideStompers

      then what??

  • Brandon Sorby

    I want mobs in it like minencraft and can you pls put flowing lava and water

  • 7adamspringer

    It's not even close to minecraft until they add health, monsters, better graphics and much much more

  • gribble

    The update hasn't come out yet? It's August 10, 2011 and yet no update? It should be here why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. It's was suppose to come out August 10th) please send feedback to anwser this