Earlier this week Zynga sent out some curious invitations to a conference call to various members of the media, including TouchArcade. That left us scratching our heads to see what exactly it was that Zynga was up to that could possibly interest us. I was half expecting them to reveal plans to bring more games to iOS following the success of Farmville [Free] on the App Store, but this took me completely by surprise.

Zynga has acquired NewToy, the developers behind both Words with Friends [$2.99 / Free] and Chess with Friends [$2.99 / Free]. Where things really get interesting is when you consider that NewToy collaborated with ngmoco to release We Rule [Free] back in March, which has since been reskinned several times in various themes. Ngmoco has since been bought by Japanese social gaming conglomerate DeNA, which currently is one of Zynga's biggest competitors in the social gaming realm.

While many of our readers are (understandably) getting tired of freemium time sinks, it is incredibly interesting watching the international business battle unfold between all of these companies making untold millions on microtransactions and ad impressions. We're not sure yet what this will mean for NewToy other than a shiny new titles for the higher-ups at NewToy as well as the rebranding of NewToy to "Zynga With Friends." Like all these previous high-dollar dealings, it will be fun to see what happens once the dust of the acquisition settles.

  • http://dendory.net Dendory

    All the new gaming companies consolidating, and at the end, they will all be gobbled up by some giant corp! 😛

  • Adams Immersive

    Luckily WWF (and Words With Pirates!) is not “freemium” in the negative sense of having to keep paying to succeed. It simply has a free ad-supported version and a paid version.

    (But I wouldn’t object if they add an in-app upgrade to the free version. I find that more convenient than downloading a separate version anyway.)

  • Jaredgibbs

    Great. Now if they could only fix Words with Friends HD so that the frakkin 'thing works properly on iOS 4.2, then we'd all be happy.

  • http://drau9r.net Sæn McDye

    zynga needs to fix its own iPad app for Farmville first. it sucks! it always needs to 'resync' and then ruins everything you did.

  • LBG

    I don't want to be around when Zynga acquires the whole world. Imagine if the whole world turned freemium.

    "Yes you can have the cake for free, but every bite you take will cost you $5" :p

  • http://twitter.com/iTouchAppReview iTouchAppReviewers

    Ugh. Monopolies. Zynga, in my eyes flat out sucks :(. All of their apps are laggy, full of bugs, and dont function well. Oh well. :/

  • http://twitter.com/Phosphorus17 Angel Player


  • TonyRockyHorror

    I deleted Words with friends from all of my devices as soon as this was announced. I won't knowingly support Zynga.

  • Giftstream

    So you got the free ersion with ads and the paid version without the ads?

  • Giftstream

    Was NewToy using Adsense ad blocks for ads or CPA offers or a mixture even to make that ad revenue before Zynga bought them?

    • Fuckit


      Anyone on this shit talentless developer forum?

  • Mr.Ugly

    Ninjump is a heap of crap.Also the developers are very runde not replying to emails for help.

    The point of Words with Friends also is how licky can you get to make money with a clone (AKA Gameloft) and then get bought out by the BIG guns?