Zero Punctuation is a weekly comedic minimalist animated review show that got its starts all the way back in mid-2007 as a pair of YouTube videos on The Darkness and Fable. Like all good YouTube videos, it quickly went viral and not long after that Escapist Magazine started publishing the videos and has ever since. In the console and PC gaming world, Zero Punctuation is wildly popular, with Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw usually targeting whatever happens to be the popular new release that week. This week, he set his sights on iPhone gaming. Specifically, Angry Birds [99¢ / HD], Cut the Rope [99¢], Fruit Ninja [99¢ / HD] and Doodle God [99¢].

Fair warning, the video does have some cursing in it, which may or may not be work safe depending on how strict your office environment is.

If you liked this one, there are tons of other Zero Punctuation videos worth checking out. I'd list some personal favorites, but honestly, there are just too many.

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  • ImNoSuperMan

    Thats the best laugh I had all day. lolololololololol

  • Riggysmalls

    so awesome. gg brits.

  • Tower Defender

    Lol Yahtzee is my hero! He always makes me laugh rofl.

  • Myname

    I find it ironic that a video about iPhone games can not be viewed on an iPhone.

    • osujxu

      yea i know like wow and it even says its from like youtube

      • Eli Hodapp

        He started on YouTube, after his first two videos everything has since been posted to Escapist Magazine including this one. In this case, iOS compatibility is completely out of our control since they're hosting their videos themselves.

      • Pauly

        It is also the very first time Yahtzee has ever reviewed an iPhone game. Until now he has always done PC and console games.

      • Joel

        I'm not sure he's done a PC game...

    • Erik

      Premium members ( can watch HTML5 videos/podcasts on their iDevices. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Or go to youtube and view them there.

  • Archagon

    Wow, he actually liked them.

  • DrPeabody

    I would like to see that patch to Cut The Rope, turn the candy into a cement block to crush OmNom instead of feed him

  • iPod owner

    Oddly enough, if you spend far too much time digging through the page's html, ZP is actually stored as an .mp4 file, which plays just fine on my iPod. No idea why they don't make alternative link.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Probably something to do with the ads they display before the actual video if I had to guess.

      • Erik

        Yeah, there's issues with loading up ads before videos on devices, so we unfortunately had to restrict it to paid members who don't see ads due to hosting costs. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    That was frigging hilarious and beyond the humor is of course many a truth. I've been playing with my ipad/phone consistently and hardly touch my consoles these days. And you'd think companies would learn that most "adults" don't have time to watch F#$!#! worthless, time wasting cut scenes.Any company that doesn't at least put a skip option in should be forced to watch "Sarah Palin's Alaska" for an eternity.

  • fafner

    Yahtzee liked something?!

    isn't that a sign of the apocalypse or something?! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The only other thing Yahtzee ever unconditionally liked was Portal.

      • Chris

        And Psychonauts, get your facts straight! 😛

      • Tiax

        And Saints Row 2

  • Spiderman_ag

    haha "F$%k fruit!"

  • Anonymous

    I love Zero Punctuation. Been watching them since the first few episodes started turning up on Escapist. I hate that they've gone with a subscription model to view the "high quality" version of these videos though. Just the same, I watch this every Wednesday regardless of quality because Yahtzee is awesome and his merciless snark suits my sense of humour just fine.

  • Anonymous

    very funny review.
    if you're a fan (and not based in the UK), you might like Charlie Brooker.
    He's a journalist / author / broadcaster with a very similar style.
    here are the main links:

  • Outkast1

    Just FYI - you can watch the video on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with the Skyfire app

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Funny, but mentioning that it has _some_ cursing is VERY misleading. It's incredibly vulgar and many, many people will find it offensive. Just sayin'.

  • Boris

    This is the internet. No warning means "possibly offensive content" by very nature of the medium, while something bad enough to warrant any warning at all means "hide the fucking kids".
    You just have to speak the language, see.

  • ErikVeland

    I almost thought we'd catch him in the act of plugging his friend's game (Fruit Ninja), but of course he subverted that too (along with a plug for Mana Bar).

    Yatzhee's always been anti-Apple as well so it's nice of him to come around. He's a gentle giant in person 🙂

  • EastsideStompers

    His snarky Brit humour is infectious. Laugh out loud stuff. On the other hand, I find his jaded views on gaming in general a bit depressing (I'm referring to the other videos in his catalogue). Strange dichotomy there for me...

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  • Richard Brooksby

    This is why I'm making iPhone games and not console games any more.