Appvent Calendar Returns – Reveals ‘Time Geeks: Find All!’ as First Freebie

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Looking back on this last year, it’s pretty crazy how much has changed since the last time we posted about Blacksmith Games’ Appvent Calendar. This time last year, the free game phenomenon was practically unheard of. Following the success of the original Appvent Calendar, a silly amount of copycat sites have since sprung up. The main difference between the Appvent Calendar and these competing sites is that the Appvent Calendar had great games available for free as a one-time holiday promotion, versus many free app site which seemingly exclusively feature games that were designed to be free with ads, in-app purchases, and other things. We’ve been told to expect the same high caliber of freebies again this year, with a new free game released every day much like a regular holiday advent calendar.

Today’s freebie is Time Geeks: Find All! [Free], a hidden object game of sorts that we liked quite a bit in our review. Especially while it’s free, there’s no reason not to download this game. (Unless of course you already have it.) If you own an iPad, Time Geeks: Find All! HD [99¢] is also available, although it isn’t free.

It’s probably a good idea to bookmark the Appvent Calendar, as they’ll have new freebies every day. And of course, you can always use AppShopper to find all the games that have dropped to free instead of lurking around the slew of free app sites every day as well.

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