BREAKING: Kids like expensive electronics. ALSO BREAKING: Kids under the age of 13 want an iPad or an iPod Touch more than any other electronic this season, so says the survey masters over at Nielsen (a research company).

Within the next six months, 31 percent of the respondents (parents) of a recent Nielsen survey say they have an "interest" in picking up a iPad this season. The next highest item are computers and the iPod Touch at 29 percent.

The list that follows includes the Nintendo DS, the PS3, Microsoft's hands-free controller, Kinect, and several other consoles, including other electronic items like TVs and E-readers.

Don't just take it from me; gander at this pretty blue list:

There's a billion ways to analyze this bit of data. We could, right now, scream from our podium that iOS gaming is more attractive to kids than the Nintendo DS or the other "core" platforms. The data certainly looks like it supports that.

Or we could say that parents, who obviously answered the questionnaire that Nielsen blasted out, really want iPads and iPod Touches and wouldn't mind using their really young kids as an excuse to buy one.

Or we could say that Apple has won the platform wars and will now forever since it has become, theoretically, the top dog among kids. These guys'll grow up and evangelize and establish the norm, you know?

Or we could just look at this data and see that, at the very least, iOS is becoming a recognizable platform -- one that kids under 13 are certainly excited about. Wait, that's too rational. Forget it. Apple is winning the war against the old guard, guys! Nintendo? Who is that? A coffee maker manufacturer? Pfft!

But seriously, if you're interested in this kind of stuff, swing over to the Nielson site and take a look at the second graph Nielsen has up. This one, for kids over the age of 13, looks more like a solid representation of electronic desires. According to it, teens are more interested in buying a computer or TV than an iPad or iPhone, though both Apple devices are still rather high on the list. Interesting stuff, for sure.

  • Barbicoh

    As a person who works at Nielsen it's painful to see my favorite app site misspell my company's name. D: It's Nielsen with an E not an O

    • Eli Hodapp


      • Matthew Hurst

        Good catch! Could you please correct the Name that links to the NielsenWire blog post this article references?

  • OrgnlDave

    to be fair, 75% of the respondents already HAVE a Nintendo DS.

    • Chickdigger802

      more like 90% =)

    • Rockabyebaby

      Exactly. And the 3DS is coming out sometime next year so it seems logical to assume that demand for the DS would be at an all time low right now.

    • Noah

      That's exactly what I was thinking. The Nintendo DS / DSi have been out for quite some time. Ask them again when the 3DS is released, and let's see what the kids say...

  • _feDe_

    Uhm... 31+29+29+25+21+21+21+20+20+20+18+17+16+14+14+12+11 = 339%, WTF?

    • Guest

      You could probably choose more than one product?

      And @OrgniDave - I wondered also if they took into account already owning some of the products on the list which would of course make the results skewed.

      Very interesting none the less - kids these days asking for higher and higher priced ticket items.

    • Carl

      I don't think it's comparing one choice... they probably said, out of all these products... how interested are you in owning each one of these? Then they take the results and show the percentage out of those they surveyed.

  • Slava Nossar

    When I was that age, my parents would laugh at me if I asked for something the price of an iPad for Christmas.

    • Eli Hodapp

      No kidding!

    • EastsideStompers

      I was happy to get a satsuma at the bottom of a sock. Ah..those were the days!

      • Adams Immersive

        You got a sock for your fruit? You lucky dog! Mine was wrapped in newspaper. And it was just the rind. Mmmmm.....

        (P.S. I’m surprised the Kinect is so low. It sounds pretty neat, and is heavily advertised.)

      • EastsideStompers

        Well, I was letting my imagination go wild there with the socks...and the satsuma for that matter. In reality, I'd have to go to the mill, and when I got home my father would slice me in two with a bread knife (shameless Monty Python quote!) ; )

  • John

    The DS's staying power is absolutely amazing TBH, I bet most of those kids already have one anyways(so obviously it wont be #1). Not to discredit the iPhones standing, but the ds has been around for ages without hardware upgrades, it holding it's own this late in the game is amazing.

  • Ivan

    Or we could say that most of the kids interviewed already have PS3, Xbox and DS... lol... Noticed how low is the Xbox 360?

  • Capone

    Of course there can be several reasons for this result, some already have been mentioned.
    But let's be honest: what do kids wanna do? Things like painting, learning, playing video games, listening to music and audio books, watching movies and photos, reading (story) books, playing board games, maybe even browsing the web, writing e-mails or using chat rooms.
    How do kids wanna do this? Without "hurdles" like keyboards, stylus, trackballs, mice or other things they just have to get used to. They just want to use the most natural way: using their fingers.
    Now which tool is more or less perfectly suited for all this? 🙂

    • Breakfast

      Keyboards and mice are hardly hurdles. Have you ever watched a kid play games on a PC?

      Personally, I find using my iPad and iPod Touch for email or web browsing to a mild hindrance (somewhat and more so respectively). They are both great devices. Their convenience and form factor ease the burden but if for many things it's still easier to do it on a PC.

  • Schnapple

    Or we could point out that Apple's expensive shiny new device is more attractive to people too young to have an income or ultimate control over purchasing decisions than a five year old game console who has already sold hundreds of millions of units.

    I mean, for fucks sake the DS was beaten out by "Computer" - how good could this survey possibly be?

    • Mister Mumbles

      Oh that question is easy to answer... Facebook! *bleeding eyes*

    • tr4656

      The PC is a gaming platform too. The experience is superior to console gaming too if you do have a god enough graphics card.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Kids have no idea what they want. It's all about what gets advertised more. When the 3DS starts getting hit with the marketing blitz 3DS will be on top. Most families have a computer and many won't allow children to have their own in their room anyway. I have learned nothing from this survey and I'm sorry if people were so ignorant that this poll actually showed them something they couldn't already deduce with good ol' logic.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the same Nielsen that released survey results indicating 32% of iPad owners had never downloaded an app? I mean, I know they do good survey work but... I'll take iPad related results with a pinch of salt ;)And no kid of mine would get an iPad, teenager, maybe. but kids its not for you, an iPod Touch will suffice.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      My five year old son wont even touch the iphone and ipod touch ever since he saw my iPad. Same goes for my nephew.

      • Vidkid72

        Same here. My 3 year old and 8 year old each have an ipod touch and since mom got her ipad the touches haven't even been turned on and they fight over who gets to play on the ipad. :-/

  • EzeKiel

    I believe most kids want an iPhone or iPad over a PS3, DS or 360 because of epic citadel (kidding).

    And how is this "breaking" when I saw it over joystiq like two or three weeks ago? anyway, it's good to know kids are farming consoles, that is what we used to do as a kid (that's why we went to fry burgers in the first place, to have a job to be able to afford all our gadgets), but again, a kid so small... I don't know, no use for an iPad!

  • Anonymous

    They probably own a DS already, so the obvious next choice is an iPad.

  • wasabili

    Interesting that the 360 is so fare behind …

  • Anonymous

    Nook Color is better for kids than iPad. It has a new generation screen which is anti-glare coated and is better performing in sunlight than iPad's. Also, as it's smaller in size than iPad, the text appears sharper on Nook's screen.
    Nook runs Android and can run all the Android-based games.
    Also it has 12,000 (more soon) kids books that are built as a game with feedback.
    Nook Color has been picked as the editors choice by PC Magazine. Pro reviewers of other sites (CNET, ZDNet, Engadget, AllThingsDigital, etc.) mentioned that it tested to be pretty fast for apps and PDF's, has a beautiful screen, and is a great value for the holiday season for $249.

    • EastsideStompers

      My 6th sense tells me you like Nook Color.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you here? Do you work for Barnes and Noble or something?

      • Anonymous

        I'm here to point out that not only Gods of Apple can create a good product.
        As everyone knows, Apple products are overpriced thus I presented you with the alternative. Ah, who am I kidding ... ON YOUR KNEES, BOW to STEVE!

    • Joe

      ^ But can it blend?

  • Jeremy Tylanol

    Kids don't tell you what they want, advertising tell kids what they want!

  • Diffusion8r

    I'm 14/15 and want an iPad, but purely because my iPod Touch has served me so well over the last 2 years that a bigger version would be better for everything.

    • spidey


      • Soul of Wit

        14, going on 15, or maybe we have a budding demographer here.

  • Sam

    I'm glad to see the XBox is so low! It's clearly not revolutionary. EyeToy was good, but didn't require anything as drastic as a whole new game system!

  • Soul of Wit

    Fascinating comments here. The factor of kids not considering bang for the buck is obvious. The article mentions the parents wanting to "borrow" the kid's gift. That's amusing. One factor that I didn't see mentioned was exclusive content. For example, my daughter wants a PSP because it is the only device with some Japanese games that she wants to play. Obviously, the iPad currently has some very unique offerings, as do many of these devices.

    The only surprising thing here is how low the Xbox is. Surely, not every kid already has access to an Xbox.

  • Horse

    The DS is listed twice, once as DS and then again as 3DS. I Think those should be counted as the same device since one of them is an updated version of the other. But why care about that, obey the hypno Steve!

    • Soul of Wit

      No hypno, at all. Obviously, the iPad, Touch and iPhone all run the same apps. Who's in first now?

  • Nineofspades07

    Ipod Touch is great for kids. So many quality games they should enjoy.

  • poesmij

    how spoiled can a kid get if you get it a ipad for christmas?!
    i mean, come on, i knew a time a kid was happy with a little model car and could play with it all friggin day!
    where is this world going to?

    • Diffusion8r

      It's called moving on. The days of 'little model car[s]' have come and gone, and now technology such as the iPad is far more favourable.

  • SILen(e

    The 3DS is a competely new device, kinda like a Nintendo DS 2.

    And as some have said - the iPad is ridiculously expensive as a gift for a 10-12 year old child, i guess its one of those "i want a puppy and a horse" wishes which will never be granted.

    Actually, buying an iPad in January would be one of the dumbest things to do, with the second generation iPad likely to arrive in April.

    From this viewpoint, the list is a summary of kinda not so intelligent wishes, because the iPad and the Nintendo DS will get a successor in March/April and the rest is likely to be influenced by what the people already own.
    21% of people are planning to buy a Playstation 3, but only 17% plan to buy PS Move, while only 12% of people plan to buy an Xbox 360 BUT 14% plan to buy Kinect for Xbox.

    People already own Xbox 360s, that thing sold considerably better in the first years, they have no need to buy another one.

    And why would a child need an Apple iPhone at an age from 6-12 years?
    They'll end up beaten and kicked in a corner of the school yard, their 650€ iPhone taken away by some bullies.

    • Uga

      "And why would a child need an Apple iPhone at an age from 6-12 years?
      They'll end up beaten and kicked in a corner of the school yard, their 650€ iPhone taken away by some bullies."
      Exactly. The iDevices are of pretty limited use to small kids IMO. I think it's more based on the "status symbol" thing associated with Apple products and expensive tech stuff in general.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean if that demographic begins to take a healthy piece of the iPad pie, we'll see a significant increase of FPS which support the mic for the ultimate in verbal abuse?

  • tsharpfilm

    And this is one of the reasons why I think developers and review sites should at least try to mention the iPod touch more. Most kids can't get an expensive contract phone.

  • Icepulse

    An iPad makes a lot more sense in the long run than a DS.

    $400 (at Marshalls or TJ Maxx) for a 16GB Wifi iPad.... or $150 for a DSi ... but before you know what hit you, you're buying $500 worth of games for the thing, whereas even the best iPad games rarely exceed $5 (vs. $20 - $30 for DS games).

    Not to mention that the iPad is a WAYYYYYY more creative device for kids. Painting and music making apps that are deep and cheap.

    I would get an iPad for my kid, no question.

    • Caesar

      You can NOT get a 16GB iPad at TJMaxx or Marshalls for $400. They had a very limited quantities available earlier at that price only as sales gimmick.

    • Munch_an_apple_pie

      You don't seem to compare the quality and depth of a console game to a game on the iPod.

  • Wtf-_-

    I would get an eReader..... not.

  • Whyt Wintrale

    If the iPad is so "in" right now and the DS's are so "old"... Then can someone explain to me why 900'000 DS's were sold during Black Friday Week alone?

    • Munch_an_apple_pie

      Maybe it's because everyone has a DS now lol! :b

  • Keslus

    And here's the foundation of obesity in America.. Give kids as young as 6 expensive electronics that they hunch over and poke hours on end.. If one had to buy a kid something from the list I would say an e-reader (to use their imagination) or a kinect to get some physical exercise while being entertained..

  • Modem9

    Or most kids already have a DS

  • E_Domina

    As no one pointed out...To all the 360 fanboys, the PS3 is much more in demand than the xbox. And then I know you're going to say that people already own the xbox. Not true. PS3 ftw!!!

    • poesmij

      really just a reply from a ps3 fanboy, youre now doing the same as them, fail!

      and like mentioned before, every kid i know owns a nintendo ds, so its not ownage for apple, its just trying to look cool.
      AND android is becomming more populair for develepors:)

    • mk

      ok first that comment was just trying to get a reaction out of xbox users. trolling is for 13 year olds on xbox live not on this forum kthx. oh and most people do already have an xbox coz it kinda came out a while before the ps3 soooo yeah.

  • Ecco6t9

    I think it's more proof that Nintendo is competing more with Apple than Sony. And that by delaying the 3DS to Feb/Mar 2011 after announcing it a year before may have been a mistake.

    I also wouldn't doubt that the iPhone 5 will easily meet or beat the 3DS in nearly every department.

    • Munch_An_apple_pie

      Depends on depth and how long the game lasts. I love many of the apps on the iPod, but they don't last every long or have much depth.

  • mk

    to be honest i think this data is invalid due to the fact that most of these kids probably already own an xbox/playstation/wii/ds and do not yet have an ipad due to its cost.


    I hate these surveys. Five bucks says they preceded the whole survey with a jolly statement to put them in a good mood and then the iPad was first on the list. Of course they will say they want to buy these things because it's not their money! Then it just becomes redundant to say yes...

    Statement of the Bloody Obvious

  • Mmandich

    nielsen surveys blow. they don't even take into consideration the # of people that already have one. next!

  • Guesting

    LOL. Kids 6 - 12 usually wouldn't want many of those consoles like X-Boxes when they don't really know much about the qualities of games. :