If you've been wondering when in the world you're going to be able to play Chair's upcoming Unreal Engine powered sword fighter, Infinity Blade, the wait is over. A release date of December 9th was just announced, at a price of $5.99. Infinity Blade will be a universal app, and will run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch as well as the iPad.

In addition, a new set of screenshots have been released:

Needless to say, as soon as the game appears for download we'll be reviewing it, and we really can't wait to get our hands on it.

  • Johan Reed

    eh.. 5.99....wow............oh shit my pants

    • http://www.best-registrycleaner.net Best Registry Cleaner

      .I have a mess to clean up too...

  • http://twitter.com/countermind Jericho Hasselbush

    Cool. Get to spend my flight on the 10th from PNS to SEATAC playing this. $5.99 is probably seriously underpriced.

    • CJ

      I gotta feelin there's a reason to the pricing just like with Rage. Idk i think i might wait for a review

      • http://twitter.com/countermind Jericho Hasselbush

        It's developed by Chair. They did an outstanding job with Shadow Complex. If this is even half as good as that title, I will be happy.

  • Jayross

    It seems like Touch Arcade should get early access so they can have a review for release, like modern console game.

    • Jonas

      considering that the "reviews" on this site aren't really reviews so much as they are general overviews it doesn't seem like the right site to give early review copies to. There is nothing wrong with TA, but it isn't a source of ratings and critical reviews.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        We'll work harder in the future to provide hard hitting critical analysis of games that cost less than a Subway sandwich!

      • http://twitter.com/nicholsonb Brad Nicholson

        If an App ever hits the price of a bottle of Johnny Walker, you better believe we'll give it the SUPER critical, indepth one-two.

      • spiffyone

        Eh, plenty of apps are available for the price of a shot of JW Black at a bar, though, so at the very least they deserve a bit more in depth analysis in that regard. I'm not stating the entire site has to go that way or give incredibly in depth reviews with hard hitting analysis and details (there are other sites that do this), but it'd be nice to have some more analysis.

        Perhaps a contributor or two can do an "in depth" series of featured articles? Like a look back at some of the more famous (and infamous) iOS games.

      • Jas

        Pretty arrogant self-righteous response by you to a reader! You either review critically, or you don't, and you write a fluff piece? There's no half way house.

      • nih

        There's plenty of halfway house. You're just being concrete-minded about it, which means a full review isn't likely to satisfy you anyway.

      • Jonas

        Listen, I'm not saying you folks need to change. You have a specific style of website in mind. Keep at it.

        What I was doing was stating the obvious. If you don't like the obvious, then I'd suggest becoming oblivious.

  • Philosonic

    still not sure what to expect... over hyped or new stepping stone for legitimate phone gamming

  • http://twitter.com/ShinMilkManX Michael Moran

    Oh that looks great. I can not wait to play this!

  • iShoppell

    yeah Johan Reed...I have a mess to clean up too...

  • Darthslim108

    Only $5.99? Either they're really generous, really dumb, or the game is really short (which I suspect it might be). Still, it looks awesome and I can't wait to try it.

    • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

      I'm thinking very short. That was my thought as well when I saw the price.

      • iphone jon

        IGN's article says that the game takes 30 minutes to play from beginning to end boss, but you'll most likely die the first time threw and you just play through those 30 minutes again with better equipment and harder monsters each time through.

        It's a grind game.

      • Jamestiago2

        True, but multiplayer will probably be a big part of replay value . . .

      • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

        Not for those of us who have no interest in multiplayer at all.

      • groovypanda

        Is that right? I thought it was Rage HD that was only 30 minutes long.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TJJMWGLD465VQEBQRHVKJRONQY Andrew Tylers

        You're right. No one has gotten their hands on Infinity Blade.

  • Anonymous

    I think that will equate to Β£3.99 in the UK, For universal, I'll take a punt.Maybe not right away though, that is 2 days after the new Warcaft expansion is released after all.

  • Anonymous

    Is not December 9th the day of the new iOS 4.3 rumor and event?

  • tsharpfilm

    I'm surprised how unexcited I am about this announcement. I think all of the hype my have neutralized my interest. Chances are I'll still get it, but I'm kind of "whatever" about it at this point.

  • IVKO

    gorillathemes no,13 december will be out new 4.3...

  • http://www.smashd.de SmashD

    Underpriced?Seriously?Anyway,all the hype actually made me LOSE most of my interest,many hyped games just don't deliver these days.Universal is nice in the first place,but again,I do not want to waste so much space on my 3rd gen device for nothing.And no,I have chosen to get NO 4th but 3rd gen device,even for the same price. πŸ˜‰

  • iphone jon

    I was guessing 4.99, seems I was a dollar off. Looking forward to it, I was hoping it would be sooner rather than later, but still.

  • CJ

    lol premium pricing

  • Anonymous

    5.99 is a fair price, cannot wait to play this on my ipad and iphone. Will this game support gamecenter?

    • http://twitter.com/abujafer Shafe Assaf

      That's the whole point; GameCenter. Apple even promoted this game when they were showing off GameCenter. Go search, Apple Keynote Project Sword, and watch the game in action.
      I'll probably buy it the second it comes out. Any game that good looking AND with GameCenter sounds cool to me. Even though I have more than enough space, I hope this isn't more than 800 MB. I mean, Rage was pretty short and it was like 700 MB. My 16 gigs of empty space aren't going to stay empty at this rate....

      • Anonymous

        oh yeah i just saw that video on youtube and the Epic Devs were talking about gamecenter, cool Cannot wait to play this game.

  • http://www.marcotalotta.blogspot.com Marco Talotta

    Since Rage HD came out, I've lost my hope: even the Iphone 4 can not handle crazy, hyper detailed console-graphics. Also, "Epic Citadel" set the hype so high that it's almost impossible not being disappointed. They're gonna add 3d characters in that photorealistic world, without lowering the details and/or making Infinity Blade another rail experience?

    • Philosonic

      Seems so like they "stated" on Kotaku...or was it here? Anyway, Rage never felt like it was meant to be a genuine game but rather a high end marketing stunt.

  • http://twitter.com/MindJuiceMedia Ken Carpenter

    What, no shadows? Their absence makes the characters look like they are floating.

  • Anonymous

    6 bucks? Weak.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I agree, I'd happy have paid $10 for this.

      • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

        10 bucks for a 30 minute game? C'mere I got a bridge to sell you then.

      • Anonymous

        Who said it was only 30 minutes?

      • Silentcorp

        Morons who want to strech their points a bit, thats who.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=599360859 Stephen Middlehurst

        Okay, here's what I don't get about this '30 minute game' nonsense. The entire genre of fighting games, f'instance, is based around that concept and a single game rarely takes longer than that. What adds value is the reply factor, going through and trying different approaches, different tactics or just having fun. If the underlying game is good, or for that matter just plain fun, enough then the time to play it through doesn't really matter.

  • thebleeptruth

    OOOOHHHH YEAH!!!! Glad I just updated to iOS4.2 as well.. after several failed attempts.

  • Michael

    Sigh... I dunno what to think that the price is so low.

    • Anonymous

      They want to sell volume? I'd pay more but a lot of vocal iOS users are cheap.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=599360859 Stephen Middlehurst

      Remember that this is also an advert for the Unreal Engine as well as a game. If Epic can get a large number of iOS owners to think of this as the new high water mark and generate demand for graphics on this level then they will shift a LOT of licences for that tech. To do that they need to price accordingly, no point in sacrificing a lot of potential long term profits for short term gain.

      • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

        Not buying that argument. They need to create a substantial game to show everything it can do, not just a tech demo. And THEY were the ones saying they were going to price higher. But as the game seemed to change and get watered down, so did their ideas on pricing. A pretty fruit ninja in the end is still a pretty fruit ninja.

      • Silentcorp

        They absolutely do not need a "substantial" game to sell the tech. Already I see posts all over the net that "X and Y game don't look as good as Epic Citadel". Whats happening there is perception is changing, once gamers see a game this good looking, that is what they will begin to expect.

        All Epic/Chair needs to do is put out the best looking game on the service, and they are. You do realize they sell their engine solely based on tech demos to begin with right?

      • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

        And you do realize, no matter how good the engine, if gameplay is not substantial, no one will be interested in playing unreal engine based games other than fanboys?

        No? Didn't think so.

      • Game Developer

        But it's not the engine's responsibility to create an engaging game. It's the company using the engine. It's only a tool. Adobe doesn't have to make superb examples of commercials, graphics, websites, an books? they just have to make a superb product and the rest is on the designer. I agree with the poster +2 up. If Unreal creates a engine that can make great games, then great game companies will want to use the engine. The main drawback is the cost of the engine vs profits of the games.

  • Tikicobra

    Instant buy.

  • Trev Hero

    Yeah, so I've marked the day of this App's release on my calendar. It'll be an awesome gift to myself after taking exams.

  • Yanley504

    5.99 is not to bad...holy crap did u take a second look at those pics, ill be stayin up for that one

  • vimy

    6 bucks, at 2 million sales means 12 million bucks, not bad for a weekend.

    its priced right, even with apples cut, they are more than going to make there money on this tittle.
    any more and people will not buy in number as well the games many shortcoming would become serious issues, (game time etc)

    am I the only one who would sacrifice state of the art graphics for a longer and developed experience.

  • andrzej raczynski

    if its only 30 minutes, then its not worth more than a buck to me. 1.99 for rageHD was my personal splurge price point, haven't played the game yet, and don't care, was happy to support a good developer, delivering a fun game, at a perfect price point, WITHOUT price gouging. i'll still get to it eventually.

    every screenshot i've seen makes it look like a streetfighter type of game, which is is a genre beyond worthless to me.

    anyway, i'm in the minority, but somehow i think there'll be a lot more people feeling they've wasted $6 than there will be thinking they're missing out because they haven't bought it...

  • Andsoitgoes


    Under $10?

    Made by the brilliant minds behind shadow complex?

    Not many things are no brainers.

    This is.

  • krisko

    I'll consider it as something to pick up the night my finals get done (Dec. 9th), but I'll look at the impressions first. This could end up becoming yet another notch on iPhone's legitimacy as a full-blown games handheld.

  • http://darksynopsis.ninjasfate.com DarkSynopsis

    Awww no 2G Touch support? That Blows!

  • Overzero3

    So...3rd Generation excludes the 3rg Gen 8GB model, right?
    Since it's basically a 2nd Gen with some new tweaks, right?
    Wich means..i wont play it, right?

    • Ricinator

      The "3rd gen 8gb" is just a 2nd gen ipod touch. With no tweaks at all, which means you won't be able to play it.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JUZUIRSZFP6SK3SFIQ5GA6HHI4 MarcC

      Time to suck it up and upgrade to iP4.

      • Philosonic

        NO NO NO, don't upgrade an Apple device, or any device, solely for gaming reasons!

      • HawkEyeTS

        Heaven forbid someone may have bought it as an app platform with telephone capability as a side note. I'd say 95% of my device usage is streaming video and games, with a few text messages used for work and family, and the rare phone call, usually to order food. I don't for a moment regret my iPhone 4 purchase just because I don't use it much as a phone.

      • Philosonic

        In my case, I would say multimedia for multiusage. Even has a subsidized phone, I would have never bought the iPhone if the usage I made of it was a staggering 95% game/streaming. Me it's 40% communication 60% entertainment.

  • Hbn46

    some people think it'll suck.
    others think it'll be amazing
    i personally think it'll be good, and is priced accordingly, but i also think you guys cant go slandering the game until it's come out and we see how good (or bad) it actually is.
    Just think if the use of Unreal Engine sets a new bar on iOS graphics, and if most companies started to use it, think of a game like NOVA 2 or MC2 really any well recieved FPS or RPG. I think that would be amazing.

  • http://dosjon.com Rick

    If it's being released as a universal app, does that mean they'll sync your progress? Play a few levels on one device, pick up where you left off on another?

  • rasterico

    After playing Shadow Complex on Xbox 360 i'll quite happily drop Β£3.99 to play another title developed by Chair, Some people are saying it has 30 minutes gameplay? as long as it's entertaining I don't have a problem with that, I spend more than that on a cup of coffee and pastry on the way to work every day.