A little over a month ago, the long-awaited top-down arcade racer Reckless Racing [99¢/HD] was finally released in the App Store. We really enjoyed the game in our original review, noting that it was downright beautiful to look at and quite a bit of fun to play. Our biggest problem with Reckless Racing though was its severe lack of content. With only 5 tracks to race on in the iPhone version, the game felt like it was over before it began. Reversed versions of these tracks and online functionality went a good deal towards stringing out the play time somewhat, but it still felt entirely too short.

Now it seems that publisher EA Mobile and developer Pixelbite are working towards rectifying this problem, and have detailed an update to Reckless Racing in our forums that will add some additional content to the game. The iPhone version will receive one of the iPad version's 3 additional tracks, called The Island, and both versions will get a brand new track called Frozen Lake. Two brand new racers, “Boss” and “Granny”, will also be added to bring the available vehicle count to 8.

Also to be included in this update, along with various other bug fixes and performance optimizations, is the fix that allows 4th generation iPod touch owners to experience the Retina Display graphics in the game. While no firm release date is set for the update, I'm looking forward to the new content and hope that the update train continues to chug along with even more tracks and features in the future. Also, both versions of Reckless Racing are currently on sale for 99¢ each, so if you have yet to pick up the game now would be a great time to do so with an update on the horizon.

  • Michael Chen

    I haven't played the game since because of the lack of retina support on the ipt4g. Hope they also fixed the minor frame rate issues.

  • Gokunama

    Most played game on my iPhone, definitely looking forward to this. Wishing head-to-head bluetooth multiplayer was added though.

  • barefoot

    why does the iphone version not get all 3 ipad tracks? Why?

    • EastsideStompers

      The iPad is bigger, so you can fit more tracks inside; )

      • barefoot

        ah ok,didn't think of that 😛

    • Pitch_Blak

      Because they want to justify the higher price of the iPad version. Though both are on sale for the same price at the moment. xP

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see Game Center too...

  • Ghost of Sparta Jr.

    EA has promised updates to lots of games in the forums and none have yet to see the light of day. These guys are funny.

  • Spanjab

    Still not going to pick this up until they have local Wifi multiplayer instead of forcing people sat 2 feet apart to play through the laggy internet.....

  • http://neuroshimahex.pl NS Hex

    Great! Reckless Racing is one of my favourites!