Now this is a press release that I didn't think I'd ever see, as both Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [$5.99] and Streets of Rage [$2.99] were just updated to support full multiplayer co-op modes via Bluetooth. To play, you'll obviously need two devices, each equipped with Bluetooth and their own copy of the game. In Sonic, players will be able to play through the game together with one person controlling Sonic and the other controlling Tails. In Streets of Rage, players will fight together through the game as they purge the streets of bad guys.

It's incredibly cool to see both of these games updated, as it means that Sega has been working on improving their Genesis emulator, which as we've mentioned several times in the past leaves much to be desired. With Bluetooth multiplayer working, my imagination is running wild with two player games I'd love to see Sega bring to the App Store. If you own either Sonic 2 or Streets of Rage and know a friend who does too, snatch up these updates as soon as possible.

  • Alexkidd

    great news, online multiplayer next please sega!!!

  • Alexkidd

    great news, online multiplayer next please sega!!!

  • Battle Born

    excellent. now we need some mean bean machine to go along with this awesome update.

  • Rob Wilson

    Bring on ToeJam & Earl! 😀

  • QuéBec_RagE

    For theses games (especially Gunstar Heres) we eould really need:

  • Butterbean

    Nice! Please bring "Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse" As well as World of Illusion!!

  • jamesthejust

    BTooth multiplayer is REALLY choppy for P2.

  • jamesthejust

    & co-op is limited to P1's field-of-view.

  • BruteOutlawz

    Its nice to see sega adding new features to there games but doesnt everyone think they should fix there games first. sonic one and two are playable but why dont they run at 60fps?? Epic can do epic citadel on the idevices but sega cant get two 20+ year old games to run at 60fps??? also streets of rage slows down and music stutters.

  • Anonymous