Originally one of the gorier games of the time, Splatterhouse is a side-scrolling beat 'em up released to arcades back in 1988. To coincide with the franchise reboot being released on consoles November 23rd, the original version is making its way to iOS devices on November 18th. From what I can tell from these screenshots, this version will be a port of the arcade game rather than the toned-down Turbografx-16 version, though I'll have to see the game in action to be 100% sure if all the original gory bits will make their way in here.

In addition to containing the 7 stages of West Mansion from the original game, Splatterhouse for iPhone will also contain an exclusive Splatter Rush Mode. This new mode has the protagonist Rick facing off against waves of enemies attacking him in a single room in what essentially sounds like a survival mode. It isn't known whether or not a system like Game Center will be in place for tracking online high scores or achievements.

I was a huge fan of Splatterhouse on the Turbografx-16 back in the day, but I always felt like I was missing out by having a "censored" version of the game. I'm really hoping the iPhone version will be nearly pixel perfect to the original arcade game, as the gore and haunting atmosphere really added a lot to the experience. I also remember Splatterhouse as being an especially difficult game, so it will be interesting to see how well that translates to virtual touch screen controls.

Splatterhouse will be launching next Thursday for iPhone and iPod touch at a price of $2.99. There is a discussion for the game going on in our forums, and we'll be looking forward to checking out the iOS version of Splatterhouse next week.

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  • Anonymous

    OMG it's the original version that was on the TurboGrafx (PC Engine to some of you) & Genesis! I'd so much rather play this then the upcoming console version. I was disappointed to see that the console versions will probably have much more emphasis on shock value (extreme gore for "today's audience) then game-play. They should have left well enough alone. Anyway, this version should be fun.

    • Samuraipeter

      The original game will be unlockable in the new console versions.

      • Anonymous

        That's right, thanks. Still, for $59.95 I'll pass -- that's the kind of game that will be $19.95 in like 3 weeks on 360/PS3

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    Splatterhouse is a really fun old school game. I had the original on PC Engine and both sequels on the Mega Drive.

    Assuming Namco don't mess this port up, this is one I'll be picking up.

  • Rudi

    All I see are big frames around the game. I don´t buy big frame games!

  • yeti

    Hope it is the arcade version, the music was quality!

  • yeti

    Hope it is the arcade version, the music was quality!

  • amroc

    Splatterhouse! Ah, memories... They had this and Atari's Toobin' at my local swimming pool as a kid, and I'd take every opportunity to sneak off and have a go.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N3ZZDGYS2FW2DOFMPXV3SGSGY4 k88dad

    Another TG-16/PCE game! Another winner, I hope.

  • 1asshole

    Wow. I feel old.

  • getdaf*kbakondabananaboat

    hope it's the arcade version