Mobigame's Edge [$2.99] is a game that really shouldn't need an introduction if you follow the App Store gaming scene at all. In a nutshell, it's an incredibly fun minimalistic 3D platformer that seems to be almost universally loved by anyone who tries it. Mobigame was the target of a completely ridiculous trademark battle that went on for entirely too long which resulted in the game being pulled from the App Store. Recently it returned, and mere moments ago it was updated to version 1.5 which among other tweaks adds Retina Display graphics and universal compatibility for the iPad.

Check out the trailer, if you haven't seen it yet:

Now is as good of a time as ever to download Edge, or if it's just been sitting in your iTunes library (It has been out for quite a while, after all.) make sure you update it and re-sync it to your Retina Display device or iPad to check out the new high resolution graphics.

  • tsharpfilm

    I love this game. And hooray for the update. Now I have an excuse to reinstall and play though it again.

  • Jim

    I'll play Edge again. It is, after all, still the best iDevice game ever made, ever.

  • Deadclown

    The squares are more square now?!?!?! OMFG!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great game! If only retina display graphics were displayed full-res on the iPad!

  • ZildjianKX

    Awesome game. This made my day! I wish there was an easy way to sync game saves between iPhone/iPad though.

  • Anonymous

    The menu's are crisp but the actual polygons are awkwardly blocky. It's not very smooth, like it's still a low res game being displayed at the retina resolution.

    Any anti aliasing?

  • Adams Immersive

    It doesn't have retina graphics. Must be a bug. Next update will have that I hope!

  • Tom

    Is all well and good saying your a fan - but who here has EDGY???

    I do for sure πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      Another thing to be annoyed with that Langell troll for; adding and removing several versions from the app store means no support or updates to the early versions... πŸ™

  • Minbari73

    no retina display resolution in the actual game itself with the update here..the menus are crisp tho.

  • Amateurlife

    I agree. The graphics, while sharper, are still pixelated. Epic fail, mobigame. Please fix it like a reputable company would.

  • amar99

    How long have you been able to two-finger rotate the game into portrait mode?? Is it just me, or is this new? I've just always played it in landscape...

    • amar99

      I got landscape and portrait backwards in that post. Swap them and you'll know what I meant.

    • rotane

      Pretty much since always πŸ˜‰

  • Phil Baxter

    I suspect the reason it still looks pixelated in game, is because the visuals are actually 2D pre-rendered bitmaps, and not realtime polygons. Since they were rendered way back for the older iDevices, they would need to be re-rendered at a higher resolution for iPhone 4s, which is probably a fair bit of work.

    • Adams Immersive

      True--I'm sure retina graphics can be a LOT of work. Still, the app claims to have them, so here's hoping that they show up in a future update.

      Fun game, regardless--but the crisp, simple shapes would look really nice at high-res!

  • TheOnePb

    It is a great game, menu's look HD but the game itself?
    Gamecenter is a must, the game itself is great! Must-buy!