Chair released a brief trailer for Infinity Blade this morning. Formerly known as Project Sword, Infinity Blade was initially unveiled at the September keynote. Recently, all kinds of details have been pouring out, and they even announced that this Unreal Engine-powered game will be available for the holidays.

Check out the trailer:

It will be interesting to see how the game actually plays, and how deep the RPG elements go. From the looks of the trailer, Infinity Blade is an entirely swipe controlled fighting game that allows you to upgrade the gear your character is equipped with. I really can't wait to see this game running on the Retina Display.

  • Alexander Dietrich

    Well, I was expecting more than that.

    • Hbn46

      still it doesnt look terrible. Maybe they're just hiding all the good part, putting my out of the trailer

      • Hbn46

        It* not my

      • Alexander Dietrich

        i hope so.

        would be a waste of everything if it its like this star-wars-gesture-thingy.

        ah well, lets wait and see.

      • swarmster

        Yep, I'm sure this engine was written for this one game only and then they're tossing it.

        Regardless, looks like fun.

      • Jamestiago

        I actually think that gestures is the way to go for a touchscreen - buttons are often too gimmicky.

    • Jason

      Exactly .... not very impresses ....

      But found a game to impress girls ... try 'Word Score' ... was playing in flight and girl next to me got impressed ... 🙂 ... got her number now 🙂 ....

    • angiesmith

      you are absolutely right, Angry bird or Word score is far better than that.

  • Phil Baxter

    Now get ready for people to moan it costs more than 59p/$1.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. This is why we can't have nice things.

      I've seen full blown DS games ported to iOS for 5-10 dollars, and yet people still complain the game prices are too high.

  • Anonymous

    Looks sexy. Be nice if Gametrailers let you stream via html5 though..I wonder what "soon" means for Epic Games?

    • Pobre Gizmo

      Luckily, skyfire's available right now!

      • Pobre Gizmo

        nvm, skyfire doesn't bring up the embedded vid anyway...

    • countermind

      According to Mark Rein, back in the UT2K days, it meant "2 weeks" …

  • Nullroar

    lol @ Phil.

  • andrzej raczynski

    i'll ask again, is all this eye candy going to be wasted on tiny tot screens only?

    • Ross Kimes

      Who says it will? New Apple TV plus AirPlay. Maybe one day.....

      • spiffyone

        Not an optimal solution, seeing as how the games, while made for high res screens, are still made with these smaller screens in mind. Gotta figure with Airplay and blown up on a 42" screen the visuals might not look "as good". This is why I wish Apple had made TV more than just an iPhone without the phone, screen, etc.

  • DotComCTO

    I'm going to take a wild guess that the Epic Citadel demo represents the entirety of the Infinity Blade game world. Then the RPG/fighting aspect of the game is bolted into the demo environment. If so, that would be disappointing, and I really hope that doesn't end up being the case. I think the Citadel demo was exceptionally cool, but felt that the demo map was small. Just adding creatures to fight - albeit cool looking creatures - doesn't do it for me personally. We shall see.

    • Rocco Menzel

      It's another castle, but I got the feeling the size of the "world" stays the same 🙂

    • Mark

      If you would have looked at the trailer you would have noticed that they actually didn't show anything from the EpicCitadel Map in it.

    • Jamestiago2

      I didn't recognize any of the areas in the trailer - I'm guessing it's a new castle, but I imagine that it wont be much bigger than the one found in the demo. Hopefully that turns out to be wrong.

  • godofodd

    Gotta love non-mobile video of mobile game trailers.

    • Dragonmatt81

      Hahaha, yeah. I haven't seen the trailer yet since I'm on my iPad. I guess I'll look it up on YouTube. I really wish apple and adobe would just get along.

  • Rocco Menzel

    Yay, this will be the visually most stunning mini-game ever.

  • Joel

    I think it looks great, but the character voices sound a bit goofy 🙂

  • John

    Seems like fruit ninja with fancy graphics

    • tsharpfilm

      Considering Fruit Ninja is one of the best games ever, I'd LOVE to play an RPG version of it with fancy graphics!

  • seleneluna

    Lol at all negative people here. I guess none of you have iDevice and just trolling with envy.

    • tsharpfilm

      Lol. Yeah. They're all a bunch of pissed off Palm Pre users.

  • Guest

    I hope all the nasty edge artifacts were because they didn't downsample from the retina display properly. If they're in the game, then oh dear.

  • Brem

    Is today a holiday where are the kids are off? Not understanding the complaints? This looks great for a hand held.

    • Rocco Menzel

      Yes, the tech demo is looking great too. We were just hoping for things which are far more important in a good game: gameplay and content ...not an "Epic Citadel with Fights". But let's talk again after the game is released 😉

  • Trevhero

    This game is gonna put PSP and DS on the run.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHA! Oh, wait. You were serious?

  • Christopher M

    I see RPG, and I see Action. Where's the Adventure, Epic? (And just so we're clear, an on-rails game in the style of Dragon's Lair doesn't count!) We need exploration! Quests! Treasures!

    • tsharpfilm

      One step at a time, dude... They're going to be testing the waters with this one. If it sells well, that'll give them reason to make something bigger. Be patient, and have a little appreciation.

      • Christopher M

        Well, if it comes down to this versus Aralon, I'll go for the actual RPG adventure title.

      • spiffyone

        I think Christopher's issue is that the dev is stating point blank that the game is partly an adventure game. Without adventure game elements (exploration, environmental and/or logic puzzles) it cannot be in any way labeled an adventure game, even if only in part.

        Then again, in the developer's defense, most people fail at genre classification. Hell, even Miyamoto has called the Legend of Zelda series of games RPGs when they aren't at all (save for Zelda II on NES) and are actually action/adventure games. And I remember back when Tomb Raider was one of the top action/adventure games on PSone the devs used to call it a "shooter". So, y'know...I'll give the devs a pass...this time.

  • Whyt Wintrale

    As great as the game looks, there are some distinct problems. The biggest problem is that it looks like it'll cost even more than Chaos Rings, so it'll sell even worse. Just because a million people downloaded a free demo, that doesn't mean even a tenth of them will spend the £20 or so this game will cost. I feel kinda sorry for Epic, really, but there just isn't enough people out there willing to shell out more than 59p for a game.

    The other thing I noticed... That doesn't look any better than anything on the 3DS, in fact it looks worse than some of the tech demos we've seen for the device, so what was that nonsense about the 3DS not being able to handle the Unreal Engine?

    • Thelastpixelartist

      "there just isn't enough people out there willing to shell out more than 59p for a game."

      Have you seen the games they're being asked to shell out for? And you don't have to be at #1 to make the most money.

      Time will tell.

    • Mark

      Don't look at the top selling list in the appstore, look at the top grossing. (or however you wright that!)

      Also, tell me wich tech demos looked better.

    • Jamestiago2

      Dungeon Defenders will use the same development engine, and will only cost $5 . . .

  • Joe

    I think the fighting mechanics look terrible. And who's idea was it to show off the game playing on a 3gs? Apparently, they pay their workers peanuts that they couldn't upgrade to the iphone 4 to at least show it run smoother. No thank you. I got the game, it may be a tech demo but it's the demo that has great potential and in my eyes is more valuable than seeing the end result.

    • ItsMeJenz

      I think they said at the keynote there would be two ways to control, one noob and one pro

  • Brendan Keough

    Wow, send in the WAHmbulance!

    The HD trailer looks great, I'd expect the game on newer devices to look like that, first gen who knows. It looks like a lot of fun to me, I'd be happy spending $5-10 for a title like that.

    Hat's off to Epic and id for pushing the tech envelope!

  • Dendory

    Again, graphics look great but controls is where it's at.

  • Dendory

    Again, graphics look great but controls is where it's at.

  • Quiverfull8

    I've already read some details about this game that are really disappointing for me. According to this article (, it sounds like this game is going to be a rail-type game, with limited freedom of movement and exploration -

    "With your finger, you can look around, and there are different touch points in the environment, and when I click the point, I see cool cinematic shots of my character moving through the environment. While he's doing that, if I see other branches, I can click on those. If I see treasure I can click on it.".

    I don't know about all of you, but I was hoping it would be something like a third-person view, and I could just walk around and explore. Now it sounds like one of those cheesy DVD games where you click on what road to go on, and he automatically walks over there, and then stops for you to choose another path for him. LAME! I also don't like this whole idea of "touch here to walk over there". I want to just have a virtual joy-stick in the left hand corner to walk around, like in Epic Citadel. I really hope I'm wrong, and that there will be a lot of free roam exploration; but I won't hold my breath.

    • Mark

      You can also walk arround by touching somewhere in epic citadel.

      • Quiverfull8

        True, but you could also use the joy-sticks. Also, in Epic Citadel, you were able to walk around where even you wanted, but Infinity Blade sounds like it will be much more of a rail-type game.

      • Quiverfull8

        *ever, not even.

  • Mr 1994

    Anyone remember "Rise of the Robots"? Hyped to heck because of the graphics, turned out to be a fairly awful fighting game. Shame.

    • Thelastpixelartist

      That game was so so bad, and poor old Edge magazine led the hype train with a big glossy cover and drool story.

    • Anonymous

      never heard of that but too human was one of those over hyped games too.

      infinity blades looks like an on rail fighter and gameplay seems shallow.

  • Ezekiel

    Epic: I would pay $60.00 for this right now in cash. And $20.00 for new levels and content, even in app buys. Hey, who wouldn't want to play fruit ninja with a knight armor?

    • Rocco Menzel

      Me, because I don't play Fruit Ninja.

    • Rocco Menzel

      Me, because I don't play Fruit Ninja.

  • Michael

    I'm getting the feeling that exploration of the castle is going to feel more epic than the actual battles.

  • E_Domina

    so there's no exploration sequences. it still looks very epic just the battles. they better pack a lot in it. but really. cant they just tune unreal to work on 2G devices? i know that might ask a lot but seriously. tons of people are going to miss out

  • Philosonic

    To be honest, I'm not impressed with the gameplay. I know it's a hard thing to come up with on an iPhone, but except the spectacular graphics, the game seems barren. I may buy to support quality development on the platform, because this is indeed some high end graphics on mobile device. I saw on GT that there is a little jealousy or trolling from other platform owners, but really they shouldn't, they have their own thing going on with the upcoming 3ds and PSP2. This is a really exciting moment for mobile gaming.

  • Mrdan

    Seems like you can download the game here:

  • Alexstrand

    I don't know if this is already known but the game has leaked out?!