Venan Entertainment has been teasing us with their free spinoff of Space Miner [$4.99 / Lite] for months now. We first caught wind of the game at E3, and since then have been patiently waiting for their upcoming arcade twist on Space Miner. The basic premise of the game was explained in our preview:

Space Miner Blast will be supported by unobtrusive in-game advertising, with optional DLC which will add features to the game and disable advertisements entirely. Most of the original Space Miner has been stripped out in favor of a quick survival game with a very basic upgrade system. All you do is see how big of a multiplier you can keep going by blasting as much ore as you possibly can (while defending against enemies of course).

Unfortunately, along the way Venan hit some roadblocks. Namely the release of the iPhone 4, iOS 4, and all the other fun things that Apple sprung on developers between E3 and now. The good news is, Space Miner Blast was submitted to Apple a few days ago, and is pending approval before its unleashed to the masses on the App Store. In celebration, Venan released the following gameplay trailer:

In addition, they've provided some more details of what the game will include. Basically, it will be completely free to download and play with a few unobtrusive advertisements in menus, but nowhere when you're actually playing the game. Three different ships are available via a 99¢ in-app purchase that each have different bonuses to attack, defense, and mining. Buying one of these ships disables advertisements and unlocks Retina Display graphics which likely are part of their new content delivery system mentioned in the previous post to offer high-definition games while staying under the critical 20MB file size for over the air downloads.

Either way, we'll find out how it all works soon. We'll have a review of Space Miner Blast as soon as it docks with the App Store.

  • Noman

    Honestly, I don't understand the hype around this game. The first one was just an average asteroids game coupled with great rpg elements and a funny story. Stripping away what made space miner great just leaves a good-looking but average asteroids game.

    • deadclown

      I agree with the sentiment. But not the characterization of the asteroids part of the game as average. The controls are terrific, the graphics are lovely, and the tone is rich and compelling. Definitely above average.

      But! Totally with you that what really made it great was the excellent non-mining game elements.

      And the writing is terrific!

      • Noman

        You're right, the asteroids gameplay is certainly above-average. However without the story, rpg elements etc. it is JUST an asteroids game, and I don't know if I want to pay money for that.

    • Dysccode

      Because the execution of the concept is brilliant. And about/ among the best controls AND gameplay mechanics I´ve ever seen in an iPhone Game and I have seen a lot! The inertia (physics) based gameplay is Killer.

      That´s is why tit is so good.

      • Dyscode

        PS: I was referring to the original Space Miner game not this one.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought that the control scheme mixed with the physics behind Space Miner was incredible well done, and is really what made that game fun. This will be a must download title.

  • Scott Colbert

    Retina Display graphics as part of dlc? Interesting; I can hear the screams of outrage already.

  • Lafrance Patrick

    To simplify things: The full iPhone 4 game is .99¢ which is really fine for me. The control sheme is what makes this game so awesome. I'll buy for sure but still can't wait for a real sequel to SM.

    • deadclown

      Seriously. SM needs a sequel asap. I was really disappointed when I saw that this was where all Venan's time and energy (okay, not all; but a proportion of, anyway) has gone, lately.

      I'll pay 10 bucks for the next REAL Space Miner. Not this glorified-asteroids SM-when-it-was-in-alpha regression.

  • andrzej raczynski

    loved the first (full) game, looking forward to trying this out, but more importantly the second full game.... on the iPad though, THERE BETTER BE AN IPAD VERSION, or i'll cry.

  • DotComCTO

    *sigh* ... and still no sign of Space Miner HD. Hey Venan...what happened???

  • V_Kain

    @DotComCTO - We're stomping out all the bugs we can before submission. There's a lot of art in Space Ore Bust that needed to be tweaked for the Retina Display version 🙂

  • pholly

    Is there anything not in the full version that is in this? This seems to be a lite version of the original with in app purchases, is that correct? I haven't really been following this so I'm not exactly sure what it is and if I need it since I have the first one.

    • Venan

      This game is an arcade spin-off of Space Miner - not a lite version or a sequel. It's basically a modern take on asteroids where you just try to stay alive and collect loot!

  • Spocket

    Isn't this video a little misleading? It lists as a feature retina display and also says that the game is free. No where does it say you need to pay to unlock retina display.

    • pholly

      REALLY, that's lame. The game is free though so it's not too big of a problem, besides everyone doesn't need it.

    • Scott Colbert

      Hoiw is it misleading? You can play the game without the retina display graphics; if you want the RD then you can pay the 99 cents, but it's not necessary to play the FREE game.

  • deadclown

    Hell, no. Take the best parts of Space Miner out, and add DLC and in-app ads? HELL, NO.

    I have put more hours (and continue to do so) into Space Miner than any other iphone game. Which is saying a lot. It's clearly, imo, the best game in the app store.

    That said, I won't be downloading this SM Blast crap. What makes SM so great is how it ISN'T like Asteroids, not how it is.

  • Anonymous

    Pay for retina display? No thanks. pass.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    I for one, as cool as the story was, always wanted to just play a scored survival mode of the game so I'm all over it!

    • cheenbean

      +1 I liked the story, but it's a pain to have to repeat it every time you play Space ore bust, looking fwd to being able to play it w/o the story.

  • Aer2

    screw retina display, i'll pay for HD 🙂

  • Cat Astrophy

    Galaxy on Fire 2 takes this to the cleaners.

    • araczynski

      apples and oranges. both are great, the one that's better though is the one that supports the ipad first 🙂

      • Cat Astrophy

        Not really. You do ore mining on top of a mile of other things to do. Not to mention any other topic of development you can speak of GoF2 dominates this in.

  • araczynski

    speaking of retina dlc, why not makethe iPad 'part' dlc as well? i'd be more than happy to pay a buck for that. that's a buck (times many) that you're giving up.