The Boondock Saints is a cult classic movie based around Connor and Murphy MacManus, a pair of Irish twins who believe God calls upon them to purge the fair city of Boston of gang evil. The movie bombed in box offices, but went on to make over $50m in home video and DVD sales. If you haven't seen it yet, and you like bullet-packed action movies, you should really check it out on NetFlix streaming. Much like the Predator movies and Predators [99¢ / Free], it seems like the Boondock Saints movies has more than enough in it to make a fun iPhone game.

The cleverly titled The Boondock Saints Mobile Game is a dual stick shooter based on the Boondock Saints movies. It comes with an entirely new story exclusive to the game, and you can choose to play as either of the brothers while cleansing Boston of filth. Along the way you'll run in to many characters from the movies, and of course, tons of different weaponry.

The Boondock Saints Mobile Game will be appearing on the App Store next Thursday the 28th for $1.99. Once the game is released, we'll take a closer look.

  • Vulture3


  • Magic8ballgenie

    Gotta say, I've been looking forward to a video game of this from the day I saw it. Should be some good mindless fun.

  • Phill

    Which game isn't 'mindless fun' these days. It's all fucking shit.

    • Magic8ballgenie

      I wouldn't exactly call that fun.

      • Phill

        That's because you're an idiot, and 'mindless fun' is something you and 50 million other dead shits enjoy to no end. Mindless brainless shit = $$$$. Mindless brainless shit = the contents of your head. See how that worked?

      • Magic8ballgenie

        Yeah... who wants to take a break from real life and have fun anyway... it's not like that's the whole point of a video game or anything.

        And kudos to you for assuming you're more wise than 50 million other people. You should put that wisdom to use making some cerebrally challenging game that you seem to crave so much.

  • Victor Leichner

    This game looks like complete and utter dog shit. Kind of like Boondock Saints 2.

    • switch

      totally agree

      • Anonymous

        Go away. The Boondock Saints movies are epic. Who doesn't like watching Irish guys kill baddies?

      • Anonymous

        Go away. The Boondock Saints movies are epic. Who doesn't like watching Irish guys kill baddies?

  • Troy

    The reason it 'bombed at box offices' might have something to do that the distributer wouldn't let it be shown at more than 5 theatres due to the Columbine shootings.

  • Captainzonk

    Sounds like it's pretty meh.

  • Scott Thomas Stewart

    Is this the film that has the line "And Shepards we shall be, for thee my lord for thee?"

    • Magic8ballgenie


  • Boondock sucks

    yo that film sucks (ached through first and assuming the second). it was like a john woo film filmed by a bunch of incompetent drunks who like going irish pubs called "irish pub." fans of the film like going to films to seeing fight scenes in slow motion, cool guy poses, generic violence and well respected actors (willem dafoe) hamming it up to high heaven. i like hating on the film. end of that.

    they made a fightclub game where u fight alot. so this isn't so terrible.

    • Bandit1326

      You're an idiot... end of story...yo

    • Ff7-sephiroth

      Now if only you could learn to talk correctly, we might be inclined to try and understand your point, but as it is my words would be wasted on you, either because you are foreign and can't read/write English, or have a severe mental handicap that stunted your mental growth at the age of five.

    • david330

      Seriously just Stfu you sound like an idiot if your just gonna talk shit then don't waste your time cus no one cares about you or what you have to say

  • Matthew Mccoy86

    the point of a game, i can see as a little over rated, dont get me wrong I loved both movies, The story of how two irish brothers deside to do what the police wont do, its your classic, underdog story of good vs evil, they need to make a ps3 game,