Few App Store ports have more history than the original Puzzle Quest [$4.99 / Lite]. It started its life back in 2007 on the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, then slowly made its way to other platforms over the years before finally winding up on the iPhone. The original release of the game sold for $9.99, and was host to a number of game breaking bugs ranging from incredibly blurry graphics to players just flat out randomly losing their progress. 1.1 was released shortly thereafter, and as a bit of a consolation prize to early adopters, an entire additional episode of content was later bundled in as a free update. After that, a third episode was eventually offered as a DLC pack, but still, Puzzle Quest was never a very good port.

So because of all the lackluster developments with the original Puzzle Quest on the iPhone, I admittedly was not expecting much at all from the iPad version... But how very wrong I was. Puzzle Quest HD [$4.99] is without a doubt the definitive version of the game. To make things even sweeter, it even comes bundled with all three episodes of content for five measly dollars. This not only makes Puzzle Quest HD the best version of the game, but also the cheapest.

Blurry graphics and weird performance issues have been replaced by crisp iPad-resolution interface elements, text, and puzzle pieces. Really, the only negative I can even find is that the game seems to prefer you to tap pieces to swap them around instead of swiping like most match threes, but this only took a few moments to get used to before I was in complete Puzzle Quest bliss.

Puzzle Quest HD is a natural fit for the iPad. It looks great, it plays great, and is going to keep me busy for quite some time. I'm not really sure if the HD version is worth rebuying, especially if you've already played through it on another platform, but for me Puzzle Quest is just one of those games I can play again and again.

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  • Poop

    Does the AI still cheat?

  • Anonymous

    They need to bring this to the retina display on the iPhone 4! Don't leave us all blurry eyed and weeping.

  • Anonymous

    Puzzle Quest II is supposed to be released for iPhone and iPad soon, so I'm going to wait....

  • Serafiniert

    puzzle quest 2 is quite good, but without the improvements of a friend, where the game speed and all useless animations are deleted it took to much time to play!

  • HeartHug

    Puzzle Quest iPhone App Review - AppVee.com

    Puzzle Quest 2 for iPad Preview Gameplay


    Just got it ...seems like I own about 5 copies of this game on varios consoles....and the reviewer was wrong ...you can slide the gems!

  • Big Huge Nerd

    Not just after casting a spell you can't, on your first attempt. It's a really silly bug.

  • http://apfelfunk.de SaschaW

    Still no word on Puzzle Quest 2? I was looking forward to the sequel because i played puzzle quest 1 for months.

  • jmelrose

    Puzzle Quest 2 is being ported by a different company I believe.
    I am also having issues with the music, like the victory jingle. Anyone else?

  • Yartek

    Be nice now if they could go and update the regular version so it works properly on IOS4.

  • Anonymous

    instant buy

  • Puzzlerrrr

    Agree... buy it ...

    Another recommendation is Burst All ...

  • http://www.cleaningterrazzo.net Terrazzo Repair

    After that, a third episode was eventually offered as a DLC pack, but still, Puzzle Quest was never a very good port.

  • http://twitter.com/JoEDigiTECH JoE DigiTECH

    I never played Puzzle Quest. I guess this is the one to buy. I'm downloading now. Thanks for the review.

  • http://rom-skripte.de Mario Gaida

    This game is by far the best I have played so far on the iPad. Endless hours of fun, and the RPG style makes this a must have. So much things to do: Create your own items, quest for epic equipment, the need for different strategies while fighting... awesome 🙂