A few weeks back Rocketcat Games, creators of Hook Champ [$2.99/Lite] and Super Quick Hook [$2.99], announced yet another hooking title for the iOS platform titled Hook Swing Worlds. Now called just Hook Worlds, this new game will contain three different variations of endless hooking action, all featuring some elements from Rocketcat's previous games.

Essentially three games in one, the first game in Hook Worlds stars Theodore "Gramps" Hooker swinging through different locations while being chased by a guardian spirit, similar to the original Hook Champ. The second game features Hook Champ's downloadable darling Zelle as she collects coins while using a shooting ability to take out barriers and enemies. The final game in the trio features a futuristic version of Super Quick Hook's Gnomey character as he dodges obstacles by hooking and using a gravity flipping mechanic that is inspired by fellow developer We Are Colin's own pixel based running game Gravity Runner [99¢].

All of these different game elements are displayed beautifully in the brand new trailer for Hook Worlds:

Rocketcat is shooting for an early November release for Hook Worlds at a price of 99¢, with a special early buyer bonus in the form of a fourth hooking world inspired by the Atari and C64 era. As Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat puts it in our forums, this world is their "lowest bit world ever". For those that don't pick up the game during the early bonus period, this fourth world will be available as an unlockable after the game's first update. Other update plans include additional hats and costumes for the different characters, and depending on how well Hook Worlds does there can be additional worlds added to the game in the future.

Being a huge fan of Super Quick Hook and especially Hook Champ, the release of Hook Worlds really can't come soon enough. Drop into the upcoming games thread in our forums where Kepa is dropping additional info on the game, and we'll keep you up to date on any new info regarding Hook Worlds as it nears release.

  • Rob

    Wow looking great 3 in 1 how big are the worlds though.

    • Jared Nelson

      From what I understand they are each endless levels like Canabalt or Monster Dash, so they're essentially as long as you're able to survive for.

      • Rob

        im in 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/rocketcatgames Rocketcat Games

      4 in 1 if you get the game early, or unlock the 4th world in the first update.

      Each world has an average of 55 level segment types that you can run into. This means that each world is as big as, say, Cubed Rally Racers (that entire game).

      • Rob

        Thanks for reply, you should make a CastleVania clone swinging shooting, would be awsome 🙂

      • http://twitter.com/rocketcatgames Rocketcat Games

        Planning on it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Lord-Gek-Jordan/1559737263 Tim Lord Gek Jordan

        It is a weird request but hopefully you'll consider mixing things up even with those 55 segments, like having them also have their mirror images come up (the segment starts with what you'd normally see at the end, when appropriate) and randomize the pick-ups in a segment so that even when you recognize the segment, the fun bits aren't always in the same spots.

      • http://twitter.com/rocketcatgames Rocketcat Games

        We slightly touch upon randomization in the Hook Gunner world, but we really haven't dived into random/procedural generation yet. Definitely something we want to do in the near future, though.

  • http://twitter.com/Cybertox Denis Ginzburg

    Dont know why but im not impressed at all.
    Well i think it is too early to judge.

  • NickFalk

    I'm hooked!

    • Rob

      i Get it hooked 😉

  • Rodriguescons

    All I see is "upcoming this" "upcoming that", but every game that goes out is a pice of... And that games that are "upcoming" appears really late. Developers, work harder!

    • Vulture3

      ...Work harder than you obviously already are, and make games that take lots of work over a certain amount of time release in less time.

      You can tell the people who have no idea what goes into making a solid, quality game.

      • Rodriguescons

        I just say that there are not many games out these days. And all that they say is "upcoming". Do you read this webpage? "Obviously" not. Count how many "upcomings" are, and how many "outs" are. I'am developer, so I know how hard a game is.
        The things is that developers release BE-TAS that they fix over thousands of updates. If you create "a solid, quality game", you don't have to update it every day, or once in a week, to include a "facebook support". It should have been out with the game and not as an update. It's a strategy: you download a shitty app, you play with it one day. And you leave it. So with an update you remember that the shitty app is in your phone and you play with it two more days, and probably recomend it to a friend.
        The days of "solid, quality games" are dead. At least for the 99% of the iGames are not the best.
        You can't say that iGames are better than PSP games or DSI...