This isn't the first time that the soundtracks from iPhone games have been sold on iTunes, but this is the first compilation of indie iPhone music that I've seen that has been sold as an album. Atomicon's 1337 Mobile Game Music! Volume 1, aside from having some seriously awesome album art, also has some pretty great tracks:

  1. Rocket Ride from Spazzle II
  2. Battle Against the World from StarDunk
  3. Galcon Theme from Galcon
  4. iBlast Moki Theme 1 from iBlast Moki
  5. Abduction from Marblenauts
  6. Compression Theme from Compression
  7. GeoSpark Theme from GeoSpark
  8. iBlast Moki Theme 2 from iBlast Moki
  9. Lift Me Up from Super 7
  10. Pork Pie In The Sky from Spazzle II
  11. Training from StarDunk

All too often it seems that we just take the background music of these games for granted (or just flat out play with it off), and it's cool to see the musicians of these indie iPhone games getting a little extra recognition. The whole album is available on iTunes for $9.99 or as individual tracks for 99¢.

  • pholly

    I don't think so.

  • Carter Dotson

    They couldn't have chosen a better name for the album? "1337 Mobile Game Music," really?

  • Sam37

    Time Geeks have the official soundtrack for free in 😉

  • Taylor Calderone

    Hey, does anyone know what the first iOS soundtrack on iTunes actually was? Cause that's a pretty cool achievement that I just might be able to claim 😀

    • Jason
      • Taylor Calderone

        Hmm..nope, that one was released on 1/8/10, and I've got Trace OST at 2/1/09. The only one I can think of before Trace would be Edge, but the soundtrack didn't get released until 11/3/09, so I think I might actually be in the lead 😀

  • Gamedoctors

    Very neat!

    If you love video game soundtracks check out the ZombieSmash soundtracks on iTunes as well:

    Oh, and a nice megamix is also included on a retail CD along with other classics:

  • Terrazzo Repair

    The whole album is available on iTunes for $9.99 or as individual tracks for 99¢.

  • Zauryusifov

    Hi , can  anyone say what is TurboFly3d android game's musics?