It's hard to think of anything better for long time gamers from the 80s and 90s than iOS. Classic games from our childhood have been reborn on the iPhone platform, and another one appears to be on the way.

Tower Studios and Vivid Games, in association with The Bitmap Brothers, have announced the imminent release of Speedball 2 Evolution for the iPhone and iPad. The Bitmap Brothers were the original developers of Speedball, a popular Amiga sports game that was a cross between handball and ice hockey.

Here's a teaser video they released last week:

Only a few details are available and Vivid Games has posted in our forums about the upcoming launch.

We have been working very hard over the past few months to bring this classic title to modern systems in glory it deserves. Expect very Amiga experience!

The game will be released in 20th Anniversary of Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe.

And yes - there will be multiplayer included + many more features added on a top of original game!

While an Xbox Live Arcade version of Speedball 2 was released in 2007, Vivid says they are "far from the XBLA version". A video of the Amiga version of Speedball 2 can be viewed here.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the announcement is that they report that Speedball 2 Evolution is just the first in a series of remakes of classic Bitmap Brothers games.

The Bitmap Brothers were also responsible for Xenon, Cadaver, Gods, Magic Pockets, and The Chaos Engine.

  • Anon

    Show show gameplay in your teasers or don't waste our time game developers...... really looking forward to this.

  • Nickmorgs

    OMG OMG OMG ! Speedball, Gods AND Magic Pockets !

  • R Elphick

    XENON2 XENON2 XENON2 pls pls pls... Bitmap brothers need to give me back my teenage years.

  • Anonymous

    DUDE! This is AWESOME news! I loved Bitmap Bros. games (as I've mentioned numerous times in the forums), so I'm absolutely stoked to hear that we'll be seeing other games by them. I'm especially excited to see Gods, Magic Pockets and Cadaver. Chaos Engine was cool too, but those three are my absolute must-haves if we're going to dive into their catalogue.

    • Dyscode


  • Arnold Kim

    Huge fan of Gods by Bitmap Brothers.

  • Matthew


  • Gerryuk

    Xenon that would be good I still have the original boxed in the garage on 3 1/2" 🙂

  • Andy_Mars

    This is one of my all time favorite games! I bought it when it first came out on the Master System a lifetime ago!

  • Russiaone

    Last time toucharcade was excited about a new take on an old classic things didn't go to well, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

  • Www Nitte


  • James

    ICE CREEEEAAAMMMMM,... class man, class

  • yesplease

    that was one of my very favourite games, looking forward to this superb title...

  • NickFalk

    Must admit I'm a bit sceptic regarding the playability of Speedball on iOS devices. I loved the original Amiga game but am having a really hard time seeing how this will work satisfactory without a joystick/joypad of some sort...

  • Joel

    I sure do hope this is good.

  • JonyG

    Bitmap Brothers are part of my "Amiga classics" of all time - The Chaos Engine was superb game.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my. I've been thinking for years that Choas Engine would be so good on iPhone, that and Speed Ball were classics that I was hooked on back in the day.

    An updated version of Speedball has got me so excited that I don't even give a sh*t about the unreal powered games now. This will surely be amazing.

    And Choas Engine would be fantastic, it could even be a straight port, I think the retro styling is perfect for the iphone as it without needing a whole lot of work doing.

    It's great news to hear about the comeback of Bitmap Brothers, they've been gone far too long!

  • Greg

    So much memories...

  • Ctdudeuk

    Wow, I used to play this one all the time on Atari ST. Online multiplayer would be sick for this one...

  • Philipp Lenssen

    Oh, I have a long list of Amiga games I'd like to see remade... anyone like to join creating a list in the forum?

  • Jontif

    Yes Xenon II would be great... best arcade shooter ever!!

    • AIMR8

      Yup, and don't forget best intro song ever!

  • Ericjamm

    Ice cream! Ice cream! One of my all-time favorites on the Amiga. I'd also like them to bring back some Cinemaware Classics like "Rocket Ranger" and "Wings" if they the play is right on a touch screen.

    • Ravelation

      Did they make 'It Came From The Desert' too ?

      • Ericjamm

        Yes, they made that game also! Along with the bitmap brothers and psygnosis (sp?), they were my favorite game devs. for the amiga. "syndicate" and "shadow of the beast", and "blood money" and "lemmings" were some of my favs. from psygnosis

  • Adams Immersive

    There’s a soccer-like Amiga game called (I think?) Blastaball, where you’d shoot at the ball using one of three different spaceships. Kind of like a 2D version of Descent 3’s Monsterball. I’d love to play that again!

  • Flowermilk

    Yes. Bring them on Bitmap Brothers games. Xenon 2 has to be the next one.

  • Dannage

    Love the authentic Amiga disk drive sound on this clip

  • Mister Mumbles

    Ah, yes, the Bitmap Brothers made some of my favorite games of yesteryear. I don't think there was a single one I didn't like. While some considered it average, one of their last games, Z, still remains my most beloved title.

  • Acidbottle

    now im a huge amiga fan, as anyone who spots my posts around this hallowed boards will assure you.

    however, never understood the facination with bitmap bros games. hated gods, especially hated magic pockets and thought the rest of their releases, while graphically impressive, lacked gameplay. all imho ofc!

    chaos engine was orite i spose.

    • Anonymous

      I thought they had great gameplay myself. Gods and MP were fantastic platformers, with the latter having a bit of a unique twist on things in a kind of Bubble Bobble sort of way. Gods was just solid, graphically impressive platformer goodness.

  • Mr Damien

    The first one, so great game.

  • Cimlite

    Man I love Speedball, not to mention all the other Bitmap Brother games. They have basically not made a single bad game.

    Wifi multiplayer on Speedball and Chaos Engine = pure epicness.

  • Anonymous

    Deffinately want to see Z; loved that game.

  • Jhrgf

    OMG! awesome news!

  • Dave Sebring

    YES!!!! Speedball, Gods AND Magic Pockets ! MY life would be complete!

    • Ravelation

      Let's just hope it's as good as Speedball and not Speedball2...
      Speedball2 added clever ways to score points like the stars or the 'loop' but you'd often get lost on the field and it somewhat felt like a soccer game. Speedball was much faster, the arena and teams smaller too. Which allowed more goals, more fakes, more knowing exactly where your teamates were. I really hope BitmapBrothers make it work (don't see why the wouldn't blow our minds one more time) as Speedball is one of the best games ever.