Retro-inspired Fumes Stunt Racer arrived in the App Store this evening. The Stunt Car Racer inspired title just appeared for $1.99.

The game offers 15 different tracks as well as support for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch as well as Retina Display support. A full list of features include:

  • Classic stunt racing action
  • Fifteen tracks, ranging from Easy to Hard difficulty
  • Controllable and rewarding driving physics
  • Great racing atmosphere
  • Polished and responsive Touch and Tilt driving controls
  • OpenFeint integration for online leaderboards
  • Universal binary supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Retina Display support

We haven't had a chance to put the game through its paces yet, but readers can submit impressions on our forum.

  • FlyByNight

    So sick of these games that just wander aimlessly around in the past. We should be going forwards never back. Retro is LAME. Give me innovation.

    • Anonymous what they did with the Sonic franchise, right?

      Oh, wait. Everybody is happy that the new Sonic game is a return to the series' 2D roots. Innovation isn't always successful - sometimes, you just can't improve upon a great formula.

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a true kid.

    • Adams Immersive

      Or, we could have many different kinds of games, liked by many different kinds of people. Instead of “never” bringing people much-loved and truly fun games from the past, how about “sometimes”? (“Never” make the mistake of thinking products should only be made for you personally. That’s not the road to a healthy and successful game platform for anyone.)

      And this game WAS innovation, with unique game play that still hasn’t been done often, and so that innovation is actually still unique and fun today. (Not to mention the graphics are new.)

      And less than the price of a coffee, for both iPad and iPhone? Sold!

  • Geert

    This looks pretty boring and unpolished compared to Jet Car Stunts.

    • Adams Immersive

      JCS is great, too. But this is not the same kind of game or game play. The word “stunts” is the main thing they share!

  • pauly803

    respect to all old skool gamers ! I used to load this up on my comadore 64 at lunchtime and only having enough time for three goes due to the insane load times !
    completely forgot about this absolute gem of a game I will be interested to see if it still has the same game play as the original

    • Torturedturnip

      Mate, get yourself an Amiga emulator and get SCR for that, it's amazing and I don't think anyone's done anything like it since - a true classic.

  • wasabili

    Old or not. That game rocks! …
    The game play is relay great!

  • Galley

    Where are the stunts?

    • Adams Immersive

      Here’s the original, to give you a sense of it. Jumps are the main stunts, but the game wasn’t about performing stunts per se—it was about racing on tracks... but tracks that only a stunt car could handle:

      Stunt Car Racer is about roller-coaster-style tracks, steep banks, and big jumps with a bouncy suspension! Not stunts like Jet Car Stunts—a good but different game.

      Wish I had time to playtest this now!

  • Hanerlend

    The game really looks great. When do we get native iPad support? Will we get the track-builder in the original DOS-game?

    • Toxiccheese

      Its Universal. Available for iPad.

  • Bobbaker

    This game looks great. Instant buy. Makes Jet Car Stunts look childish!!!!

  • Igor

    Is this anything like "Stunts" for the PC? I remember playing that game a couple decades back and enjoying it.

    • Blades

      No not really. But I remember that game, and played it a lot. Broderbund brought that to the PC but they've been since bought up. So who knows if we will see an official release. But I know what game you are refering to...and no this is not like it.

      However, this game is still a blast to play!!!