There are few things that send me in to a Wayne Knight nerd squeal than the complete over-analysis of ridiculous things. Today's example of this comes from Wired physics guru Rhett Allain who geeked out in a major way over Angry Birds [99¢ / Lite / HD], not obsessing over collecting every star, or topping leaderboards, but instead looking at the raw physics of the game. Or, as Rhett put it:

But what about the physics? Do the birds have a constant vertical acceleration? Do they have constant horizontal velocity? Let’s find out, shall we? Oh, why would I do this? Why can’t I just play the dumb game and move on. That is not how I roll. I will analyze this, and you can’t stop me.

Using video tracking software, Allain loaded up one of the many solution videos on YouTube to record the velocity of the bird and the acceleration of its vertical motion. Armed with these figures, and assuming that Angry Birds takes place on Earth, through the magic of math he was able to determine that the launcher in Angry Birds is about 5 meters tall. Once he figured this out, it was trivial to measure the birds themselves using the launcher as a ruler of sorts. If the launcher is 5m tall, the standard angry red bird is around 70cm (or 2 feet and 3.5 inches) tall.

That's one huge bird.

[via Wired]

  • Mark

    That's one huge angry bird. The pigs should start running asap.

  • Hackmodford

    Now if they would make the plush toys that big...

  • EastsideStompers

    I'd say if a bird that big pooed on you, it might not be quite so lucky: /

  • Chung Wah Man

    Hmm if the red one is that big, how huge must the big bird be then ? I mean if that pooed on your car, the car would buckle from the weight of it o.O"

  • Swampthing

    Hate to break the news, but this is waaaaay too much thought to be putting into a silly little game like this.

    • Forest

      Games are going the same way as Celebrities, i.e. Dumbed down and over hyped, superstars emerge but not one with any real talent, just easy to digest none offensive time wasting clones... its sad really! like watching puppies yapping around a man with a dog biscuit!

      • Lanstar 804

        Hey! Angry Birds is a puzzle game! It can be downright challenging to make all the pigs die using the fewest birds or in the coolest way. I daresay there are brain benefiting aspects of this game, one might almost say it's educational! Okay maybe that's going too far, but all gaming is time wasting, that's the very nature of gaming. So don't be too quick to hate on some games just because they offer a particularly addictive and fun experience.

      • EastsideStompers

        What a load of elitist claptrap. What are you looking for in a casual game exactly???

      • Mr T Bailey

        Cheer up Forest. Geez. Why should it upset you that much how people choose to spend their time or their talents?

        The interwebz is full of so much negativity. Poor human race. Live and let live dude.

      • E_Domina

        that's why cut the rope is here to save us all from the evils of angry birds

  • detectivekid

    omg after studying for physics all day long this made my day! Although it sounds very nerdy it's amazing that the person is able to figure out the height of the red bird. Will he be able to measure the velocity of the egg as it is launched from the white bird? Who knows?

    • Himanshu

      If Rhett Allain tried to do that, I am guessing the first point that he would be raising is that the egg should not be dropping down vertically. Because of the bird's flight the egg would have an intertia which would give the egg a forward momentum. So no vertical bombing 🙂

      Or maybe the bird expels the egg in an accurately calculated angle, with an accurate speed, which changes everytime depending on it's flight so that the drop is always vertical. As you say... who knows?

      • Legaity

        It's not exactly "real" physics that he's gonna use for that egg falling. He might just instead use the point of drop to calculate for the velocity. Yes vertical bombing. 🙂

  • Andrew

    As a physics major, all I see in this is win.

  • Guest