I'll fully admit when I first caught wind of Bug Heroes, I was a little skeptical because it certainly wasn't the first time a developer posted about a dual stick shooter with a fantastic (and somewhat unrealistic) sounding feature list in our upcoming games forum. With this recent gameplay trailer, I'm a believer in Bug Heroes, and really can't wait to try it. Foursaken Media, developer of N.Y. Zombies [99¢ / Lite], has experience in building fast-paced iPhone games with tons of enemies on screen at once and it looks like that know-how is going to shine in a big way in Bug Heroes.

The basic premise of the game involves playing one of three unique bug heroes, each with their own play style. From there, you search for food to add to your food stash which you must defend from endless waves of invading insects. As you play you will unlock additional abilities and equipment for your bug heroes and turrets to equip on your food stash. To mix things up further, side quests are thrown in that you'll optionally be able to complete while you try to survive. You can also switch to any of the bug heroes at any of their time to utilize each of their strengths to your advantage.

Check out the trailer:

Bug Heroes is coming packed with an experience point and stat system, and over 25 different abilities and pieces of equipment to aid in your survival. In addition, there are over 25 varied enemies to deal with, 7 turrets to defend your stash, and two different game modes-- each with their own online leaderboard. Bug Heroes is still in development, and is approaching beta testing. The developers have been incredibly active in our forums, so if you have any questions or feedback for them, be sure to stop by the thread.

  • Himanshu

    I hope the game rewards avoidance maneuvers and is not one of those games where you just have to bear relentless attack from the enemy and all you can do is just try and kill everyone before you get killed. Apart from that.. the game looks terrific.

  • http://twitter.com/FoursakenMedia Foursaken Media

    Don't worry I think you'll be pleased 🙂 Dodging is a huge part of the game... I hope you can see in the trailer that bullets go at a fairly slow speed (without looking ridiculous), and it will be very important to dodge them. Close combat enemies have different length windups and cool downs as well, and you must exploit these by weaving in and out of combat, and maneuvering around slow turning enemies.

    Granted sometimes there are masses of enemies, but these are designed moments in the game and can be destroyed with either Beetle -- who has high armor and large, sweeping attacks meant for squashing hordes of smaller bugs -- or a variety of other special abilities that the other heroes have.

    • Himanshu

      "Squashng hordes of smaller bugs" - That's going to be so satisfying 🙂 Looking forward to it.

  • Serafiniert

    looks really cool

  • Adam

    I will be purchasing this day one. Please make sure toucharcade does a review on release day so that I and everyone else know it is available.

  • E_Domina

    Looks like bugs gone god of war

  • Montyseth

    i will also buy this on day one. Developer hats off to you.

  • S3

    Ah my word what an original idea 😀 I agree with Montyseth a big hats off to the developer, I'm so sick of the same game ideas over and over again. This is honestly such a cool idea, a definite buy

  • http://twitter.com/sidetwo Peter Papadopoulos

    Finally looks like a good alternative to DOTA on the iPhone. Well from what I can see it shares some gameplay elements as DOTA, which is a VERY good thing! Eagerly awaiting this.

  • Duffmcgruff

    Looks very cool!