Telltale Games' Puzzle Agent [99¢ / HD] had an update hit the App Store mere moments ago that fixed the graphical issues we mentioned in our review. The graphics seem to be substantially improved, but this all comes at a cost- If you had any kind of save game data from playing the game previously, you will not be able to load it. After you update, when you try to load your saved game you're greeted with a game-ending black screen.

Puzzle Agent for the iPhone is still on sale for 99¢, and if you've yet to give it a try, this is a great time to download it now that our only issue with the game was fixed. (And as a new player not loading save game data from the previous version won't have any effect on you.) Puzzle Agent is a great mixture of Professor Layton-like puzzles and point and click adventuring. Check out our review for more information.

  • Adam B.

    PHEW, glad I decided to wait for an update to start this game.

    I mean, my hands are kind of full from all the crazy awesome game sales...

  • Guest

    Seriously? You'd think that's software testing 101... Come to think of it. It IS.

    Really not acceptable, guys.

  • Guest

    Better of buying other similar puzzle based adventure games. Looks like TellTale is not interested in the iOS market; a really lousy port of their popular desktop counterpart,,

  • Noah

    Is the save game nuke thing a FEATURE or a BUG?

  • Howard

    What type of an update is it if it nukes your save games?

    The app store update description does not mention this either. Glad I waited to update as I wasn't on a wifi connection when I saw the update come out earlier!

    C'mon Telltale!!!!!!!!

  • TowerDefender

    meh I don't mind restarting. Maybe this time I can get 100% :D.

  • Thomas

    This must be a bug. If it was intentional, the game wouldn't let you "Load" the saved game in the first place OR display an error message. The black screen can only be a bug.

  • JJL

    I guess they have changed the app update description because it is recommending you to play through the game if you're in the middle of it, due to saves not carrying over, as mentioned. They make it sound like if they have no intention of fixing it though, so I don't know if I should wait on a new update or download this and start over. Would be cool with some clarification on the matter from Telltale.


    Updated dated the game on my ipod touch 4th gen and it still looks just as crappy as it did before...I guess thats why the update says "most devices."

  • Lyerly

    I have tried this game 3 times on my iPad and it crashes after 5 puzzles - sends me to webpage- I can't access my saved games. It is a great game, so I thought. I'm NEVER playing again. Waste of 5 or 6 dollars!