Developer Rocketcat Games, who have previously brought the swinging adventure games Hook Champ [$2.99/Lite] and Super QuickHook [$2.99] to the App Store, have just announced they have a new hooking game in the works titled Hook Swing Worlds (tentative title). According to the Rocketcat blog, Hook Swing Worlds will be a collection of three different style endless hooking games, which sounds similar to the Avalanche/Eruption modes from Super QuickHook. The developer has given some details about each of the three game styles to be featured in Hook Swing Worlds:

Game World #1: Curse of the Death God

Play as adventuring family patriarch Theodore "Gramps" Hooker as you swing through jungles, caves, and volcanoes while clutching stolen treasure. Beware the guardian spirit of the idol!

Features: Chaser Survival, Quick Recharge Rocketboots Ability

Game World #2: Dungeon Gunner

Zelle finds herself trapped in a huge dungeon filled with precious, ancient gold coins. Also monsters, spikes. Luckily she brought her revolver, armor, and her coat with the really big ammo pockets.

Features: Looting and Shooting, HP Meter, Revolver Ability

Game World #3: CyberGnome 202X (Early content patch)

In the grim dystopian world of the future, the Gnome Police rule with an iron fist. One rebel Gnome stands alone against the totalitarian rule. Can *YOU* help Gnomey escape the grim future?

Features: Obstacle Survival, Gravity Flip Ability

Rocketcat notes that they are aiming to make Hook Swing Worlds more accessible to brand new players of their particular brand of swinging gameplay, while still bringing new challenges to test veteran hookers. Also, despite Hook Swing Worlds being a collection of endless survival type games, there will still be story elements as well as unlockable hooks, hats, dialog, and exclusive content for early buyers. Rocketcat will be releasing more information in the coming weeks on Hook Swing Worlds which they are shooting to have released by late October for 99¢.

  • Cameron Fucile

    I love these games. Game one sounds like hook champ with the chasing baddie. Game two is like a zelle version of the fantastic minigore temple from hook champ. Fantastic. Love the shooting. Game three sounds like a gravity switcher like gravity runner or shift which were amazing. These games are great and this one will be too. And the lower price justifies more dlc! Super quackhook, gnomey, hookbot, gunny, Jake and hopefully John gore. I hope they have in game benefits! Like hookbot in hook champ. I love this!

    • Rocketcat Games

      Wow, that was really fast coverage!

      You're right on all the modes. Game one is a refined version of Avalanche in SQH, with more focus on quick rocketjumps and slides, and the return of the Chaser type enemies. Game two is a lot like a runner version of that Minigore temple combined with the spikey areas from Eruption, but now they just damage your health instead of outright killing you. The third one is inspired by gravity runner.

      DLC would probably be cosmetic only, still, if we put it in. It would be a nightmare to balance in-game benefit DLC for 3 games at a time, possibly 4 or more, actually.

  • Piasintein

    I hope I'll love this like Hook Champ! I didn't fall in love with Super QuickHook, I don't know why...

  • Sniggzy

    anything these guys put out is insta purchase for me... sqh owned my life.

  • Sdafas

    i hope this game won't lag like shit on random ipods (cough cough super quickhook cough)

  • Magnalon

    All the "Hook" games are great, but Hook Champ took the cake in terms of combining difficult gameplay and nostalgic feeling.

  • Gunblade1190

    I freakin love these games. Hook Champ was amazing and Super Quickhook was even greater. I seriously can't wait for this title. And the three with a possibility of four or more parts to this game makes it sound even more awesome. Do your best Rocketcat, I'll be here waiting to throw my money at you (all 99 cents of it haha)

  • Robotron2084

    Err... well, I bought Hook Champ and Super Quickhook. Yes they are both great games. But another one?! So soon? No. I won't buy this one. No point. I have enough hook games.

    Rocketcat, you guys are so good - please make an all NEW game! 3 hook games is enough.

    • jakebot

      There are worse ways you could spend a buck!

  • Cameron Fucile

    Wow I can't believe they responded to me! And I was right! I can't wait to buy this game and all the dlc! 😛

  • Jon

    I love all of Rocketcats hooking games and can't wait for this. The thing which I love about this one is how it picks up off other characters and ideas from the other games. Gramps in world 1 is briefly talked about between Jake and his cousin if you got the Jake dlc. Zelle in world 2 makes me happy as I brought her in Hook Champ and wanted her to come over to SQH, but now sees getting a third of a whole game dedicated to her. Gnomey in world 3 sounds a little bizarre but Rocketcat seems to be able to pull off bizarre so it should work. Can't wait for this game now!

  • Vulture3

    I can't wait to play Grampa Hooker

  • Sera

    instabuy! rocket cat kicks ass

  • Greg Feingold

    I would love to see this dev try something different.