We've been following Gameloft's upcoming Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus very closely, as the original Modern Combat: Sandstorm [$4.99 / Free / HD] was a game that we enjoyed in our review and served to further raise the bar for first person shooters on the platform. Gameloft released a launch trailer today, which shows quite a bit of gameplay including a glimpse at what appears to be ten player online multiplayer-- Complete with an experience system.

Normally I'd groan at such blatant "inspiration" from Modern Warfare 2's online multiplayer system (right down to how it pops up in the middle of your screen) ...But, I played Modern Warfare 2 online like a maniac, and I'm not sure what it will mean for my social life if Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus allows you to prestige. I guess we'll see when the game is finally released early next month.

  • Djrasras

    cool beans

  • Salsamd

    That trailer is at least one day old! ; )

  • tsharpfilm

    Nice! I'm glad I stopped short on getting Gangstar 2. This looks much better.

  • Noman

    Wow, this looks truly amazing, a blatant mw ripoff maybe, but there are sure worse things than that.

  • Boklau

    I just wish we would see the real MW on iPhone or at least better graphics. After epic citadel everything looks shit. The iPhone can do so much better.

    • Evilsearch

      couldn't agree more...

      • Mrblack

        If you want to play MW go to Steam and buy it, is not so hard... Iphone is a PHONE!, with low spec because.. IT's A PHONE! Damn! you sound like a child "I WANT MW!!! Bohooo!" and the developers can't do MW for Iphone because AGAIN is just a Phone and you people don't have 5 dollars in your pocket for a game.. I hope you buy games and don't download pirate copies from internet.

      • lailai

        But epic citadel is 5x more amazing than this. It's running on the same hardware.

        Gameloft makes games with crappy graphics compared to what the iPhone can do.

      • Chinito77

        Citadel was a tech demo for the current hardware. Making a game run with the same quality graphics would be huge (File size), takes time to make, and will cost over $10. I'm for it but people here cry about paying $5 for a game then even more a $1 game that they feel should be free. Why invest to sell a $10 game when the simple ones that go for a $1 sell more?

      • gameloftROCKS!

        These graphics are about as good as they get. iPod Touch/iPhone can't make an exact copy of Modern Warfare because they could be filed for fraud cuz they stole an idea. But, I have to say, that'd be freaking awesome if they did make MW for iPod Touch/iPhone. Ohhh, and who agrees with me that they should have come up with a better and more intimidating name rather than Black Pegasus....I mean, that's a unicorn! And these graphics look a bit like Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction's graphics.

      • Vorpal Bunnie

        pegasus isnt a unicorn retard

    • Over it.

      If you wanted MW on iPhone you'd be paying $blah....not worth developer's time blahh blahhh....iPhone gamers want everything for 99 cents blahh blahhh...epic citadel only run smooth for current gen blahh blah alienating majority of market..blahh....lose money blahh and blah etc.

  • Dandarya

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  • Dandarya

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  • Dandarya

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  • Dandarya

    ohhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *jizzing on my knee*

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1335603011 Greg Feingold

    I'm a sucker for experience systems on shooters... This might be the first Gameloft game that gets my money (grudgingly).

  • http://twitter.com/PeterM11 Peter Mostoff

    If the graphics are crisp and they can manage to nail the controls, this will be a huge seller. 10-p multiplayer!?!? that's awesome!!! Huge fan of CoD: MW2 so yeah, I'm interested.

  • justpassingby

    *yawn*.... 🙁

  • Mrblack

    Nobody complains about the low poly graphics? no Epic citadel idea for this one? Maybe something about realtime shadows and lights? $5 bucks for a game? No? nothing? Where are the "picky hardcore gamers" for a big company title? I can understand now how titles like angrybird are top sellers in US.

    • Dream

      Shrug, that's Gameloft's entire library though. Low poly counts, poor texture work, nonexistent soft shadows. They just hide it behind blatant and shameless copyright infringement.

      It's the equivalent of waving something shiny at a kid to distract them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/boninm Mathieu Bonin

      I'd really like people to stop plugging Epic Citadel every time something comes out - Epic Citadel only looks that great and runs (mostly) that smoothly because there is very VERY little to take care of, for the device : No AI, no character models, mostly no special effects.

      Epic Citadel will remain a tech demo - Unreal engine games will come out, but they will not look as good as Epic Citadel. Good, but not as good.

      And yeah, you can't really cut off that part of the market that just won't be able to run it (iPhone 3G). Plus even on my 3GS I get framerate drops when I go on the path outside the castle walls. That's okay for the tech demo, but it's really annoying for a game.

      • gameloftROCKS!

        True that bro, true that! And gameloft didn't even make Epic Citadel!

  • Dan

    This game looks sweet and the online multiplayer looks awesome. With a 10 player online arena the maps will have to be substantially larger (I would hope) which will remain in-keeping with Sandstorms tactical online killing compared with NOVAS deathmatch mayhem.

    I agree that we should be expecting games with better graphics, but I also understand that Gameloft cannot alienate the large market of potential buyers that own older generation phones. Unfortunately this does not go for the new Gangstar game which has truly awful graphics that let the iphone down as a gaming device (purely for the sake of making it compatable with the now ancient iPhone 3G!).

    We shall see although it looks like Gameloft will be getting some of my hard earned cash once again.

  • Izzynobre

    Anybody raging against Gameloft just has to learn the program. That's what they do: they reproduce console classics on Apple's portable platforms.

    It's their shtick. Love it or hate it, it won't change.

    THAT SAID, this looks pretty good.

  • Izzynobre

    And you people talking about Epic Citadel need to remember that it was a tech demo with no player interaction whatsoever. Stop drawing these comparisons.

    • Ssansong12

      Agree with you dude.
      You cant compare this game with a tech demo (no characters on screen no effects no interaction with the environment).
      And dont forget that epic citadel is only for 3gs iph4 and touch 4 while gameloft aims to new and existing costumers.
      Anyway imho iphone gaming is evolving and in 2011 well see great titles...

      • Andymarinho

        Do You think this is good? Someone buys a last genereation iphone with great capabilities to play games with great graphics, but instead of that, you have to play games with the same graphic quality of a first gen iphone... cmon.... Is that fair??

      • http://twitter.com/DaKleine Mark

        That again is not quite true, gameloft does give newer devices some small enhancements.

  • Anonymous

    Multiplayer FTW! I'd even love local multiplayer...wonder if they'd bother implementing it?

  • Anonymous

    Multiplayer FTW! I'd even love local multiplayer...wonder if they'd bother implementing it?

  • Anonymous

    Prestige is a noun.

  • Sebastian

    Haw no one noticed, that the cgi opener is an nearly exact copy of Black Hawk Down?

  • Sera

    maybe may first gameloft game i'll buy full priced

  • reznor


  • juno

    It's very funny that people compare epic citadel with current games. If a MC2 is produced in epic citadel quality, I bet it would be over 13 bucks since production cost has raised and they have the market of 3GS and 4 to sell.

    • reznor

      cheap a$$
      i'd pay $40+ for game like that

  • Sera

    release date?

  • Pb_bommel

    wat is epic cidatel??