Developer Mika Mobile, who are responsible for the popular Zombieville USA [$1.99/Lite/HD] and OMG Pirates! [$1.99/Lite], have just announced their newest iOS project called Battleheart. Battleheart is a real-time tactical strategy RPG that uses a line drawing mechanic for controlling the actions of its characters. You'll create a party of 4 from 8 different classes, and Mika Mobile assures there will be a robust skill system that offers a ton of ways to outfit your party members.

Here is an excerpt of some additional details about Battleheart that Mika Mobile has offered upΒ in our forums:

The strategy lies in how you configure your party between the 8 classes and dozens of active and passive powers they possess. As they level up, you choose new skills which when used properly help to control the chaos of the battlefield. Examples include spells that slow time or raise your defenses, poisons that paralyze enemies, or attacks that simply deal heavy damage to thin out the enemies numbers fast.

Not too much more is known about the gameplay in Battleheart other than what can be found in the upcoming games thread, but we do know that the game will have universal iPad support and be optimized for Retina Display and fast-app switching. Mika Mobile is shooting for a release before the holidays, but are not going to rush anything out before the game is ready. They are currently working on a video preview of Battleheart in action, and we'll bring you any more news on the game as soon as it's available.

  • lulzing

    OMG this looks like instabuy material!

  • Anonymous

    Since when did TA switch to Disqus comments? Woohoo!

  • sts9life


  • steve

    The visual style reminds me of Fat Princess for the Playstation 3. If it's anything like that it would be popular I'm sure.

    • SiDCrAzY

      I can sorta see what you mean, but doesn't really look like it that much. I doubt it's a capture the flag game either.

  • Jon


  • Artfoundry

    This could be very cool or just a mess depending on the controls. Kinda hard to imagine how a real-time party based RPG will work with just a simple swipe control method. But if they do it right, I'll definitely buy it. Loved Zombieville and enjoyed OMG Pirates once through.

  • Bryan

    This game looks like that RPG game with blocks, can't remember the name of it..but does look fun!

    • Rpgmind


  • ShortAttentionSpan

    The graphics look awesome. I'm so in!

  • Falcons5

    it looks like crush the castle from xbox live πŸ™‚ thaTS A COOL GAME

  • lazypeon

    Recent Flash game? Possibly Vertical Drop Heroes? It has blocks and similar graphics.

    Anyway, this looks ridiculously awesome. Definite instabuy.

  • ilikepie

    just hope it's not going to be too short like OMG Pirates....

  • Big Pig

    As a felow developer I can only say good things about Mika Mobile and their games. This game will rock!

  • Anonymous

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