Ending a week loaded with Monkey Island price drops comes The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition [$4.99 / Free] for the iPad. All of the other games are on sale per yesterday's post, but much like Monkey Island 2 for the iPad, the original Monkey Island looks just as awesome.

The premise of the game along with other details are explained in our review:

The game features Guybrush Threepwood, who washes up on the island of Mêlée™ and has high hopes of becoming a pirate. After meeting the pirate leaders in the SCUMM tavern, you're faced with a set of three challenges that involve swordfighting, thievery, and treasure hunting. These goals serve as your initial quests as your adventure begins.

Monkey Island for the iPad comes with the same direct tapping control input method as Monkey Island 2 and really is just a joy to play on the device. The art looks great on the iPad screen, and while the rest of the game is identical to the iPhone version, Monkey Island is a game I can play through over and over again. If you're tired of playing the iPhone game pixel doubled, or have just been waiting for an iPad native version, now is your chance.

  • Arcy

    Any chance of the updated control scheme coming to the iphone?

  • swarmster

    Well, I said I wouldn't buy the second until the first came out also, so time to stick to my word! Monkey Island here I come.

  • ZildjianKX

    Just bought both for iPad. Joy!!!

  • treUse

    Was wondering the same, would be amazing...

  • Asdf

    They did great job - the update of MI2 deleted all saves. Well done.

  • aspect ratio

    Well there's certainly no excuse now for them to not update the iPhone version with the better control scheme. I never bought it for that very reason, and I would if they fixed it.

  • andsoitgoes

    okay, this sucks.

    First MI2 was a buy.

    Then Toy Story 2 was price dropped, bought that.

    Now this?

    I just dumped $22 on every Dr. Seuss book... CRAP!!!


    • andsoitgoes

      This. This is why I wish I'd have just gotten an effing 64gb iPad. GRR


    Release Grim Fandango!

    • Duke Floss

      I agree - Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, Curse of Monkey Island, Escape From Monkey Island, and Sam N Max Hit the Road need to come out for this system.

      • steam

        don't forget full throttle !

      • Peter

        Actually "Escape from Monkey Island" is the one I could live without... I don't think I've played it once since 2000.

  • Jindo Fox

    X-Wing and TIE Fighter need to come out next.

  • tora


    Now I'll have to buy T_T

  • Busara

    Awesome - keep these cool adventures coming to the i* platform. I'm looking forward to the Indy ones myself... Fate of Atlantis: make it so, LucasArts.

  • Septimus

    How many times am I going to buy this? Admittedly got the Steam version on sale, and 2 for that matter. Third time is a charm I guess.

    Just wish the save games would sync across iPad/Phone.

    • HawkEye

      If it gives them incentive to do more special editions of old SCUMM games, the answer is many times indeed. I just picked up the iPad version of Monkey 1 just to complete the set, although admittedly, I did wait for "sales" on the app store versions of all but iPad Monkey 2. The PC versions are sitting happily in Steam for the day I want to play them again in 1680x1050 again. I'm just happy to actually have a library of good adventure games again. Bring on the rest of the SCUMM library, then slap whoever has the rights to Sierra's classics and get them on the ball next!

  • http://www.ringtail.com/ Porsupah

    Churlish of me, perhaps, but I'd rather they'd made the app Universal, instead of a separate iPad-only release - as is, we're left with a situation where the iPhone version has "HD" graphics as well, leaving the iPad out as a seemingly arbitrarily separate release.