Over the weekend quite a few people have been coming to the realization that Game Center only seems to allow for 500 friends. Per TiPb and a few tweets, once you reach 500 total friends in Game Center the only way to add more friends is to delete an existing friend. While I suspect this won't be an issue for close to 99% of the people who use Game Center, our 4.1 update post, Project-79's absolutely fantastic thread listing all Game Center games, and the actual Game Center usename thread are packed with people trading friend requests.

If you've been going hog wild adding anyone and everyone, you might want to slow down so you don't need to go through your friends list purging people when you've got other people to add later. It's hard to say if Apple will ever increase this limit or not, as it was likely put in place to reduce lag while using Game Center. In comparison, both OpenFeint and Plus+ don't seem to have any kind of limitation on the amount of friends you have, but having massive friends lists in both services has caused problems for me in the past in some games.

  • Metalbear

    Thanks for the warning.

  • Adams Immersive

    Is the Friends function just for communicating and playing with people you intend to seek out? Or is there also some benefit in having friends listed who you never interact with?

  • Angur

    Game Center looks crappy and lacks features. it blows.

  • Yrogerg212

    I don't even have 500 Facebook friends. Not gonna be a problem for me.

  • Archagon

    Not unusual. Steam lets you have no more than a few hundred friends, and I think Xbox Live! has a pretty low limit too. Any more and the notification system would lag.

  • Archagon

    Angur: Game Center gives developers the ability set up 4-player multiplayer without having to deal with servers, and includes random (or selective) matchmaking and voice chat. Pretty exciting!

  • James Cude

    Yeah but is there a game that actually uses those features yet? When?

  • John

    It just came out, i am sure games will start using it soon. And i am just happy it looks better than openfeint.