If you just bought a brand new iPod touch with a Retina Display or already have an iPhone 4, Square Enix's Chaos Rings [$12.99 / HD] is a game that is highly worth considering with the release of the latest update. Chaos Rings looked great before, and now looks even better with high resolution graphics, UI elements, and text. To sweeten the deal they even added multitasking support for instant switching between battling and whatever other apps you're using.

We liked Chaos Rings enough to award it five stars in our review, and really think it's a game that any fan of turn based RPG's should own. With this latest update, that's especially true if you have a Retina Display device.

  • http://www.silentrocco.com Silent Rocco

    Please mention the sound bug, which is a big minus.
    I don't have any sound effects after my screen went to sleep.
    Others are having similar problems.

  • Xyrrath

    I'd suggest holding off. There are alot of complaints about the game missing sound effects w/ the most recent update. Hopefully it'll get patched.

  • Kevin

    It was missing sound effects with the previous patch as-well... I'd still pick it up, no questions asked.

    I've been playing Chaos Rings for a while now, played through more than a few times (it gives you some pretty good incentives to do-so) and it's by-far the best RPG on the iPhone.

    If you're a fan of Final Fantasy games don't even hesitate...

  • araczynski

    i'll probably pick up the ipad version on their next $3 off sale.

  • Tekoo

    Yeah hold off... I had the previous version which was working fine, not skipping a single sound on my iPhone 4. Right now even menu button sounds don't play or attacks during battle... kills off all enjoyment seriously. If u were experiencing this before kevin you must either have a hardware problem, either from your device or your ears...

  • klouud

    Two separate purchases or one?

  • http://www.generationstarwars.com John Hood

    Can't wait to play this, again, on my iPod touch (4G) with Retina display. A terrific new IP.

  • ZildjianKX

    No game center support?

    • mike

      its an RPG... you can't figure out how to 'level up' in an RPG?

      • ZildjianKX

        It's an RPG. There can't be achievements in an RPG?

  • To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die

    Does it run any smoother on newer devices?

    I'm at work so I can't update right now, but the old version ran at like 20FPS on my iPhone 4, which I find very dissapointing. Especially since it looks like an old Playstation 1 game rendered in higher resolution.

    • PahnCrd

      Runs at a good clip on the iPhone 4 and 3gs.

  • noah

    I enjoyed the game when I first played it... it doesn't take long to complete, but there is a little bit of replay battle if you choose a new starting character. I recommend playing it at least once.

  • Achy

    Looks to me like the only high resolution graphic update was done to the characters, and not the backgrounds.


  • gabe

    yeah whats up with the sound effects? FIX IT SQUARE! btw, War of the Lions is coming out wednesday next week! (well, supposedly) Hope there aren't any issues. (BIG hope)

  • Look deeper

    Well, about 80% of the story happens after completing the first three stages/boss with the first couple. And that isn't really replay value, it's just part of the main game.
    If you followed the story at all, you'd realise that just about nothing is answered by beating the other couples/boss with one set of characters.

    I wasn't a fan at first, but the surprisingly interesting story gets better as you get further along, and the battle system becomes more interesting as you unlock genes (although the strength of the game is really in the story...I got bored of normal battles but never lost interest in the story).

  • Aeroflux

    Dear lord that ground looks like it's just ONE tile (256x256). Pixels are so big you'd think it was digital camouflage. Sigh...now I see the downside of playing the epic citadel tech demo. I'll wait until they fix the sound to have another go. It is a fun game after all.

  • Kev

    I've been tempted to check this game out, but I was so disappointed with the last two Square-Enix games that I bought ( Last Renmant for the PC and Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3, both pure garbage IMO,) that I hesitate at risking being burned by them again.

    A shame really since I used to be a big fan of their RPGs before they started loosing it.

  • agreed

    I also hated Last Remnant (at least I got the pc version for 5 bucks) and FF13. It took 10 years to come out and that is what they gave us? I still plan on picking up Chaos Rings at some point though.