“Promoting synergy” is a pretty common mantra in today's corporate culture. It encourages all employees to work together in harmony to be stronger and more productive as a unit than they each would have been by working individually. The new game Corporate Fury [$1.99] from developer Swinecrafters is the exact opposite of this type of thinking. Instead, you are encouraged to battle coworkers in violent 3D arena brawls in an attempt to take their jobs away from them. There are a ton of wacky characters, plenty of crude humor, and enough fighting to satisfy any gamers needs in Corporate Fury, and it stands out as one of the more unique offerings for the iPhone.

The game takes place in a semi-open world that acts a large hub connecting the fighting arenas and story-related locations together. You start off as a lowly production worker who awakens after taking a brutal beating from your boss. Your buddy Mike, who also acts as the point man for setting up fights, is there to help you on your feet and explain what is going on since you can't quite remember after being beaten senseless. The first order of business is to visit the in-game shop called Frank's Goods, then head back to Mike to fight in some low-level matches until you are strong enough to defeat your boss and take his job from him. You will continue this process as the storyline unfolds and as you defeat the team of increasingly higher ranked corporate executives, culminating with defeating the top CEO and taking over control of the company.

The overworld in Corporate Fury is fairly large, although not exactly as big as something you would find in a Grand Theft Auto or similar game. In this world the atmosphere has been rendered uninhabitable, so you are left with a large indoor city filled with plenty of areas to explore and crazy characters to talk to. An automap in the pause screen lets you pick from the key areas and set a handy waypoint that guides your character to them so you don't get lost. Graphically the game looks pretty decent, and runs fairly smoothly even on older devices. There are some jagged edges and characters aren't exactly rife with detail, but the overall style of the game works really well and looks good. Most impressive is that the entire game loads quickly upon booting up, and there is no loading at all while playing the game itself.

Fighting in Corporate Fury is fun and totally over the top. An analog stick controls your movement with a button each for jump, punch, kick, and using a weapon. Early in the game it's pretty basic, but as you defeat opponents you earn credits to use at Frank's Goods. Here you can purchase an assortment of weapons, armors, special moves, and increased attributes. Once you've beefed up your fighter a bit, fighting gets more complex and satisfying. It's reminiscent of fighting enemies in the newer Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry games, as you can pull off crazy multi-hit combos on the ground and in the air. The weapons you can use are truly awesome, from hammers and knives to explosives and plasma cannons. The armor and accessories are equally interesting, and change the look of your character when equipped.

While Corporate Fury is a ton of fun to play, there are some issues in the game that really bothered me. Some of the opponents you must face to advance the story can be incredibly powerful, and you're stuck grinding away fighting random opponents until you can level up high enough to compete with them. Luckily the fighting is enjoyable and the assortment of random enemies is varied, so it's not too much of an issue, but it can feel repetitive at times. Also, traveling around the city by foot can feel a bit arduous, and a quick teleport to the main locations in the game would be a welcome addition. Finally, while you can save manually at your apartment and the game saves automatically when exiting with the home button, in my experience this hasn't always been reliable and I've lost progress because of it. It doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, and the developer is already working towards fixing these issues, but it's worth mentioning.

Corporate Fury is an incredibly ambitious title for a mobile platform, and while there are some technical and game design related issues due to this fact, the good far outweighs the bad. With a competent fighting system, dozens of crazy characters, and an interesting world to explore, there is plenty here to keep you busy for quite a while. Just be prepared for the crude humor in the game that is full of sexual tones, foul language, and midget references aplenty. The trailer above will give you a great idea of what you're in store for, and could easily sell the game on its own. Players in our forums are loving the game, and Corporate Fury is one of those titles you just have to see to believe.

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  • David Horinek

    "Much better" is from Duke Nukem 😀

    • David Horinek

      And I definitely need lite version for this one.

  • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

    Great review Jared, and definitely the surprise gem of the summer. I should note that the potential save problem seems to have been fixed in the most recent update (1.2). Also, you can actually save manually everywhere by quitting to the main menu -- no need to go to the apartment or quit to springboard.

  • Rylin

    Look, our very own controversial 'Postal' game for the iDevices 😛 Wonder if Running with Scissors developer will step up to the challenge and make something even raunchier. 😛

    • NotYou

      Postal 2's online matches could be ridiculously fun. I would love to see that on the iPhone.

  • klouud

    Adding the Buster Sword from FF7 is hilarious!

  • Brandon

    What is the point of this game? Just run around fighting? Or do you actually explore the building? Is there a story behind it? The trailer was boring to me... But I'm still interested.

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      Yes, there's a story behind it and an overall objective, as well as side-quests. But the core of the game is arena fighting, which gives you money to improve your stats, purchase weapons and equipment, etc.

      If you found that trailer boring, this is not likely to be your kind of game, though.

  • Helmacc

    The best 2 dollars spent this, and that is for sure.

    Thank you devs!

  • Helmacc

    Best $2 spent this YEAR!!

  • tsharpfilm

    A fantastic game! Way underpriced!

  • tora

    lol.. I stopped the trailer at 1 min and ready to buy.. hehe.. my kind of fun that is.

  • Q

    Downloaded it.....So far it's not blowing my skirt up gentlmen.

    But obviously I'll give it more play.

  • Karma32

    I hope there's an iPad version coming out, that would be awesome and an instant purchase.

  • RandomGuy

    this game doesnt work on an ipod touch 2g

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      Yes it does. Plenty of 2nd Gen owners have reported excellent performance on the game thread.

  • Chris

    Absolutely terrible, quite possibly the worst app ive gotten

  • Chris

    Chris is a dumb ass....

  • Bagpuss

    When does this game get going? There seems to be a lot of running around bland corridors right now. Really don't see the attraction to this at all. Is everyone all over this like a rash only because of all the naughty f'ing and blinding all over the shop? Hmmm...

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      It's an arena fighting game. Have you picked up any fights? Have you been upgrading your character and equipment?

      By the way, did you really mean to imply that people who like this game are morons who are impressed by naughty language?

      • Bagpuss

        No, not at all. Sorry if it came across that way. But I am wondering if the majority of people interested in this game are young gamers who are happy to find a game that 'breaks the rules' like Grand Theft Auto, which is all healthy stuff. I just hope that's not all there is to it. I'm guessing it will pick up if I stick with it, but it certainly doesn't seem to show its full potential in the early stages, to me at least. I'll stick with it a bit longer...

      • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

        That's cool. I think what people are enjoying is the fast-paced, sophisticated combat combined with an imaginative setting (the hallways may be bland, but the sarcastic take on corporate culture isn't) and bizarre characters. Once you've upgraded your character enough to take on the mid-tier opponents (and above), the action just gets crazy, while still keeping you in control. After you defeat your boss (the guy who beats you up at the beginning of the game), the story gets going in earnest, which adds another layer to the game.

      • Bagpuss

        Ok, played a bit more and I concede that fighting and upgrading is pretty fun. But damn, walking between Mike and Frank's Goods the entire time is really tedious. Makes me think twice about firing up this game.

  • http://deleted MrFooknuts

    For a fighting game the fighting is rather dull, terrible game.

  • MrFooknuts

    For a fighting game the fighting is rather dull, terrible game....not!

  • MrFooknuts

    That's clever, why not log in under your own username, and tell me why you think the game is good, I respect others opinions but if you're just repeating me and adding not on the end your just steeling oxygen we could all be breathing....NOT!

  • DaShaka

    All u have to do is get the enemy against a wall and keep hitting them with a sword. They keep falling down and they never attack back. Makes the game too easy. Still having fun with it though after 2 hours.

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      That doesn't work with anyone above mid-tier, and even some mid-tier folk are difficult to corner.

      • Alex.B

        You are right they are hard to corner. I finished the game it was interesting I did not like walking to the different location though.

      • Bagpuss

        Get yourself a pair of walking boots. You walk twice as fast. I agree the walking isn't contributing much to the gaming experience for me either, but the walking boots make it bearable.

        Incidentally, despite my comment before, I have given this game more of a chance and have to say, its growing on me. The whole idea of corporate workers literally beating each other up to reach the top of the food chain is funny and original.

      • Alex.B

        I got the Afro and it seem to be walking faster. I finished the game and now that I have the afro and the boss move I am wining every match even the death match endurance. This game was interesting.

  • Alex.B

    and bionic leg unbeatable configuration

  • planeshift87

    it dont works on ipod touch 2G 8gb... HELP plzzz!!!

  • Sly Skillz

    best game fuck all the other shit games coz dis is a game where u do all the shit! u should make it even better wif more upgrades and power and all dat shit and more FIGHTING ! BUT YH BEST GAME SO FAR IVE SEEN ON IPOD AND FUCK THE HATERS!

  • meme

    Hey, just work in a corporate and live the fucking dream!

Corporate Fury Reviewed by Jared Nelson on . Rating: 3.5